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July 21- "Sound of Freedom" Funded by Freemasons Who Chip Children

July 21, 2023

(Tim Ballard. You don't wear a Masonic tie unless you are a Freemason)

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This appears to confirm warnings that this film may have a hidden agenda. 

The Freemasons' MYCHIP program used to track children

North American Masonic Lodges have an initiative called the Masonic Child Identification Programme ("CHIP"). CHIP programs are supported monetarily at the Grand Lodge level, and are staffed by volunteers from subordinate lodges as well as law enforcement and dental professionals.

The Freemasons' program takes digital fingerprints, digital imaging, digital video, dental impressions and DNA mouth swabs under the guise of in case your loved ones are horrendously abducted. The processing of the data is managed by Freemason's proprietary software.

THE TIM BALLARD RABBIT HOLE   -  Connections to the Deep State and Clinton Foundation

Tim Ballard admits John Paul DeJoria and Carlos Slim were large investors for his film, Sound of Freedom.

Tim Caviezel --That symbol is known as the Jerusalem cross, which is displayed on the Knights Templar uniform as well as on the banners of the Order 
Lin Wood lists five shortcomings of SoF

Brian Shilhavy's Take


Those listed in the records include tech billionaire Peter Thiel, early Facebook investor Sean Parker, artist Jeff Koons, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, and music industry executive Tommy Mottola, who was formerly married to Mariah Carey.

Over A Thousand Top Scientists Conclude There Is No Climate Emergency -- There Is Only The PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE Depopulation Scam


Traitorous Congress Rejects US Sovereignty

The Senate on Wednesday overwhelmingly voted down an amendment to the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would declare NATO's Article 5, which outlines mutual defense commitments, does not override congressional war powers.

The amendment, introduced by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), states: "It is the sense of Congress that Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty does not supersede the constitutional requirement that Congress declare war before the United States engages in war."

The amendment failed in a vote of 16-83 and received no support from Democrats. "It should have been an easy vote to affirm the Constitution, to vote against affirming the Constitution actually places doubt in the Constitution. But it was defeated," Paul wrote on Twitter after the vote.


OH MY! Disorder Breaks Out as Marjorie Taylor Greene Holds Up Sexually Explicit Photos of Hunter Biden During IRS Whistleblower Hearing (VIDEO)


Judaism as a Self-Terminating Religion  by Nick Kollerstrom

Hebrew scriptures told of a brutal god: "Anything devoted to destruction is most holy to the Lord"

(Leviticus 27:28) and gave heroic-but-fictional accounts of the wiping out of cities, slaying of armies, grabbing the loot, etc., with a god constantly reassuring them that they were the apple of His eye and inherently superior to other peoples.

Jamie Foxx Speaks On Oprah Luring Him to Quincy Jones Gay Rituals REACTION!!!

Viewer--"Monsters live among us and we somehow call them the ruling elite.  They are not elite...they are monsters.

BRAIN BLEEDS in young people - 19-year-old UK university student Harvey Edwards died from a brain bleed

Mark Trozzi MD

"Here is my short presentation to a full house of Life Site News reporters and their supporters. These are people who love life, and continue upholding compassion and respect for the sanctity of human life, even through these current dark times where governments and institutions have become lawless and have abandoned all morals. I hope this short presentation elevates your mood and makes you laugh.


Not Just Gas Stoves: Biden Admin Rule Would Outlaw Nearly All Portable Gas Generators
The crackdown comes as the country faces an increased risk of power outages

This is like banning Ivermectin to increase harm and justify failed green energy agenda 

OPERATION DARK BRANDON - Biden regime to ban gas generators then unleash GRID DOWN attack on America

PJW- Young Women are literally devolving into snorting swine (apology to swine)

Robbed of their biological role as mother and wife, some women are facing redundancy by going mad. 
Must watch- Neil Oliver: The reality that lies beneath the purveyors of "kindness and inclusion" is hatred.

Spew hatred and exclusion

(left, most young women now have a psychological penis) 

Nigel Farage praises 'swift' intervention by ministers over closed Coutts account
Ex-Ukip leader welcomes the prospect of law to stop bank account closures due to customers' political views

RFK Jr: CIA Orchestrated COVID Lab Leak as Part of WEF's Depopulation Agenda
Ontario medical board fails to disqualify Dr. Peter McCullough as an 'expert' in trial of Dr. Mark Trozzi - LifeSite

Telegram blogger and former FSB officer Igor Strelkov arrested

Strelkov Was Arrested Half An Hour Ago

Breaking: New audio of Ukrainian president telling Joe Biden he fired prosecutor Shokin only because Biden asked him to, not because Shokin was corrupt. Hunter got paid $10 million by Burisma Energy specifically to get Joe Biden to get Shokin fired because Shokin was investigating them. Impeach now
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The COVID thing is part of the genocide plan involving the vaccines with the Big Pharma groups, Dupont and Monsanto:

The Pfizer COVID-Vaccine trials were a complete sham. Pfizer's 6-month data shows that the vaccines cause more illness than what they prevent.

Mathematician Says COVID 'Vaccines' Are Causing 'Precipitous Drop' in Birthrates Across Europe. Supposed birthrate increase can be explained away by them being baby blips and not booms.

Do Vaccines Cause Infertility? With Ryan Cole, M.D. (June, 2022)

Largest Study on Long Covid yet Reports: "We did not observe evidence of qualitative different symptom clustering in vaccinated vs, unvaccinated individuals." So there's no evidence that the vaccines help deal with the illness like we are always told they do.

A 2017 study of 44 types of 15 traditional vaccines uncovered that many vaccines are heavily contaminated with a variety of nano particles, mostly various toxic metals, which are as small as a few atoms and can alter your DNA.

Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda. The documentary about the sterilization agenda of the WHO in Africa.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "July 21- "Sound of Freedom" Funded by Freemasons Who Chip Children "

Jennifer said (July 23, 2023):

I wish Tim Ballad would just say —I am not a Freemason

I am not a sex trafficker

Instead, he says —Oh it's trending that I am a Freemason

Expect lies from the left.

But he never actually says I am NOT a Freemason

He does say he is against chipping children —so that’s good

But he must clearly refute everything —because these people are trained to make it appear that they are denouncing something —but they really do not They say, " Oh that’s crazy!"

But they don’t clearly deny it

Freemasons are taught to be crafty and NOT lie —because they understand the soul

So they obfuscate and misled without straight-forwarding lying —but an omission is a lie.

Al Thompson said (July 21, 2023):

I was going to watch the movie “Sound of Freedom” but something told me not to. I don’t like having my mind manipulated. I’m glad I didn’t go. One of the last movies I watched was Rosemary’s Baby(1968). I got pissed off and I took my date out of the movie and demanded a refund. I’ve only gone to a few movies since then, and they were a waste of time.

In this case, this is being used to brainwash and program the population into accepting child abuse and trafficking. And then they will pose as the “white knight” and chip as many people as they can for the “new world order.” The good news is that their new world order will fail miserably. We are watching the whole thing fall apart right before our eyes. The natural order will overcome and destroy the new world order.

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