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July 23 - Climate Change Hoax Replaces COVID Hoax

July 23, 2023

Whether extreme heat is caused by HAARP or not, clearly weather change is their latest psy op

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Jacob Rothschild Says Covid Was "a Distraction"

Rothschild, "The phenomenon change that's come about in the last 2-3 years is there isn't a child over the age of 6 who's not deeply concerned about climate change -- Covid is a distraction, not more than a distraction, it's a distraction"

Nothing to see here, just slipping up and admitting to crimes against humanity. Covid 19 was a distraction, it was a PLANdemic 

Their plan all along was the climate change agenda. It's a scam to bring about the Great Reset, New World Order & the Central Bank Digital Currency $CBDC 


"The most intense climate lie": Last week it was all over the news: Temperatures in southern Europe skyrocketing to 48°C! But none of it was true!
"What we experienced over the past days was the most intense climate lie since temperature recording began," reported Germany's Achtung Reichelt here on the implications of the ESA's sloppy, manipulative press release and the media firestorm that ensued: "The problem with that report is that none of it is true."
In Sicily the temperature reached only 32°C over the weekend - a far cry from 48°C, which illustrates the great difference between ground surface temperature and readings taken 2 meters above the ground.

Land surface temperature is how hot the 'surface' of Earth feels to the touch. Air temperature, given in our daily weather forecasts, is a measure of how hot the air is above the ground."

The ESA did not bother to mention how the surface temperature is much hotter than the 2-meter air temperature."

FedNow is live with 35 banks

"The bottom line: It's still likely to be years before most people use instant payments on a daily basis, as they do in countries like the U.K., India and Brazil. The government isn't forcing banks to sign up for either of the two systems and for the time being, there still isn't a strong business case for banks to do so."

China Is Getting Ready for the Next Plandemic by Actively Building Quarantine Facilities Across the Country
Everything is going according to "The Plan". Reminder: According to the World Bank, the expected COVID-19 Project Closing Date is March 31, 2025.



All products labeled and promoted by the US Government (military and health officials) as 'vaccines' are presumptively biochemical weapons manufactured by pharmaceutical companies, to war department (DoD) specifications, to intentionally injure recipients, under military weapons procurement contracts.


Castrated Teen BEGS Peers: Do NOT Transition

At least one teenager realizes that body dysmorphia is a mental illness that requires treatment, not transitioning. Too bad he realized it too late.

Kobe, the young man facing facts actually said, "I was expecting it to help me help my mental health, and it didn't do anything. I just wasted so much time and all I did really was become a medical patient for life."

Sadly, Kobe was actually CASTRATED as part of his "gender-affirming care" when he identified as a trans woman. Now, he wants to be a voice of reason in the cloud of leftist-haze.


The hallmark of a satanic cult is that enforces conformity in speech and thought using intimidation 



Moscow Idaho--Christians Arrested For Maskless Outdoor Church Service To Get $300,000 From Liberal College Town

Diversity Grifters facing hard times 

WSJ: Diversity Officers Are Being Laid Off En Masse, Companies Fear Legal Action in Wake of Affirmative Action Ruling
The diversity officer racket is rapidly contracting due to economic woes and fears of lawsuits that have only amplified in the wake of the Supreme Court striking down affirmative action in college admissions.

 Some chief diversity officers say their work is facing additional scrutiny since the Supreme Court struck down affirmative action in college admissions and companies brace for potential legal challenges. DEI work has also become a political target.
Because they're employees? 

 Rothschilds Have Had 'Fantastic Relationship' With Ukrainian Gov't Members, Prank Call Reveals
Standards are slipping - She is neither black nor a lesbian
 Biden chooses Admiral Lisa Franchetti to become the first woman in US history to be top officer in the Navy

Putin warns Poland not to covet Belarus or Western Ukraine

Poland is a canary that tried to swallow two cats.

41 Percent of Illegal Immigrant Group Biden Admin Released Into US Never Showed Up for Court Dates


Freemasons do want to chip your children

Jamie Foxx stroke was caused by the vaccine


Two dozen  pilot incapacitation or deaths since March 1

Interview with Andrei Martyanov, Russian author of three books on NATO incompetence 

- NATO cares not how many Ukrainians or Russians die. Or as long a Slav's die.
- NATO's weapons have been proven to be over priced and merely weapons to sell for profit and not useful on the modern-day battlefield.
- There is nobody to negotiate with in the West. So there can be no peace until the West is brought to its knees.
- Russia will demand reparations and War Crime Tribunals.
- Europe and the West represent to Russia and the World " Globo-homo". The World wants nothing to do with us.
- There are only three Superpowers left in the World. Everyone else doesn't matter. The three being Russia, China, and America ( NATO ).

Oakland Fails Women As Staggering Crime Surge Goes Unpunished

Robberies have surged 22%, while overall crime has risen by a staggering 42% in the first half of 2023...
Commies giving away the farm

Thousands of Black, Hispanic aspiring and former teachers who FAILED licensing exam to be given $1.8 billion settlement

 Roughly 5,200 Black and Hispanic aspiring and former teachers will receive a massive $1.8 billion payout from New York City (NYC) after city officials decided to stop fighting a nearly three-decade-long discrimination lawsuit alleging that the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST) used for licensing teachers is biased against non-Whites.

The largest-ever legal payout to date from the Big Apple, the settlement is expected to result in several hundred more large financial awards in the future, according to the New York Post.

meta (1).png
Facebook reports woman to cops

In this extremely rare footage we see the infamous Timothy Leary partying it up with his CIA handlers Colonel Al Hubbard and Sidney Gottlieb as well as a room full of other morally flexible sycophants and yes men. 

Listen to Leary absolutely gush over Hubbard who "he owes everything". 

This shady "Dr Colonel" Al Hubbard is almost unknown, but a character all of his own. Free energy inventor, alien contactee, prohibition booze runner, and drug enforcement agent who supplied just about everyone with LSD and did human experimentation out of his MKULTRA clinics. For more information on his shenanigans see the MuseumofTarot shorts on the subject.

Strelkov's Arrest Shatters the Hope For a Patriotic Russia
It is time to face facts  by ROLO SLAVSKIY

"Of course, when it comes to our brave dissidents in the West, we see the occupation regime silencing them, arresting them, in some cases even killing them. But when it comes to Russia, these equivalent voices are not dissidents like their Western counterparts, but traitors that deserve to be shot by the government, of course.

Strelkov's arrest was meant to have a chilling effect on patriotic voices within Russia. The government openly brags about making an example out of him:

Deputy Matveychev said that the arrest of Strelkov is a warning to those who discredit the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

"VACCINE" UPDATE: MSM Normalizing A "Worrying" And "Puzzling" Global Epidemic Of Cancer Among Younger People


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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