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July 12 - Is the West Preparing to Bail on Ukraine?

July 12, 2023

A picture is worth a thousand words. NATO has turned their backs on Zelensky. Without NATO's direct military intervention, Ukraine will perish, making Zelensky a dead man walking. The West sacrificed Ukraine and its People in an attempt to weaken Russia. They failed.

It's counterintuitive but Ukraine is actually a war to bankrupt and destroy the West. Remember Vicky Nuland was recorded saying, "Fuck the EU."  Cabalists doing what they do best - DESTROY
NATO Leaders Tell Zelensky 'Cool It' In Rare Dressing Down At Summit

Bloomberg is just out with a devastating behind-the-scenes account of a hot-headed Zelensky at the NATO summit in Vilnius, and the growing Western backlash in the face of his obvious frustration and what's being seen as ingratitude for the steady flow of billions of dollars in arms to Kiev.

Zelensky slams NATO for omitting a timeline for Ukraine to join -- Alliance says Ukraine can join when 'conditions are met.' Zelensky says the statement is 'absurd.'

Snippet from the article: "Members of the U.S. delegation were furious with Zelensky's tweet, according to an official familiar with the situation who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive diplomatic considerations."

Little wonder that Z is being snubbed...

Ukraine engaging in targeted assassinations on Russian soil

RIA Novosti: the suspect in the murder of Rzhitsky admitted that he was recruited in Ukraine. The detainee was found holding a pistol with a silencer. Rzhitsky was the commander of a Russian submarine that launched a missile that killed civilians.

Muslims are putting Christians to shame

Muslim-led protests against classroom LGBTQ indoctrination continue in Calgary
A significant police presence was on location in anticipation of the latest protest, with dozens of officers gathered well over an hour before the scheduled start time of the gathering, likely as a result of the escalation we witnessed a few weeks prior.


More than 1,000 Canadians take CRA to court over clawback of pandemic payments - and some win


Viewer- "I'm not even Catholic and love this Godly man! May God protect him at all costs in Jesus's most Holy name, the name above ALL others, AMEN!

Chabad Satanists hassling Israeli Jews

Secular activists have lodged dozens of municipal complaints against the Chabad movement in recent weeks, in an attempt to halt what they see as missionary activity aimed at youngsters.


PJW- Now Being Fit and healthy is "far-right"

Brother Nathaniel--Let's Do Jewish Memes!---Better listen up goy.

Don't you dare say a word about how the Kike is destroying your country?

You'll lose your job, your wife will leave you, and you'll die a pauper's death.

"Whether it's Levine, Weisel, Blitzer, Zelensky, Nudelman, Garland, or Greenblech, a meme that's Jewish is like a cluster bomb.
Six explode. The rest blows up an entire country."

I have over 50 quotes from globalist leaders, both past and present, that clearly state their disdain for the average person and their desire to exterminate as many as possible. 

"Cannibalism is a radical but realistic solution to the problem of overpopulation"  Prince Philip


Disney Produced Cartoon Features Illuminati-Style Robed Elites Drinking Blood, Sacrificing People, And Worshipping An All Seeing Eye

Ritual murder for children - watch the trailer

STOPPING TRAFFIC: Inside The Horrifying World of Human Trafficking (TW!)

Directed by Sadhvi Siddhali Shree and Sadhvi Anubhuti, this documentary film explores the extensive reach of sex trafficking and sexual abuse especially of children in the United States and worldwide. Using commentary by victims and activists and investigations into practices in the US and abroad, the film traces the links between child sexual exploitation, pornography, social media, and sex trafficking.

The film explores cases throughout the Philippines, Mexico, Thailand, Afghanistan, and major U.S. cities to provide raw images and first-hand documentation of human trafficking crimes across the globe. It explores the practices within families and in the streets, explaining how a child or young adult is turned into being trafficked. The filmmakers establish the U.S. as the biggest source of sex traffickers' customers with the Super Bowl being the most popular event for scoring a trafficking arrangement.

(left, Tim Ballard)

Our disgust with Leftists grows

Sound of Freedom Hero: 'Media Running Interference For Pedophiles And Human Traffickers Is Sick'

The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, Media Matters, Jezebel, the Guardian, and other leftist media outlets, published articles trying to conflate child abuse with QAnon conspiracy theories to discredit the facts about child trafficking and mass immigration.

Martin Armstrong--RV rentals - Van Lords profit from the housing crisis

I've discussed Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) at length as they have been marketed as a new way to force people into perpetual renting. They have even advertised micro-ADUs that are no more than a shed with plumbing. Since addressing the housing crisis would go against plans for the Great Reset, people are turning to desperate measures.

Vanlords is the newly deemed term for people who rent out RVs to desperate families. This has become prominent in Los Angeles, California, where thousands of rental RVs have appeared. The government found a way to house all the illegals who Biden let in the country. The citizens sleep on the street or in vans. '"Vanlords," as L.A. City Councilmember Traci Park calls them, typically buy RVs at auction, then either drive or get them towed to their location of choice." These are not completely legal, but they are increasing in popularity as people have no alternative to affordable housing. "A lot of times, the inhabitants of the vehicle don't know the name of the person who rented it from, they don't have valid contact information, a lot of these vehicles are not registered, they're not adequately insured," said Park.


Jesuit Santa Clara University duplicitously still mandating Death Vaxx

November 2020, GCHQ was ordered "to wage cyber war on anti-vaccine propaganda" and "to take out anti-vaxxers online and on social media."

GCHQ is Britain's main eavesdropping agency and has a close relationship with the US National Security Agency, as well as the eavesdropping agencies of Australia, Canada and New Zealand in an intelligence alliance known as the "Five Eyes."

Using dirty trick tactics, these agencies are attempting to control, infiltrate, manipulate, and warp online discourse, and in doing so, are compromising the integrity of the internet itself.

As Dr. Robert Malone has been reporting during the Covid crisis the leadership of the Five Eyes alliance nations have actively conspired to aggressively deploy fifth-generation warfare PsyOps technologies on their respective civilian/citizen populations.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "July 12 - Is the West Preparing to Bail on Ukraine? "

Al Thompson said (July 12, 2023):

This just goes to show anyone that dying in a war is not worth the price because it’s just occult political bullshit. Ukraine has a political Twinkie who doesn’t realize that his days are numbered. And how is it that two so-called “Christian” nations are bombing the shit out of each other? It’s all a shit show with innocent men and women being used as sacrifices to their satanic god. These political types should grow up and be moral adults instead of promoting evil at every turn. It’s difficult to have an intelligent conversation over this because all of the players appear to be lying. It’s all a big waste of everyone’s time. Killing each other isn’t going to fix the problem. Government people need to have adult supervision.

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