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July 18 - Lesbian Governor Urges Citizens to Host Migrants in Their Homes

July 18, 2023

(Love is love. Massachusetts Gov Maura Healey with wife attorney Joanna Lydgate) 

I wonder how many migrants they will invite into their love nest. Too bad more illegal migrants aren't also women. 

Massachusetts Governor Calls on Residents to House Illegal Aliens in Their Guest Rooms

Democrat Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey is calling on residents to consider housing illegal aliens in their guest rooms.
The so-called "host family strategy" is being put in place to combat the growing homeless population in the state, many of whom are not citizens.

WBUR reports, "The state's new Family Welcome Center in Allston is tasked with recruiting, vetting, and onboarding host families, as well as pairing them with the families in need."
Swatch Sues Malaysia over Seizure of LGBTQ Pride watches

Swiss watchmaker says in lawsuit watches 'not in any way capable of causing any disruption to public order or morality'.

Bribe solves everything

Erdogan promised a huge IMF loan to accept Sweden into NATO


Dr. Campbell | Australia Data Reveals Covid Injection Carnage


The Heroic Archbishop Viganò: The Corrupt Billionaire Agenda, "SARS-CoV-2 Virus is Nothing but a Seasonal Flu"

The most obvious example is discovering that Richard Kalergi, one of the founding fathers of the European Union, wanted to pursue social engineering policies aimed at modifying European national societies through immigration and cross-breeding, driving migration waves with the attractiveness of cheaper labor costs. Seeing the wicked obstinacy with which the waves of illegal immigrants continue to be welcomed, even when the impact that this phenomenon has on the safety of cities and on the general crime rate and the identity of national populations is obvious, demonstrates that the initial plan has been realized for the most part, and that action must be taken to prevent it from being completed.

Canada to close emergency visa applications for Ukrainians fleeing war

More than 1.1 million people have applied and more than 800,000 visas have been approved as of July 1


(left, Normies still trust the government despite its efforts to kill them) 

Tax Revolt - Peymon, the founder of Freedom Law School, has not filed or paid U.S. income tax since 1993. The IRS knows this, but has never attempted to put Peymon in prison. Why?


Scary ~ Jeff Nyquist Explains the China/Russia Plan to Destroy America & Take the Land

Ken Adachi--"This is one of the most powerful interviews that I've ever heard. I edited out the commercials to maintain a steady pace as you might expect in a lecture. If we don't pay attention to the grave dangers that we now face due to unrelenting communist subversion for the past 100 years, and fail to invest the energy to organize on a local level to REMOVE from power, the Marxist subversives who now occupy every corridor of power in America - from school boards to city, state, and federal office holders, academics, etc., etc. -- We're Going to Lose This Country and enter a Dark Age of Evil never before experienced in human history. Is this the America you want for your children? Communists, especially American-born Marxists, are defeateable. But we must RECOGNIZE the threat among us -- and remove them from power and influence over our lives. We only have us, but the US is all we need to save our country. Get busy."

DeSantis for Prime Minister of Israel!

EXCLUSIVE: Ron DeSantis tells he will tear up Biden's 'horrendous' treatment of Israel and slams the left for 'focusing all their energy on trying to 'scapegoat the world's only Jewish state


BLACKETT: Justice under threat as Alberta Law Society seeks to enforce wokeism, through legislation

Lawyers will be forced to accept woke ideology in dealing with clients and cases.  If you are a white Christian male, you will be seen as having white privilege and may not even be able to hire a lawyer.  Judges along with all the Lawyers in the system will elevate the minorities giving them extreme lee way, while doing nothing for those that are deemed oppressors by Woke and Cancel culture ideals.

If you are a woman in a divorce case, anything you say will be considered true, even though evidence says contrary, which will be made inadmissible by the court.  The Lawyers will refuse to bring in witnesses that go against the woke narrative.
Comedians Adam DeVine, Theo Von expose Hollywood studios for suppressing non-woke content

Globalists Run 'Orwellian Doublespeak Psyop' To Cover Up Out Of Control 'Genocide Debacle' While Barbaric Medical Experiments Continue And 'The Masses' Are Turned Into Human Guinea Pigs

"No Vaccine Is Safe, Never Has There Been a Safe Vaccine And Never Will There Be One...the actual PROCESS of 'vaccination' DEFIES the NATURAL FUNCTION of the immune system..." - Dr. Suzanne Humphries

Black, Hispanic New Yorkers Get $1.8B Settlement From NYC for Failing Teaching Aptitude Test

Migrants to be housed on a barge in harbor of Dorset tourist town

UK Occupational Force being held in readiness

Furious locals launch protest in Dorset as Bibby Stockholm barge that will house 500 male asylum seekers arrives at port in the popular seaside resort

Local politicians have slammed the plans as 'cruel and unusual' amid concerns that the community does not have the infrastructure to house more people in the area.

They fear that already-overstretched services such as GP surgeries will not be able to cope with the influx of 506 men, who will be able to come and go as they wish.

They will be given a free mobile phone if they do not already have one and will have access to healthcare on the barge. But locals are worried about an increase in crime and anti-social behavior, risk to their personal safety, and the impact on tourism.

Tucker Carlson Reveals the Questions You're Not Allowed to Ask

Public discussion is no longer organic. There is now a system that decides which stories can be reported by news outlets, which topics politicians are willing to comment on, and which topics should be deemed untouchable. We now have no-go topics.

The environment of "acceptable speech," contrasted with the topics nobody dares to touch, frames the "public discussion."

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: "Breaking the silence one final time for the sake of truth...." Voice for Science and Solidarity by Geert Vanden Bossche

Young teachers (COVID-19 vaccinated) who died suddenly during March 2023 - 14 sudden deaths examined

March 26, 2023 - Davao City, Philippines - 49 year old swimming teacher Jerry Kasim, died suddenly from a cardiac arrest during swimming portion of Alveo Ironman 70.3 (click here)

Makis-"So many have so much to answer for all the deaths, hurt, and disabilities that were and now will be caused by all the lies. I know so many that got at least 2 shots because their EMPLOYERS MANDATED THE SHOTS. The shots that BY LAW CANNOT BE MANDATED!! Families are going to be destroyed by the coming viruses.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Big Pharma Had To Discredit Ivermectin To Keep Emergency Use Authorization For Vaccines In Place. (RCP, 2023)

Veterans on Patrol has Rescued Thousands of Children Sexually Trafficked in the U.S. - Appeals for More Volunteers


BlackRock: Fourth Branch of (Totalitarian) Government  by Alex Newman
BlackRock has effectively become the fourth branch of government, and at this point, it is hard to tell where the giant investment Leviathan begins and the Biden administration ends.

Open borders are resulting in all sorts of chaos and crime across the United States, but there are even more sinister motives behind the globalists who have destroyed the U.S. border, warns journalist Alex Newman on OAN's In Focus with Alison Steinberg.

Alex and Alison also discuss child sex trafficking, Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, the CCP, Congress, jihad, Biden, and much more.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "July 18 - Lesbian Governor Urges Citizens to Host Migrants in Their Homes "

Al Thompson said (July 18, 2023):

Homosexuals are losers on a grand scale. There is nothing normal about the activity because it conflicts with the natural order of life which the real God created. When these people do evil, they are piling up bad “karma” which will make their lives more miserable. That’s just the way it is and all of these “new world order” idiots should grow up and be more mature. Anyone who is associated with any government as they are constructed today has no authority over anything if they violate the natural law. Being a homosexual will not have a good outcome.

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