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July 3 - Movie Exposing Child Sex Trafficking Opens July 4

July 3, 2023

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Having been blocked from release for the past 4 years, this monumental film is now poised to rock the foundations of the global establishment... as it exposes the horrendous nature of international child trafficking and pedophilia operations, which as we know are deeply entwined with Hollywood and the controllers.

The incredible true story of a former government agent turned vigilante who embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue hundreds of children from sex traffickers.

Sound of Freedom: The Story Behind the Movie


Disney Projected to Have Worst Flop of the Year While Faith-Based Film is Zooming Past Expectations


Sasha Latypova--Yes, there is a "they" and they plan to kill you and take over your assets. Do not comply. Have a fantastic 4th of July weekend.

Another sign that the tide of covert war is turning will be pharmacies that refuse to take delivery of DoD biochemical weapons and pharmacists who refuse to use them on targets. Following the ongoing collapse in biochemical weapon-'vaccine' uptake rates by individuals.

14 Professional soccer players ages 15-58 died suddenly in the past 6 months - 5 dead in the month of June 2023!

June 24, 2023 (Belgium) - 45 yo Cedric Roussel, former Premier League & Belgium soccer player died suddenly June 24, 2023 "Roussel went into cardiac arrest while sitting on a terrace. Attempts were made by emergency services to revive him, but sadly to no avail"

COVID-19 mRNA vaccine booster uptake is almost down to zero, yet the sudden deaths of athletes continue at a rapid pace.
We may now be used to the sudden deaths of soccer players, having watched them collapse on a regular basis since the rollout of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, however, they are still dying at what appears to be an increasing frequency.


Schoolgirls are suffering sexual assault in unisex bathrooms on the altar of trans activism

Transgender-favorable policies are fundamentally enabling to those who are likely to commit an assault.


Dutch government declares a state of emergency to stop farmer protest
Giorgia Meloni Torches UN's LGBT Agenda, Instead Introduces Policy That Christians Will Celebrate

Fortunately for Christians, Giorgia Meloni is having none of it, and has called out the UN for this blatant threat to religious liberty.

"Religious freedom is not a second-class right," she said. "It is not a freedom that comes after others or can even be set aside for the benefit of new, so-called freedoms or rights."

Meloni reiterated: "Religious liberty is a natural right and precedes every juridical formulation because it is written in the heart of man."

Since her election victory in September of 2022, Giorgia Meloni has become a firebrand for international conservatism and a symbol of hope for many as they try to beat back the leftist globalist agenda.


Stew Peters: " Our government has openly declared war on the American People. We don't have a government anymore. We have a corporate crime syndicate."

Stew Peters Astute Comments IDs the Treason & Traitors w/ LASER Precision ~ Useless JWO RINO Kevin McCarthy, Treasonous Gestapo  FBI & Unindicted/Unpunished Clinton Foundation Crime Family

Ken Adachi-"Stew's ability to distill and concentrate thought into highly succinct sentences allows a great deal of valuable information to be relayed in a  few minutes of time. He has both the ability to distill thought AND to say what NEEDS to be said to explain the full width and breadth of the Betrayal and Treason that we now witness in America."

Andrew Anglin--Are the Polish Literally Retarded, or Just Very Angry? What Is Their Problem?

Poland is a very conservative country. In the current reality, if you are a conservative country, you have to be friends with Russia. I'm sorry mean daddy Stalin hurt your feelings, Pole. But if you can hold a grievance for 100 years, why shouldn't Russia still be angry at you for invading them in the 17th century. You invaded them because they were in the middle of a famine and seemed weak - literal "war of aggression."

If you don't get over this whiny vendetta, Pole, you are going to end up with gay sex and Islamic rampages. You can't use the American Empire for your own purposes. This is stupid. It's a deal with the devil.


Ron Unx-- Affirmative Action and the Jewish Elephant in the Room

Massive culture-enriching riots in France are continuing into the weekend. The largest group of conflagrations is in Paris and its immediate environs, but copycat riots are springing up all over the country.

Left, Jo Linder, Bodybuilder who Took Four COVID Vaccines, Dies from Aneurysm at Age 30

German bodybuilder and influencer Jo Linder, who had 8.4 million followers on Instagram, died of an aneurysm. In an interview three weeks prior to his death, he said that he got the "wax", referring to the COVID vaccine, under peer pressure. He said that he took four jabs.

Canada gave "Antisemites" $134K for tolerance workshops. They absconded with it.

Marouf's Community Media Advocacy Centre in 2021 was awarded funding to conduct "anti-racism" workshops in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal, and Halifax. Twitter that year suspended his account for posts in which he described Jews as "Zionist bags of human feces."


Dr Bryan Ardis Deftly Explains the World-wide Spike Protein/Snake Venom/mRNA Self-Poisoning C-Vax Kill-off Agenda in 10 Minutes

This clip is taken from Episode 2 of Jonathan Otto's 9-Episode Disease in Reverse series that's currently available online during Replay Weekend Marathon which ends on July 3, 2023 at 12 midnight.

Mark Trozzi MD

On June 19th 2023 Dr Carrie Madej shared uplifting messages with the World Council For Health. The power of thoughts, speech, and prayer. Dr Madej's positivity is a refreshing break from an over-mechanized perspective of life and our existance. I hope you find the recording of this presentation uplifting and empowering.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "July 3 - Movie Exposing Child Sex Trafficking Opens July 4"

RC said (July 3, 2023):

Thank you for posting that link. Andrew Anglin forgot to mention 123 years of partitions (1795 - 1918) and the killing of 15 million Poles in XX century alone (sources of that information were removed from the internet recently).
Russia collaborated first with Hitler and then with Anglo-Saxons during WW2 and installed the communist system in Poland using Russian Jews (who replaced killed Polish elites).
They are still in power today thanks to Russia.
Putin accused Poland of starting WW2 and Medvedev attacked verbally Poland all the time.
There is still a problem with Russia not returning the Polish airplane that crashed with President Lech KaczyƄski in 2010.
I can reverse Anglin's question with a new one - Are the Russians literally retarded or Just Very Angry?
If they wanted real cooperation with Poland they would act differently.


RC- I Agree Smolensk is a gaping wound but I don't believe Russia represents a threat to Poland. Poland is asking to be destroyed.


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