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Brother Nathaniel - There are No Good Jews

July 1, 2023

(left. "Children, would you like to buy some candy?" The Jewish Pedophile)

Brother Nathaniel- "The corruption the Jew innately carries within his essential self, corrupts all society like a deadly poison."

Makow- I condemn Brother Nathaniel for this racist drivel. Most Jews are assimilated. They are stupid and cowardly like their Gentile counterparts. But they are not inherently evil nor do they celebrate Jesus' crucifixion.  

The issue is the Jewish supremacist agenda which is imposed top-down by the Cabalist (Masonic) Jewish bankers - i.e. the WEF.  Most Jews do not know about it or subscribe to it. Nathaniel is just helping the Jewish supremacists by allowing them to ascribe legitimate resistance to "racism." I urge Gentiles to focus their antisemitism on the Jews who are actually instrumental in their enslavement, sickness, impoverishment, and deaths. i.e. the WEF, the Biden admin, CDC; as well as on Masonic traitors (the UN, WHO, IMF, and other globalist institutions.)

Brother Nathaniel disproves his own thesis.  He is a good Jew.

By Brother Nathaniel

The Good Jew

Doesn't exist.

There's no such thing as a "good Jew..."'s an oxymoron.

You simply can't be "good" and a "Jew" at the same time.

Objections hit me from all sides.


"My neighbor's Jewish, he's a regular kind of guy, he seems like a really good person."

Sure thing.

He doesn't identify with you, but collectively with Jews who murdered The Lord Jesus Christ.

Has he ever repudiated this crime?

No, he assents to it.

So why do you call him "good?"

Then I hear:

"Oh Brother!

"I'm a Christian and I love the Jewish people.

"They have a special place in God's heart!"

First of all, they don't love you.

They cringe when they hear goys say:

"Oh how I love the Jewish people!"

Because they know they are not lovable.

And frankly, (I grew up as a Jew), they don't want your love.

How can they have a special place in God's heart if they crucified His Son, and persist in crucifying Him?" [Clip]

[" Everybody blames the Jews for killing Christ. And then the Jews try to pass it off on the Romans. I am one of the few people that believe it was the Blacks. I don't care, good, I hope the Jews did kill Christ. I'd do it again. I'd f-ing do it again in a second."]

And God has a special place in His heart for these people?

Silverman and her Jewish fans in the audience, who blaspheme and curse The Lord Jesus Christ?

Here's an objection I hear all the time.

"It's because," Brother, "many Jews happen to be in powerful positions.

"They're smart, savvy, high achievers, so they rise to the top.

"And since 'power corrupts,' they like anyone else in high places, whatever their race or religion is, will do bad things."

Here's my answer:

If Jews make up only 1.8% of the population, yet most banking CEOs, media moguls, politicians, executive branch officials, educators, journalists, lobbyists, are Jews, what gives them this wide range of dominating power?

Power that corrupts?

No, it's coordinated evil.

It's networked and connected.

Follow the money.

Follow the campaign coffers.

Follow the endowments.

Follow the lobbies--whether foreign or domestic--the Jewish money "chooses" its own tribe to be received in political, academic, financial, and media positions.

It's not positions of power that corrupts the Jew.

It's not that the Jew is the best of the best, better than all the rest.

It's not, that despite the low numbers the Jew magically ends up in positions of power where bad things inevitably happen.

And it's not because the Jew is a neutral actor stricken by unfortunate circumstances into a tarnished reputation of badness.

It's because the Jew in his essential self is injurious.

I'll say it again:

It's because the Jew in his essential self is injurious.

"They are a crooked and perverse generation," says the Prophet Moses.

"They are contrary to all men," says St Paul.

Why these critiques?

(left, Messianic Jews. Love Jesus. Are not ugly.)

It's because of the "Deicidal Curse."

Murdering Jesus Christ has repercussions from generation to generation.

Calling down Jesus' blood "upon themselves and their children" transfers this imprecation to all posterity.

The imprecation is known as the "Deicidal Curse."

The mouth curls downward.

A hideousness impresses itself on the visage.

It's engraved all over their faces.

The "good Jew"--(I proved he doesn't exist)--must not be allowed in any position of power.

The corruption the Jew innately carries within his essential self, corrupts all society like a deadly poison.

The solution?

Jew's have been thrown out of 109 countries.

110 is a good round number.

First Comment from CK

I disagree with Brother Nathaniel on there being no good Jews. Of course, there are good Jews and there are many, many outstanding Jews!

