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July 5 - Trapped in a Sci-Fi Horror Movie

July 5, 2023


Cabalist Judaism (Freemasonry, Satanism) is a cancer, eating us alive but we are not allowed to mention it. We are satanically possessed but won't admit it. 

When are the bastards on the left going to grow up? When are they going to act like adults instead of naughty children who want to own and control everyone & everything?

Their arrested development is because they're satanically possessed, a condition we all suffer from to varying degrees.  I suffered from it my whole life because I subscribed to the perversity peddled in their MSM and "education." 

Makow - Satanism Explained   Essentially Cabalist Jews and Masons are usurping God's place.  This is a recipe for disaster. 
The modRNA and DNA "vaccines" against SARS-CoV-2, which are no vaccines but gene therapies, literally turn (parts of) your organs into "transplanted organs" that are rejected by your immune system. By Dr. Thomas Binder, MD

By the proven contamination with functional bacterial DNA they can do this for years and maybe even for your whole life. And there is a considerable risk that you even hand down this gene therapy to your offspring.

"Currently, the pharmaceutical industry is working on transferring all vaccinations to the modRNA "vaccine" platform. It is doing so, though just being able to count and to distinguish foreign from self, even having a trace of intelligence, is enough to realize that the modRNA vaccine platform is totally nonsensical and life-threatening.
PJW - Fall of France- The suicidal absurdity of Left policies in France

No good deed goes unpunished. 

New Butt Light Ads Appeal to Gross Men Making Grunting Noises

Competitor teams with a bikini-clad lady


Changes to Twitter Access Due to AI Stealing Data


A new Danish study linking vaxx injuries and deaths in the EU to specific batches and lots, reveals Nazi levels of mass experimentation conducted on the EU populace. The inescapable conclusion is that the vax manufacturers deployed the deadlier batches to regions targeted for depopulation.


julianna-makis.pngJan.1, 2023 - UK Piano Teacher Julianna Bransden suffered catastrophic injuries after COVID-19 vaccines

BLOOD CLOTS - Major problem with Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines - some are lucky to survive, like NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders (graphic images - 13 cases)

Why you should laugh and laugh and laugh whenever a Very Serious Pundit suggests the Russian government is heroically fighting worldwide vax madness.

Karen Kingston MD-If we don't stop the use of mRNA nanoparticle technologies NOW, our family lineage will end with those who are alive today or born in the next 5 years.
You can't win a war if you don't know what weapons are being used against you. The weapons causing the greatest amount of harm to American adults and children today are engineered nanoparticles, specifically COVID-19 nanoparticle injections that government agencies refer to as 'vaccines.'

We know the World Health Organization plans on deploying another PHEIC (public health emergency of international concern) and mandating the deployment and administration of nanoparticle bioweapon injections into the arms of billions of global civilians.

As Americans, what do we do?! How do we stop this ongoing criminal experimentation from disabling our friends and family and destroying our posterity?
Jewish or not, I still believe he is sincere and justified to rebuff NATO aggression 

Putin was put into power by the Federation Of Jewish Organizations In Russia. The Jewish Chairman of this organization Abramovich stated in a 2005 interview that Putin could obtain Israeli citizenship if he wanted as an ethnic Jew. And that his mother was a Jew Shelomova. This makes Putin full Jewish by Jewish law.

Something damning in the first edition of Putin's book: First Person: An Astonishingly Frank Self-Portrait by Russia's President. It states his mother's maiden name was Shalomovitch which is a Jewish surname. But this is changed to Shelomova in the second addition which is an attempt to cover this up.

First Person: An Astonishingly Frank Self-Portrait by Russia's President
It is officially OK to discriminate on the basis of gender dysfunction

Ottawa commits $25M to create Canada's first-ever LGBTQ entrepreneurship program

Report: UN 'Pact For The Future' Seeks Permanent Emergency Powers For 'Complex Global Shocks'
Any new major event will see globalists attempt to take complete control

One such policy is an "emergency platform" during any events that have a global impact that would provide the UN the authority to "actively promote and drive an international response that places the principles of equity and solidarity at the centre of its work."

A Predator's Paradise---On the grounds of making California more welcoming to LGBTQ youth, State Senator Scott Wiener is transforming the state into a haven for human trafficking.


"Former President Donald Trump said during a recent interview that Israel "literally owned Congress" and "rightfully" so.......But notice that Trump believes it is "right" that Israel controls the U.S. Congress.  Any man who would endorse the concept that a foreign government--any foreign government--is RIGHT to control the U.S. Congress is, in my opinion, guilty of TREASON."  Pastor Chuck Baldwin.

Michele Bachmann on WHO power grab: 'This is historic...We will all be assigned a QR Code; this is the end of government in the United States' if Congress doesn't act
RFK Jr. Decries Biden Admin's Withholding of Some JFK Assassination Records

(It's summer time!)

Dr. Michael Yeadon: I Think There's Always Been Fraud. What's New Is Its Global Scale and Impact
"... extraordinary fraud has been playing out in the field of "public health" for decades... this extraordinary level of fraud is NORMAL in the upper echelons of business ..."


Interesting Court Ruling Against Govt and Biden Administration Prohibiting Federal Agencies from Contact with Social Media on First Amendment Protected Speech

The temporary injunction targets an ongoing legal battle brought by the state of Louisiana and Missouri against federal agencies for collaborating with social media to censor speech content against the interests of the federal government.  The final ruling on govt involved censorship could have profound effects on the First Amendment.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "July 5 - Trapped in a Sci-Fi Horror Movie "

Al Thompson said (July 5, 2023):

Governments are a fraud because they rely on the occult as their foundation. Once the oath is used, it is cursed. As a result, nothing good comes from them. Governments are structurally evil. It is almost like knowing everything we’ve been taught is a lie. Even when they tell the truth, they do it to cover up the lies. It is best for people to simply think for themselves and stop relying on things that cannot be proven. The best thing to do is to separate from it as much as possible.

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