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July 2 - Our Political Leaders are All Freemasons (Satanists)

July 2, 2023

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I can't overstate the importance of this picture. That is Fidelito giving Danielle Smith, the "conservative" Premier of Alberta, a Masonic (thumb on knuckle) handshake. (Look at the smug evil expression on Smith's face.) They are supposed to be arch-enemies. This tells me that politics are a charade. Below you will find images that confirm that virtually all Canadian leaders are Freemasons, and this probably applies to the West in general. 

Andrew Anglin- I'm Glad There Is a Race War in France (Even If Whites Aren't Fighting)

Though the riots center around the suburb of Nanterre, the entire city is on fire, in what can no longer be called "riots." The immigrants are killing cops and seizing their weapons. This is now a war.

"My extreme reaction to this is they're destroying a lot of utterly irreplaceable white cultural artifacts. The library in Marseilles has been burned, with some of the rarest-of-the-rare medieval manuscripts, now lost forever because of the importation of immigrants...
So to re-cap, priceless works of architecture, art, and manuscripts that have been created down through the centuries by WHITE MEN that has in no small part catapulted Western Civilization forward are being destroyed by this third-world mob.
 Make no mistake The EU/UN Globalist Head Shed has been eagerly waiting for an opportunity to use their imported third-world army of muzzah illegals to do their dirty work and thanks to a carefully refined global ZOG culture of social justice where any nogger or mystery meat muzzah that is killed by a police officer is automatically nominated for sainthood just like George Floyd, the Patron saint of Fentanyl and Armed Robbery was three years ago."
And though some have been saying that these riots are just the "French version of George Floyd", Andrew Anglin dispels that supposition with some cold hard historical facts.


(This is Castreau and former "Conservative" PM Stephen Harper indulging in their private betrayal of the people's trust.) 

YouTube Bodybuilding Star Joesthetics Dies Aged 30 of Aneurysm, Admits He Was Peer Pressured Into Getting "Vaccine"

Just three weeks ago YouTube celebrity Joesthetics admitted to subjecting himself to four doses of DEATHVAX™ due to peer pressure. As a bodybuilder, he was constantly monitoring his bloodwork. After the slow-kill bioweapon injections his bloodwork came back with clots and "contaminants."

He basically developed VAIDS, and the associated dreaded stringy clots. In the below interview, he touches upon PSYOP-19 "conspiracy theories," and basically laughs it all off. He is now "suddenly" dead. It was not from the exogenous hormones, or any of the various bodybuilding substances he was on.


Dr. Kirk Moore's Sacrifice: Courageous Doctor Faces 15 Years in Prison for Protecting Public Health (Exclusive)
Dr. Moore's fight extends beyond his personal challenges, representing a broader struggle for the right to choose, informed consent, and challenging government narratives.

(This is Maxime Bernier, leader of the so-called nationalist party in Canada.)

"I asked AI to make a Greta Thunberg Oil Company Commercial"

Wow. AI was able to make Greta smile.


AI's Taco Musk commercial


Men under 40 have virtually no risk for COVID, but are six times more likely to get myocarditis from the jab than from COVID. Anyone involved in mandating men under 40 to get this shit vaccine that does nothing to prevent infection/spread should be charged with murder


(l. Jugmeat Singh, leader of the NDP, Canada's "socialist" party keeping Fidelito in power.)

World Economic Forum Concludes "Annual Meeting of the New Champions" in China with Accelerated Plans Toward Global Social Credit and Digital Surveillance


Gordon Chang: China's 'shock troops' now inside U.S.

'On 1st day of war in Asia,' they will 'poison reservoirs, assassinate officials, create terror'

China's "shock troops" already are inside the United States.


Mike Yeadon - There has been a catastrophic drop in birth rates in most if not all countries with a high coverage of mRNA vaccines amongst people of fertile age. This article describes the drop in birth rates in Sweden that coincided with the rollout of the mRNA shots.


(left, "Conservative" leader Pierre Poilievre twists his thumb out of joint as he signals loyalty to Satan) 

Colonel "Forced Out" Of British Army For Saying Men Can't Be Women
Dr. Kelvin Wright, a distinguished Army Reservist commanding officer says he has been forced to relinquish his position in the British Army prematurely.


Gates commits $400 million to test new TB vaccine on 26,000 people in Africa and Southeast Asia

Brian Hooker, Ph.D., P.E., senior director of science and research for Children's Health Defense, criticized the plan to use the 'underserved' as 'guinea pigs for the rest of the world.'


Tucker Carlson: 'Pride' is a 'religious war' that may bring same fate as Sodom and Gomorrah
'This is not about liberation. It's just the opposite. It's just another religious war' the former Fox News host said. '[It's] the people who think they're God versus everybody else.'


RFK Jr.  shoots himself in the foot; denounces Supreme Court ruling striking down affirmative action

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is running against Joe Biden as the Democratic nomination for president, believes affirmative action is needed to 'undo the effects of racist policies.'

Plea to RFK- Don't force Americans to vote for Trump!

Tim Fitzpatrick-How Jews took over China and created Chinese Communism
Everything you wanted to know about Jews in China

"The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao's leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history."

- Crypto-Jew David Rockefeller

A curse on all their houses

DeSantis Bans Doctor-Prescribed Cannabis, But Not Pharma Drugs, at Florida Recovery Centers.
Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis has signed a bill that prohibits possession or usage of medical marijuana -- even when prescribed by a doctor -- for residents of recovery residences in the state of Florida. Residents will be able to use prescribed pharmaceutical drugs.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "July 2 - Our Political Leaders are All Freemasons (Satanists) "

Jerry said (July 2, 2023):

It is becoming so apparent that no matter what political party you are voting are voting for Satan..whatever media you are following is owned by Satin..they think they won..far from it..they have an Achilles Canada, the average person does not understand or know in Canada as a nation we legally are allowed to issue our own interest-free, debt-free Canadian you have stated many times..hit them where they live..take away their control of our money..let’s rally for a sovereign Canadian dollar..they will drown like a slug covered in beer..they have nothing after that..except to end up in hell where they belong.

Al Thompson said (July 2, 2023):

The government is bad religion based on the occult. The results of the actions they take show the depravity of what they do. The chaos in France and the politics in Western nations are a result of the evil of government. It begins with the oaths. The government is a slave system supported by the religions; which in turn, make spiritual slaves of the unsuspecting. I was fooled by these people for years. Notice how none of the religions seem to be opposing the evil of the government; especially the Christians.

Only a focus on virtue and morality will get mankind out of this mess. Don’t look for a masonic government to fix anything. Whatever they do will make it worse. Freemasons are immoral and will destroy everything in their path.

Playing in the “new world order” will always get a bad result and the “new world order” will be destroyed by the natural world order.

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