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July 11 - Curb on Free Speech is Political Persecution

July 11, 2023

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Humanity has no future without freedom. There can be no freedom without free speech.  The Satanist central banking cartel (WEF) wants to enslave us. This Communist coup will inevitably result in civil disobedience. 

"Free speech might have a chilling effect on government censorship."

Leftists Argue Government Censorship is the Highest Form of Speech
The Left will fight to the death for the right of the government to silence you.


"Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear."--Harry S. Truman

Unfortunately, we've gotten so used to being dictated to by government agents, bureaucrats, and militarized police alike that we've forgotten that WE are supposed to be the ones calling the shots and determining what is just, reasonable, and necessary.

Macron blames riots on free speech

Dr. Paul Alexander---' Report: 40% of Brown University Students Identify as LGBTQQIAAP2S+'; IMO, 40% is clearly there is a move now globally that COVID is done, to mainstream & drive the transgender agenda

Homosexual has become mainstream at Ivy League schools. Hopefully, these sexual mutants won't reproduce. 

Real-Life 'Sound Of Freedom' Hero: 'Media Running Interference For Pedophiles And Human Traffickers Is Sick'


Wrinkled Masked Avenger


"The criminal practice of trafficking and abusing hundreds of thousands of migrant children who cross the Southern Border is now, thanks to the open-border policy of the Biden administration, apparently 'normal' inside the U.S.," Bulut writes.

He cites federal statistics about the millions of illegals encountered at the border in recent years.

However, he pointedly notes that "at least 85,000 children are believed to be missing."

"Many of those children are raped," he explained.
Taxpayers indemnify big pharma for adverse reactions

Records show that a federal COVID-19 vaccine death and injury compensation program has paid almost $7 million in claims.
According to Blacklock's Reporter, the department of Health expects that there will be $75 million in claims by 2026.

In a biannual update, Vaccine Injury Support Program managers reported receiving 1,859 claims from Canadians who experienced death or injury due to pandemic vaccinations. As of July 10, a total of 103 claims have been paid, which are worth $6,695,716.

"A total of $75 million in funding has been earmarked for the first five years of the program," the Health Department wrote in a 2021 memo. Categories of paid claims were not disclosed.

Freemason AB Premier Danielle Smith recants a picture indicating support for straight pride


Canada bails out vaccine maker to the tune of $350 million

I am not a Jonah Hill fan but he is right to reject this slut

The Only One Who Looks Superbad In The Jonah Hill Controversy Is His Ex-Girlfriend

Douglas McGregor--Ukraine has been destroyed

Estimates population has been cut in half

YMCA Accuses Teen Girl of Hate Speech for Opposing Man in Girls' Locker Room

The YMCA (as well as Salvation Army) is Illuminati-controlled.


Karma Strikes: Thousands of YouTubers Who Promoted COVID Vaccines Now Suffer From Turbo Cancer

 A significant number of these young and seemingly healthy YouTubers are now being diagnosed with an array of cancers, many of which are aggressive and rare forms, colloquially referred to as "turbo cancers."

But why is this happening? Could there be a correlation between these unexpected health issues and their decision to promote the vaccines for personal gain?

New York Fed, Citi, Wells Fargo, HSBC, and others complete digital currency trial


PJW- UK treats illegal migrants like royalty while taxpayer is treated like dirt

--Victory! SCOTUS  Protects freedom


July 8, 2023 - Ed Sheeran concert in Pittsburgh - 2 people went into cardiac arrest, 17 people were taken to the hospital

Ed Sheeran took to the stage at the city's Acrisure Stadium on Saturday, July 8, to entertain the biggest Pittsburgh crowd he's ever played in front of, with an estimated 51,000 fans piling in to see the Englishman.

Things took a turn among some gig-goers, though, who fell ill during the performance. Emergency services were called to more than 37 incidents, and 17 people were taken to hospital, including a stadium worker and a medic.

Rolling Turd published this because it happened on Trump's watch

The Trillion-Dollar Grift: Inside the Greatest Scam of All Time (COVID bribes)


A new "unified ledger" proposal has been published by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), known as the "bank of banks." This new, centralized, globalist-run unified ledger would tokenize all financial assets and control them from a globalist database that can be altered at any time.

It's worse than CBDCs. All assets would be tokenized and "harmonized" under this new system, including real estate, bank accounts, stocks, pension funds and more.

Any deviation from the globalist narratives on climate, transgenderism, elections, "science" or other topics will cause your assets to vanish. You will "own nothing and be happy," remember?

Get the shocking, full analysis in today's Brighteon Broadcast News episode:


His daughter, Rebecca Garland, is getting rich off of peddling CRT sludge to public schools. Cabalists are not satisfied with destroying the white race. They must also make money doing it.

Now, we learn the tyrants are attempting to create a chilling effect by bringing the FBI to bear on parents who speak out at school board meetings against the Marxist-authoritarian sistema.

The National School Boards Association (NSBA) in a recent letter asked the Biden administration to classify protests against CRT as "a form of domestic terrorism" and recommended prosecution of parents under the "PATRIOT Act."


Victor Davis Hanson: Illegal Immigration And Western Spiritual Sickness
As Barbara Lerner Spectre said: "The Jews will play a major role in this."  Indeed they are, but Victor Davis Hanson didn't mention them once in his article.

A convincing argument that Mexico is treating the US with contempt by exporting millions of its citizens and then encouraging them to be a political force.

Biden Tells Media 'We've Run Out of Ammunition,' Pundits Respond

Cluster bombs are only a stopgap. Strange to hear Biden actually making sense. 

Cover-up! Our landmark COVID-19 vaccine autopsy paper (74% of sudden deaths were caused by the vaccine) was censored by top medical journal LANCET within 24 hours!

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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