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July 16 - Biden Whistleblower in Hiding from US Dept. of "Justice"

July 16, 2023

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'Missing' Hunter Biden Witness Comes Forward In Video Statement Accusing Bidens Of Corruption, DOJ Of Coverup

The Judiciary System has been weaponized to punish a whistleblower who revealed Biden's Bribes. House of Reps subpoenaed Luft. 

Dr. Gal Luft was an Advisor to a large Chinese oil company. He witnessed Biden million dollar influence-peddling firsthand and reported it in 2019. Now Biden's (((Just-US))) Dept. has hit him with numerous bogus charges and he is in hiding somewhere in Israel.

Luft is a righteous Jew, proof that there are a lot of honest patriotic Jews. His prosecutors are all Communist US Jews. 

Luft said that he had provided evidence of Biden family corruption to the FBI and DOJ in March of 2019, weeks before Biden announced his run for the White House. Luft said he heard nothing from the DOJ until American authorities arrested him in Cyprus earlier this year on charges of illegal arms trading, acting as an unregistered foreign agent, and lying to the FBI.

Luft said he was arrested in Cyprus in February and was awaiting possible extradition to the U.S. when he escaped and is now in hiding from U.S. authorities in an undisclosed location.


Prosecutors of Biden Family Corruption Witness Gal Luft Donated to Joe Biden, Other Dems

Gerald Menuhin

"The entire Jewish racket reminds me of the subnormal schoolboy who is always last at everything, who never gets the girls and is taunted by the classroom bully, and who sits in the corner and fantasizes how he will transform himself into a superhero and beat the bully and win the honors and come first in sports, and of course get all the blondest girls. That's what Jews do.-- fantasize. ONLY WE LET THEM REALIZE THEIR FANTASY." (GERALD MENUHIM, TELL THE TRUTH AND SHAME THE DEVIL, P.392 )


PJW- Snow Brown and the Seven Multiracial and Gendered Creatures

Another Disney Face-plant


'Sound of Freedom' success triggers epic CBC meltdown   (CBC - Canada's Communist Broadcasting Corporation)

The smash box office hit movie 'Sound of Freedom' which tells the story of a US Homeland Security Agent quitting his job to rescue children around the world from child trafficking rings has sent the legacy media into another collective fit of outrage.

Notably, a CBC "pop culture columnist" went on a rant attributing the success of the hit film to being a "dog whistle for xenophobic pro-Trump, pro-life types" and being a "Qanon" themed movie. None of this should be surprising to Canadians given the state broadcaster's track record of defending and normalizing drag shows for kids and other highly-questionable content.

Legacy media outlets like The Guardian, Washington Post, and Rolling Stone have also trashed this film repeating the "Qanon" line.

The legacy media has proven that their influence on culture has whittled away as 'Sound of Freedom' takes over theatres.

Viewer- "If protecting children from child predators is right-wing then I'm right-wing and proud of it

Viewer 2- "You would think that stopping child trafficking would be something we could all get behind. I get a little more disgusted in this world by the day.

L. Freemasons are Communists who murder priests.

For Greater Glory

Now you can watch this great movie about Christians who rose up against Freemason control  in Mexico in the 1920's 


US Tax Revenue Drops 20% in 2023 (Jan-June)


A comedy movie based on the hatred of bankers

Why Ukraine Lost Favor

In short, the Ukrainians demonstrated that NATO's weapons are crap.

Twitter suspends account of Archbishop Carlo Maria ViganĂ²

The account is labeled 'suspended' and all posts are hidden, an action which ViganĂ² described to LifeSiteNews' John-Henry Westen as 'shameful.' 

There is only one explanation for the royal reception migrants are getting in the West. They will be trained and used as an occupation army.

Foreign Cops in the U.S.? Illinois Bill Would Make Noncitizens Police Officers

Interesting fact: Under the Mexican constitution, a naturalized citizen may never, ever be a police officer, even if he's lived and paid taxes in the nation for decades. Yet under a bill passed by the Illinois Legislature, a Mexican -- or any other foreigner -- could enter the U.S. illegally, receive some kind of unwarranted amnesty, and then become a cop. What's more, policies allowing such are already a reality in certain parts of our country.

The COVID-19 Plandemic was, in fact, planned out over many decades within the highest echelons of the US government.  It also confirms that an extremely powerful shadow government was directing every facet of the vast lobbying efforts and legislative processes necessary to pull off this ongoing crime wave against the American people.  This means that the barbarians have been inside the gate and operating freely at least since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Americans Celebrate 415 Million People Quitting the CCP at Falun Gong Parade in New York


Ed Dowd: Black Swan Event - "They Can't Run From This Data!" 

This is the greatest cover-up I've ever seen in my life." Disability claims are on the rise, and people are wondering why. "If it's not the vaccine, what is it?" asks Ed Dowd in this episode of 'Friday Roundtable.'  "Some people are going to be, unfortunately, producing spike protein their whole lives."


Germany: After Berlin pool closes over sexual assaults and violence from migrants, president of lifeguard association warns 'violence against pool staff is everywhere'

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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