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July 27 - "Vaccine" Toll Mounts; Satanists Sweat

July 27, 2023

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It's about to get uglier than we've ever seen as corporate media tries to mitigate damage to their narrative following Bronny James' cardiac arrest.

JD Rucker--"I've long said the powers-that-be went into this knowing that their bioweapon jabs would eventually be blamed for what they've been causing for so long. They're working just as intended, slowly but steadily causing more and more health issues in their recipients. But news of James' cardiac arrest came too soon for the powers-that-be and their timetables. They don't want the truth to come out just yet.

My hypothesis has been that they would reveal the dangers of the jabs shortly after the Republican National Convention. Big Pharma and the CDC will come out and acknowledge the adverse reactions are greater than they had allegedly anticipated. Then, they will blame Operation Warp Speed and Trump for wanting to get a vaccine out before the 2020 election. They will say they were rushed and couldn't do the proper testing. They'll say they didn't want to release the bioweapon, but Trump forced their hand.

Makow - He thinks Trump was lied to!?  Trump is a crypto-Jew and Satanist traitor. His supporters are rubes, or in Col. House's words, "inveterate hero worshippers."

Cardiac Arrest: Lebron James's 18-year-old Son Bronny James Had a Cardiac Arrest During Practice on July 24, 2023. He Was Fully COVID-19 Vaccinated.

13 more cases of youths who suffered heart attacks 

What gets me is that the purveyors of the vax are public eugenicists. Why are people so stupid?
Video of talking heads keeling over live on TV 


There Was No Pandemic. Dr. Denis Rancourt

The vaccination campaign in India caused the deaths of 3.7 million fragile residents. 
In Western countries, we quantified the average all-age rate of death to be 1 death for every 2000 injections, to increase exponentially with age (doubling every additional 5 years of age), and to be as large as 1 death for every 100 injections for those 80 years and older. We estimated that the vaccines had killed 13 million worldwide.

Paul Alexander MD--7 (seven) Horsemen of the Apocalypse (I added 3) MUST start now with "WE ARE SORRY FOR WHAT WE DID WITH mRNA TECHNOLOGY & the deadly gene injection platform, we are sorry for the deaths we caused,
for the harm, for the silence, we knew too much yet stayed silent, we now wish to come clean for Bronny James' cardiac arrest at 18 by all accounts is likely due to mRNA technology, please forgive us"
New Zealand government funds a project to discredit anyone who questions the safety of vaccines

5G Rollout is Fastest in Israel

"A lot of lies, a lot of fake science, a lot of harm is being caused to the people and our children." Today, Ilana Rachel Daniel and her guest discuss new technologies and whether enough safety data exists to justify their rollout. 
The medical profession continues to earn our contempt 

" One of the most obnoxious trends in covid propaganda was the constant TikTok dance videos.  Dancing politicians, dancing talk show hosts, and dancing nurses all telling us to comply while frolicking around like maniacs.  Well, it's not over, because the dancing covid nurses are back, and now they're here to tell us that accepting carbon controls is just as important as the mandates."

Stay-at-home Ontario mom fined $37K for organizing anti-restrictions Covid protests
Kimberly Neudorf was fined for organizing demonstrations that helped give the Elgin County town a reputation as a national anti-restriction epicentre

"This was disruptive. This was planned. This was encouraged," said Justice of the Peace Anna Hampson in her decision at St. Thomas's provincial offenses court.

"The limitations were in place. They ought to have been respected."

Neudorf, who has moved from Aylmer and relocated to New Brunswick, was charged after organizing two so-called "freedom marches" in Aylmer on Oct. 24, 2020, and Nov. 7, 2020. The first march at the town's band shell attracted 100 to 150 people while the second drew 1,000 to 1,500 people - all unmasked, and not respecting social distancing requirements, when gathering limits outdoors wasn't to exceed 25 people.

Canada budgeted millions for 'vaccine passports' until 2026, memo reveals
The new memo suggests that the Canadian government is following the lead of the World Health Organization and the European Union, who have both taken steps toward 'digital infrastructure' in healthcare.
Your City Council Has Been Bought Off

"Recently a viewer sent me a link to a video, a short presentation made by a resident of the city of Peterborough to the city council. That video is proof that you don't have to be a scientist to understand real science and to speak out in defense of our rights.

