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July 8 - Freemason Danielle Smith Fails Christian Pastor

July 8, 2023

(Fidelito gives Alberta Premier Danielle Smith a thumb-on-knuckle Masonic handshake)

Satanists can hide in plain sight but they are not invisible. Smith poses as Trudeau's adversary but in fact, this photograph suggests she is in collusion. 

Why is Pastor Artur Pawlowski hounded by the Alberta Government? Why is Premier Danielle Smith not helping him, at least ensuring his rights are upheld and the law is not abusive to him? Does she have
ANY power in Alberta? 

"Artur Pawlowski Found Guilty of Inciting Mischief and Eco-terrorism: A Threat to Canadian Freedom of Expression and Religion"; why? because he stood against the lockdowns?

Nathaniel Pawlowski, the son of Artur Pawlowski, recently delivered a heartfelt speech before the European Parliament, highlighting the dire consequences of an abuse of power in the name of public health. He passionately stated, "Canada has fallen; we no longer have freedom of religion, freedom of speech, or the right to protest or assemble or associate or express ourselves or have free media or disagree with the government." Nathaniel's words captured the despair and urgency felt by many Canadians who believe their fundamental rights are being violated.

He further emphasized the concerning nature of his father's case, stating, "My father was just found guilty of inciting mischief for giving a sermon to the truckers when they went and stood for our rights in 2022; a Christian sermon that referenced the solidarity movement was criminal in our government's eyes. A charge that has a penalty of up to 10 years in prison." This verdict not only affects Artur Pawlowski personally but also establishes a dangerous precedent that stifles freedom of expression and freedom of religion for all Canadians.

(left, Smith, making Illuminati hand sign)

Trudeau tells Smith 'Our experts' need to find common ground with 'your experts'
Smith tells Trudeau 2035 net zero target 'not possible'

Dutch government collapses over migration
The tenuous ruling coalition failed to agree on how to handle asylum seekers and refugees
Dutch government collapses over migration

Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands submitted his resignation to the Dutch king, Willem-Alexander, on Friday, after the four-party ruling coalition he headed failed to reach common ground on migration policy. A caretaker cabinet will hold office until a new general election.

"Migration is a major political and social issue," Rutte told reporters in The Hague on Friday evening. "Now that we have been unable to find agreement on this, we have collectively assessed that the political support under the coalition has disappeared."

Will farm closures continue?


Former goalkeeper and Ajax chief executive Edwin van der Sar is in intensive care after suffering a brain hemorrhage on Friday while on holiday in Croatia

This is one of the most legendary goalkeepers.

Muslim Immigrants in France View Migration as 'Recolonization' in Response to Historical French Colonialism: "We Will Colonize Them for Life, Until Death, Until the End of Time" (VIDEO)

Genocide for profit

Damning Audit Shows New York Paid Up To $14,050 For Injecting ONE Covid-19 "Vaccine"


Proud Boys fined $1.03M for burning BLM sign during 2020 riots - but no penalties for BLM rioters who destroyed a lot more

Mars chocolate bars admitted that it gave Ukraine more than 25 million dollars

Later, on March 30, Mars Inc. announced its intention to allocate another ten million dollars to help Ukraine, including both cash and company products. And in May of that year, an additional donation of $13,5 million was announced.

It is worth noting that this information became known against the background of the start of the Mars Inc. check. by the prosecutor's office of the Moscow region. The check began after the appearance of information about the possible financing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by this corporation.

These Commies need to be fired

Teachers Union Calls to Scrap Girls and Boys School Uniforms and Sports Lessons for Trans Inclusion
Largest teachers union issues controversial advice for schools including ending 'boy and girl' seating

Mark Zuckerborg privately told Facebook execs to be cautious about mRNA vaccines because "we just don't know the long-term side effects of basically modifying people's DNA and RNA."


This is a great explanation of how we are to be imprisoned by the Globalist Owners of the Planet...

You will have a social credit score...... shortly... all that you own will be held hostage by how well you go along with these MONSTERS!... IF YOU LOVE FREEDOM...YOU WILL OWN NOTHING, HAVE NOTHING,  AND YOU WILL BE NOTHING


Are Canadian wildfires caused by energy weapons?

A video published by Greg Reese today shows dramatic satellite footage suggesting that the wildfires in Canada that are affecting over 100 million people across 18 states in the U.S. and closing down major airports due to heavy smoke, all started almost simultaneously.

This begs the question: Are we entering into a new phase of weapons of mass destruction that are energy-based?

These questions were also asked earlier this year, back in February, with the deadly earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria.

 The fraud Tucker Carlson endorses the fraud, Donald Trump

Jim, can you explain these pics?

It's now a movement. 
Now #1 movie in the USA. 
They've just passed the 2 million ticket sales they were hoping for. 
Even though there is no mainstream media coverage. 

Sound Of Freedom | Q&A w/ Jim Caviezel and Alejandro Monteverde


Montana may be the first state to separate from 'Marxist lesbian' leadership of American Libraries Association

Breaking news: Russia Confirms "BRICS" To Launch Gold-Backed Currency

According to state-run Russian Television (RT), the Russian Government HAS CONFIRMED Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, known as the "BRICS" nations, will introduce a new trading currency backed by Gold.

The official announcement is expected during the upcoming BRICS Summit in South Africa, this August.

2023 June 23 - Calgary, AB - 14-year-old Alexander McNeil, who is fully COVID-19 vaccinated (his 4 year old brother is the only unvaccinated family member), became paralyzed from the belly button down on June 23, 2023, and was diagnosed with transverse myelitis and swelling throughout his entire spinal cord

Transverse Myelitis - severe neurological injury caused by COVID-19 mRNA vaccines - 9 horror stories

Rolling Turd Magazine Comes out as pro-pedophile 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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