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July 6 - Wall Street Insider Questions "Vaccines"

July 6, 2023

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We are one BIG SOUL. Our suffering comes from being isolated from each other and imprisoned in ego cells.

Bill Ackman explains why he embraced RFK Jr.'s skepticism of Covid vaccines

"I listened to RFK on several podcasts and a town hall and thought he raised important issues about vaccines and other issues that were worth learning more about," said Ackman, the CEO of Pershing Square Capital. "I don't feel like we've fully answered questions about the safety of all vaccines, particularly more recently approved vaccines, and our approach to determining their safety and efficacy." 
Thousands take to the streets, block roads after Tel Aviv police chief steps down

Thousands of Israelis took to the streets and blocked several major highways across the country Wednesday night after Tel Aviv police chief Amichai Eshed announced his resignation from the force. He was about to be removed from his post, and transferred to a more marginal role, due to what he claimed were "political considerations" and for refusing to use "disproportionate force," following what critics said was his soft handling of judicial overhaul protesters.

The largest demonstration -- in solidarity with Eshed and against the hardline coalition -- took place at Tel Aviv's Ayalon Highway, where police clashed with protesters blocking traffic and lighting bonfires. The thoroughfare was blocked for several hours, before police used force to disperse protesters after midnight.
The One World Government Is Communism 2.0

The never-ending Hegelian Dialectic scam that continues to cast spells on all of the State brainwashed minions: manufactured problems by the likes of the WEF and UN, mass-induced fear reactions by the slaves, and "solutions" that worsen the problems by those that perpetrated said problems in the first place.

And just like at the height of the Maoist regime, sexless slaves of the earth will wear identical uniforms just in time for the UN's 2030 Agenda:

Salty Cracker--LGBTQ BLM Activist Shoots Nine & Kills Five Black People

With the exception of Daily Mail, Commie mass media suppresses tranny status. 

Kimbrady Carriker, 40, shot dead four men and a 15-year-old boy in the Kingsessing neighborhood on the eve of the Fourth of July (pictured: a Facebook post from March 2022 show Carriker dressed as a woman, wearing a bra, hooped earrings and gold bracelets)

Commentator thinks "Sound of Freedom" movie is designed to promote chipping children" for their protection." 

I tried to see the film yesterday but it was sold out. Disagree with this assessment.


France Has Fallen: After 1,000 Buildings Burnt, 5,600 Vehicles Destroyed, 3,300 Arrests, Government Vows to Crack Down - On Free Speech

French Riots Already Cost €1 Billion In Damage

"More than 200 shops were completely looted, 300 bank branches destroyed, 250 tobacconists affected, with operating methods of absolute violence. Everything was stolen, even cash registers, before setting fire to destroy. The insurers are mobilized to go as quickly as possible, I am quite confident that the businesses concerned will be compensated," he said. Despite Bézieux's claim that businesses will be paid out, insurance companies often raise premiums on businesses due to the increased risk of future riots.


2022 Nobel Prize Winner says there is No Climate Crisis
John Clauser spoke at 'Quantum Korea 2023'


Zuckerborg admitted three-years-ago, "vaccines" change peoples' DNA and RNA

Sensible Environmentalist Debunks World Economic Forum LIES & Program for Tyranny
Patrick Moore, Ex-Green Peace Leader


Not in the national interest': Spa hotel faces legal action after firing all staff to house migrants
'There are currently more than 51,000 asylum seekers in hotels costing the U.K. taxpayer over $10 million a day'

Stradey Park Hotel in Llanelli, a town in Wales, is set to put up as many as 241 asylum seekers in its 76 rooms despite opposition from local residents and the council. 

(Ont. Premier Doug Ford, in Freemason handshake)

This is permission to discriminate against minorities since the government discriminates against you

Ontario government to provide free training for future truck drivers, as lons they are not white males
This program was created to punish Canadian truckers for their protest. The government of Ontario is at war with its own people, just like France. And how did that turn out?

Doug Ford appeared in Ayr on Tuesday to announce a $1.3 million investment in the trucking industry, hoping to help underrepresented job seekers. The investment aims to prepare 54 women, newcomers, and others from underrepresented groups for in-demand careers in the trucking industry.

The project, led by the Women's Trucking Federation of Canada, plans to provide participants with up to 200 hours of training required to obtain AZ (tractor-trailer) and DZ (straight truck) licences.

CRA investigates 600 employees for CERB fraud

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) announced it fired 20 employees--and is investigating upwards of 600 others--who improperly received the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) during the pandemic.

"As the CRA is responsible for administering the Income Tax Act and many COVID-19 benefits, the highest standard of employee conduct must be upheld," a CRA spokesperson told CTV


COVID RACKET: Biden stole $1 billion from U.S. taxpayers by overpaying for Chinese covid "test" kits


Demonrats are nothing but a proxy for the CCP

The DHS Plot To Assign Social Credit Style "Risk Scores" To Social Media Users

Biden's Endless Gifts to China 

They have included canceling the China Initiative that was countering CCP espionage on American soil; allowing the CCP spy-balloon to leisurely hover over America's major nuclear and military sites while gathering sensitive information to send back to Beijing in real time; permitting CCP interests (there are no private interests in China) to buy up American farmland -- especially near US military bases -- also with the potential of controlling the distribution of food inside the US or manipulating the crops; poisoning to death more than 100,000 Americans -- each year -- with fentanyl and other drugs...

PJW- Climate Con- Whipping up hysteria


France is now the main Islamic country in Europe, with more than 10% of its population being Muslim. Islam is the second-largest religion in France, but it takes the first position when counting active practitioners. There is no coming back from this--their future is Islamic!

June 5, 2023 - Dublin, GA - 26 year old firefighter Shaun Luke Daniel collapsed while walking a firebreak, CPR was provided but he died in the hospital of an apparent heart attack.

FIREFIGHTERS are dying suddenly - another COVID-19 mRNA vaccine-mandated group suffering from injuries & deaths - 16 firefighter sudden deaths over past 6 months examined


Reader--I have recently become aware of Dr. John Coleman and his research on The Committee of 300.  I watch the SGT report and some weeks ago. Sean posted a link to a video, made in, I believe 1994, of Dr. Coleman discussing The Committee of 300. 


Uproar at feminist conference after scholar wished she was black so professional life easier


Center Right Party wins election in Greece- Leftists Collapse

Ex-CIA security expert says Chinese-style social credit is coming, and how to resist it


Watchdog Group Warns Universities Of Lawsuits If They Fail To Observe Supreme Court Affirmative Action Rulings

"I write to inform you of the consequences that you and your institution will face if you fail to comply with or attempt to circumvent the Court's ruling," wrote Mr. Miller in the AFL letter sent to John Manning, dean of Harvard Law School.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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