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July 7 - MSM Preps Climate Lockdowns With Heatwave Hysteria

July 7, 2023

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A heatwave in July? Who ever heard of such a thing? I flipped between five network newscasts yesterday and they were all pounding the drum on climate change. All the commercial$ were by Big Pharma. The MSM is nothing but cheap lies and propaganda. No wonder it is being replaced by citizen journalism. 

Reddit Conspiracy- "The 1930s were far hotter than today with far less CO2. Global warming is a joke and all the same "trust the science" idiots who wanted to lock everyone down for COVID will support climate lockdowns."

A UK government adviser is confident any future pandemic lockdown and compulsory mask edicts will be met with compliance because people have learned a new behavior and, "in principle, you can switch it back on."


CDC Warns Of Another 'Tripledemic' This Fall, Promotes Shots For Covid-19, The Flu, And RSV

On Thursday, it was revealed that CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky had endorsed an advisory committee's recommendations regarding the use of RSV vaccines developed by GSK and Pfizer, the first of their kind approved for use in the United States. The shots are scheduled to be available in the fall.
(Thanks, Robert Malone MD)

Media Hostility Toward Anglophone Canadians A National Disgrace
Justin Trudeau has brought something special to Canada-- a federal government hostile toward the people who voted them into office.

Brad Salzberg--According to a Statistics Canada study released in August, 2022, English is the first official language spoken by 75.5% of Canadians.

All of which bring about a critical question: Considering the Anglo-European roots of Canadian society, why is it that mainstream media maintain consistent hostility toward our "Old Stock" Canadian communities?

2,000 Young, Seemingly Healthy Athletes - Collapsing, Dying, Heart Problems, Blood Clots - March 2021 to June 2023

Finally, Major Lawsuit Against Pfizer Accusing Fraud In COVID-19 Vaccine

Using Pfizer's own documents, lawyers say fraud was committed against the Federal Government by Pfizer in order to receive a contract for the Covid-19 vaccine.


The Evil Basturds are calling Vaccine adverse reactions "Long Covid"

COVID-19 vaccines have saved millions of lives, and the world is gearing up for a new round of boosters. But like all vaccines, those targeting the coronavirus can cause side effects in some people, including rare cases of abnormal blood clotting and heart inflammation. Another apparent complication, a debilitating suite of symptoms that resembles Long Covid, has been more elusive, its link to vaccination unclear and its diagnostic features ill-defined. But in recent months, what some call Long Vax has gained wider acceptance among doctors and scientists, and some are now working to better understand and treat its symptoms.

"You see one or two patients and you wonder if it's a coincidence," says Anne Louise Oaklander, a neurologist and researcher at Harvard Medical School. "But by the time you've seen 10, 20," she continues, trailing off. "Where there's smoke, there's fire."


Del Bigtree ~ Pandemic Of Lies Ep 327, One of De;s Best Talks Ever -  Must Watch

from Ken Adachi ~This is the most powerful talk I've ever heard from Del Bigtree. Del mentions he gave this talk a couple of months ago, which puts it around early May of 2023. In it, he says what NEEDS to be said and he does it with the required passion and intensity that the subject DESERVES in order to WAKE up enough listeners to the imminent dangers that lay immediately in front of us in order to THWART the looming demise of America and her People from the Lying, Satanic, Deranged JWO Psychopaths who are orchestrating this agenda. COVID was just the tip of the vaccine safety iceberg.


Masonic thumb-on-knuckle handshake. Russian President's double Vladimir Putin and Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei in July 2022 / They are all Freemasons!

Paul Alexander- Our Lancet study on autopsies after COVID vaccine found that 74% of deaths were caused by the COVID vaccine e.g. mRNA technology gene injection vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna)? Then LANCET pulled it?? Why??

why did LANCET censor our study after publishing? Is Lancet journal now DOA? Review of 325 autopsies after Covid vaxx, 74% due to vaxx, LANCET pulled it in 24 hrs; did vaxx makers threaten LANCET?


Russ Winter thinks adults are back in charge at Buttwiper

Buttwiper is an official WEF Partner. This explains their suicidal impulses.


Not waiting for social credit

Bank refuses to open account for parental rights group opposing 'trans' surgeries for kids: report
UK-based Metro Bank has denied rejecting the parental rights group's accounts over political differences.

The seventh-largest bank in Britain boasting some 2.5 million customers, High Street retail and commercial institution Metro Bank last month joined most major UK banks in allying itself with controversial pro-LGBT charity Stonewall, which advocates for adherence to transgender ideology and the obliteration of gendered language.
Jeffrey Epstein has been associated with numerous high profile-celebrities, scientists and politicians.

This important expose into the sickening connections of pedophilia and technocratic transhumanism is key to understanding the world we live in and the rapid transformation of humans into Cyborgs. 

"In other words, the boundary between human beings and machines is going to become increasingly blurred.
Ito: In a phase preceding the development of such superior artificial intelligence, there could arise, if only for a short period, a situation in which people will be used like slaves by computers. This is because a human brain may be cheaper to use than a computer. "


JUST-IN: Phoenix City Council Votes Unanimously to Donate Hundreds of Firearms Valued at Roughly $200,000 to Ukraine

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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