Maggie Braun, like Tom Harris, used to believe in the climate change narrative. She studied ecosystem management with hopes to work for the U.N. in finding solutions to the climate crisis. But then she started asking questions and doing more research. It wasn't long before the lie was revealed. A lie that is being used to undermine our sovereignty and hand control of our lives over to the globalist agenda. Not just nationally or provincially, but right down to the level of our local city councils.

Another fact that Maggie discovered is that most of our cities are now in fact private corporations. Corporations that receive substantial funding from globalist organizations to buy compliance with their agenda.

Gilad Atzmon has found his rabbi

Interesting Israel Shamir-Michael Hoffmann exchange on Gilad Atzmon in 2015 

"Lakewood Yeshiva is one of the largest, most respected (among Orthodox 'Jews') yeshivas in the world and the Judaic ghetto of Lakewood surrounding it manifests all the fruits of Orthodox Judaism one would expect; rampant corruption, Judeo-supremacism, anti-Goyism, deviousness, fraud, ignorance, superstition, squalor and depravity."

William Makis MD

COVID-19 mRNA vaccine injury Treatment - Nigella Sativa (Black seed extract)

The seeds have been traditionally used in the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries to treat ailments including asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism, and related inflammatory diseases, to increase milk production in nursing mothers, to promote digestion and to fight parasitic infections. Its oil has been used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and boils and to treat cold symptoms.

Details Of Secret US-Russia Talks Revealed As Ukraine Counteroffensive In Bad Shape
New details have been revealed Wednesday related to the Ukraine war, at a moment the West is beginning to admit Ukraine's counteroffensive is failing, despite billions of foreign military hardware (and counting) shipped to Kyiv thus far.

"Secret diplomatic talks are ongoing between former senior U.S. national security officials and high-ranking members of the Kremlin, a U.S. official directly involved in the talks has confirmed to The Moscow Times," the Amsterdam-based publication reports.

Cabalists Doing what Jews Do- Undermining Christian society and patriotism

Marsha Lederman--"The singer knew exactly what he was doing when he recorded the inflammatory ditty Try That in a Small Town, and when he released its incendiary video. Try That is a threat and a promise; a taunt. It's a call to action for vigilantism that carefully toes the dog-whistle line.
Alex Newman- Transhumanism: "Upgrading" People With Techno Implants and Genetic Engineering
It sounds like bad science fiction, but it is rapidly becoming a reality. Some of the most powerful people on the planet think they are going to "upgrade" human beings.

Fifth regional banks failure

PacWest, Hammered by Banking Crisis, Merges With Banc of California

Female recruiter sues employer fro discriminating against white men
But participation in the program was restricted to "women and people of color." White men were not allowed to participate and receive the associated benefits of training, mentorship, and guaranteed promotion.

By calling it "Operation Equity," the company "used a euphemistic and false title to hide the program's true nature." The program would more accurately be called the "White-Men-Need-Not-Apply" program because it is an example of "'outright racial balancing,' which is patently unlawful," and is the kind of program "promoted by people ... who harbor racial animus against white men," according to the legal complaint.

Report: Kevin McCarthy Goes To Bohemian Grove
Speaker's Office Does Not Deny The Report That McCarthy Danced With Darkness
Why do Christians let the Jews gas light them?

Jason Aldean Accused of 'Folding' with Stealth Edits to Hit Video 'Small Town'

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "July 27 - "Vaccine" Toll Mounts; Satanists Sweat "

Al Thompson said (July 27, 2023):

Anything the government says or does needs to be questioned over and over again. The medical industry has lost most if not all credibility. We really can’t fix evil but we can separate from it. We should be making our own decisions based on truth; discerning whether something is good or evil. The government doesn’t do this. They always have an excuse for not doing the right thing. So the bad results from the government is supposed to inflict harm on people. Where’s the value in that?

What seems to be happening is a total implosion of the “new world order.” Just look at all of the bad news coming out. This is the bad karma these politicians put out for centuries and now it’s coming home to roost. The natural law or natural order will never be defeated.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at