Like every other group, there are good and bad ones. Sadly, for the good Jews, the bad ones are doing terrible things under their banner and these bad ones are some of the worst "humans". You good Jews will be blamed for the central banking usury financial collapse, the immigration invasion, the gay/trans nightmare, the media brainwashing, and of course COVID, among many other terrible things.

Every one of those operations was done by wicked people who have turned away from good and now follow an evil way.  The evil doers will be punished by the cosmos, that is what karma is for. As for the good Jews, they need to take a stand, expose the evil when they find it and make friends with others who can support them when times get tough.  Show that you are the good ones and maintain righteousness always.

Even under the Nazis, there were ordinary people who risked their lives to help the good Jews survive -- YOU HAVE FRIENDS WHO WILL SUPPORT THE GOOD JEWS.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Brother Nathaniel - There are No Good Jews"

RH said (July 2, 2023):

This is an interesting statement. Is it like backward asking, "Are there good Nazis, Witches, KKK men, Slave-owners, Pirates, Thieves, Pickpockets?"

I would venture to say no, not because of genetics but because we can not entertain evil thoughts or be around evil without it contaminating us. If one hangs around Pirates, one must like their ways.

The Righteous are invited into a house because they are righteous. The evil-doers do not invite such a person into their home.

What appears to me, a lowly Gentile is the Jewish elite separated from humanity and looks down on it as inferior, something to exploit as one does the cattle and sheep.

If one does not identify with that, I would imagine then one is a "Samaritan," I was taught the Samaritans were Jews not in good standing with the Pharisees. A less than proper Jew.

I am doing my best not to judge people, but I can not be around evil for my own soul.

I suppose one has to choose. Brother Nathaniel has chosen.

Having a foot in two streams is, I believe, called being "lukewarm" in the faith. It is spit out.

I don't see you there, Henry. You have a good soul!

Enough of my pontificating.

G said (July 2, 2023):

Henry, you and I have discussed this over the years and I still hold my assertion that the "good Jews" need to come out in force and expose what
the banker tribe is doing. They have to be part of the solution. And I'll say it again: WE NEED HELP!! We're facing the greatest evil and
the greatest threat to our freedom and well-being, so who the hell cares about ethnicity?!! SHED IT!!!! At least until we're out of war and
genocide and ruthless communism.

Being "good" is not a matter of Jew or Gentile; it's about living with goodness as your moral compass. Goodness must destroy that which
threatens its essence, and its essence is us, those who fight on the side of GOOD. Silence and compliance serve the enemy. Join the GOOD or
prepare for slavery, suffering, and unnatural death. GOOD is the way out and it has BALLS!!

LK said (July 2, 2023):

Yes Henry, he is right, all you have to look around the Western world today. The destruction of the family/society & all the moral rot is exactly following the “master Plan, The protocols “!

Then look at the Israeli’s sadism/atrocities & illegal activities toward Palestinians & also the most Jewish personal in the US administration responsible for foreign policies, like the Ukraine conflict &Middle East terrorism !!

The expulsion from 120 countries over the centuries speaks volumes as well, so stop defending the indefensible.


Thanks, LK

If you believe people are individuals, you would not condemn any group en masse.


Dave said (July 2, 2023):

As a Jew, I absolutely understand Brother Nathaniel's sentiment. We are born into a spiritually bereft existence. Most Jews may not consciously be aware of it, but there is a disconnection from God which is obvious to those of us who are awake. I have observed enough of it in my own family.

As Andrew Anglin at the Daily Stormer has stated, the only good Jew is one who has become a Christian. I am not baptized (yet) but I agree with the objective truth of this statement. What makes us Jews and not Catholics is that we rejected the messiah 2,000 years ago. We are truly post-Christ people. In any case, I will echo your statement by saying that you are proof that we are not all lost.

Al Thompson said (July 1, 2023):

There will always be an exception to the rule. I think “Christians” are much worse or just as bad.

They look moral but all you have to do is to watch their actions. The Christianity I’ve seen is awful and it isn’t worth the time thinking about it.

It would be better to teach virtues, morals, ethics, and live within the natural order rather than imposing fantasy religious beliefs that cannot be proven. Christian churches reek of the occult and all I had to do was to observe it for what it is and not the Bravo Sierra from the pulpit.

If Christianity was a good thing then it would have never allowed society to descend into the “new world order” of utter depravity. I’ve studied these issues for quite a few years and I’m starting to think that it is 1000 times worse than what I know.

Christianity is built upon the satanic teachings of Judaism. The results are just as bad as the Jews. All of us have built our spirituality on flawed doctrines. If any government or religious authority teaches anything against truth and the natural law, it is of no authority and should be ignored.

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