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July 1 - Happy Canada Day!

July 1, 2023


This is the 156th Anniversary of Canada's founding. 
Yesterday I was at a hardware store. The young fellow at the paint counter had an accent. I asked him where he was from. "Ukraine."  I guess you are glad to be here, I said. "I feel sorry for the Ukrainian people. They did not ask for this."
He nodded in agreement, and as I departed with my gallon of paint, I hear him say "Happy Canada Day!"  

This reminded me of what Canada must mean to someone like him. A refuge. A chance at a normal life. We must fight to ensure that Canada remains a place where people are free to live life as they see fit. 

This is from the Snippets and Snappets lady who turns 75 tomorrow. 

"It is pretty difficult to get too enthusiastic about my beloved Canada these days; I am the past, not at all happy about what is going on these days. Trudeau's Marxism has cast a dark pall over our nation; a darkness that threatens our every God-given freedom. However, I still love this place despite what is going on; the people, the land. Where I live. Politically it is all going to hell but ~ for this day ~ be grateful and celebrate what is, what was; determined to do all you can to right the wrongs about us. Determine to fight for our nation. Our descendants and our ancestors depend upon us. 

"Free speech" Twitter has blocked Henry Makow for 12 hours for this Tweet on June 10 which violates their rules against "hateful conduct."

"Organized Jewry (the banking cartel) is behind gay and tranny "rights." This is just a pretext to remove everyone else's rights. So naturally they use Jewish tactics, pretending to be victims when they are aggressors of the worst kind. Pretending trannies are under attack..."

Violating our rules against hateful conduct.
You may not directly attack people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.


Vaccine Injury Treatment - Fasting for 48-72 hours creates autophagy - the body's detox process that kills COVID-19 vaccine spike protein damaged cells and reboots the immune system

Compilation of Cabalist Jewish -WEF destruction worldwide

Supreme Court Closes Out Pride Month with Major Blow to LGBTQ+ Rights

What about heterosexual Christian rights? According to the Satanist media, we have none.

French Police Say "We're At War With Vermin" As Nationwide Riots Spread Like Cancer

In an update on Saturday, France's Interior Ministry said 2,500 fires were reported overnight. Rioters set fire to 1,350 vehicles and 235 buildings nationwide. About 1,300 people were arrested, while the government mobilized 45,000 police officers with armored vehicles to quell the violence. 

France on red alert: Macron faces calls to impose 'state of emergency after marauding gangs with GUNS are seen rampaging in Marseille and police HQ is ransacked in fourth night of chaos

Sexual Narcissism  by Eric Peters

"They are interested in forcing you to be interested in their interests. If you are uninterested, then they style you as a "phobe" - characterizing your disinterest and even dislike as fear, implying your disinterest and dislike arise from a lack of understanding - and that it is a kind of moral defect of understanding - when in fact it is they who are the defective ones."

No Eric, the Pride BS is all about normalizing homosexuality, destroying the nuclear family and depopulation. 

The man on your left is the biggest vaxx investor on the planet. The man on your right is the number one funder of the World Health Organization and controls global pandemic response including locking everyone down until everyone buys his vaxx. He literally has representatives in NIH deciding policy


William Makis MD-

Vaccine Injury Treatment - Fasting for 48-72 hours creates autophagy - the body's detox process that kills COVID-19 vaccine spike protein damaged cells and reboots the immune system


Bolsonaro barred from holding public office in Brazil until 2030


(Biden grandaughter spending too much time on her knees?)

Covid Related News: People know what's going on but vaccine pushers aren't giving up

Moscow joins a coalition of 70 nations to "protect [global] health and ensure sustainable development": Last week, Russia hosted the fourth international conference 'Global Biosecurity Challenges: Problems and Solutions', one of several global initiatives organised around the UN's Biological Weapons Convention. 


Gender-confused teen throws herself in front of train after receiving California's "gender-affirming care"...

A Mom tearfully describes how California kidnapped her daughter and administered testosterone to her, instead of giving her therapy. Her daughter, suffering from untreated mental health conditions, then killed herself by stepping in front of a train.


Seattle Police Hunt For Perpetrator Of Skid Marks On 'Pride' Crosswalk
Meanwhile, naked men exposing their genitals in front of children is "permissible

During the unveiling of the crosswalk, a council member stated that

"The Inclusive Progress Pride flag symbolizes the value and beautiful diversity of all LGBTQIA2-S people," adding that "Symbols matter, and the installation of this crosswalk is one way that the city is working to create an inclusive and belonging place for all community members."

It was pointed out that this is the exact same area where a 'MAGA' flower display was vandalized, and police did nothing.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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