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July 17 - US Army Replacing White Males

July 17, 2023

(l. Gen. Charles Q Brown Jr.)

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Organized Jewry told us discrimination is "racist." This was just a ploy to discriminate against whites and replace them with their grateful minority agents. 

Next Joint Chiefs Chairman Wants White Male Officers To Be A Minority

"Last year, Brown, alongside Undersecretary of the Air Force Gina Ortiz Jones, the first gay and Filipino woman in her role, and other leaders, signed their names to one of the most shocking and destructive racist documents ever produced by the modern military.

The topic of the Air Force memorandum was officer quotas set by race and gender.

Similar quotas had been issued by political appointees in a politically correct military, but they had focused on slowly boosting minority officers rather than calling for a purge of white men.

The 2014 quotas had looked for an 80 percent white, 10 percent black, and 8 percent Asian officer corps. While choosing officers by any racial category rather than merit is racist, wrong, and illegal under civil rights legislation, this fell short of Brown's proposed racist purge.

Brown's quotas limit the number of white officers to 67% and cut white men down to 43%.
Bill Slashing $1 Billion (9%) From FBI Budget Advances in House

Are Rothschilds Signalling the Return of Trump in 2024? 

Reader-- The Economist's cover not only expresses the establishment view but sometimes also forecasts upcoming events

'Preparing the way: The alarming plans for Trump's second term'

'The Economist is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Economist Group, which is owned by private shareholders, including members of the Rothschild banking family of England.'

Why would they allow a 'surprise' Trump win after the 2020 election fraud for the Democrats? 'Insider leakers' on 4 chan /pol/ give the reason:

Same reason they are allowing the US Supreme Court to reverse 50-year-old decisions, in a conservative direction.
Same reason Elon Musk was allowed to buy Twitter and then restore many conservative voices there.
Same reason they are allowing (for now) 'victories' against the woke agenda, such as the Bud Light beer boycott, conservative state laws, etc

- Defuse chances of major rebellion by America's tens of millions of well-armed conservatives
- Re-supply the US military and police with soldiers and officers who were mostly conservative men ... in time for upcoming wars, and dealing with US pockets of angry resistance to hard times ahead
Given how much Trump was under the establishment's thumb in his first term, elites have seen they can accept a 2nd term for him given the circumstances
 Psychological tactics used for Covid began years before to foster the FALSE "Climate Change" narrative
 The government's 2005 "sustainable-development strategy" introduced "a new approach to influencing behaviors based on recent research," including a "toolkit for climate-change communications ... designed to provide a model for future behavior-change campaigns on other issues
Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum just confirmed that they instigated the global LGBTQ transgender madness.


How EVs Kill

The typical EV is about 800-1,000 pounds heavier than an otherwise same-sized/generally similar vehicle.

EV fires are much easier to start - and you don't even need to have an accident first. They are much harder to put out and they can start again, after they have been put out.

Gas tanks do not become more fire-prone as they age. Batteries do. "Hard use" does not apply to gas tanks; it does to EV battery packs.


A new low for vax depravity in Russia

The Gamaleya Center is developing mRNA "canned food" for future injections

Russia's vax evangelists want an "mRNA vaccine platform" so they can "immunize a patient often, a lot, and for a long time." We'll return to this comment in a moment, but first some background.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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