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Do Not Confuse Two Kinds of Love

June 22, 2023

(left, confused)
Do not confuse love of Perfection (God) 
with the love of imperfection (people.)
Satanists don't want us
to love and worship the Creator.

They want us to worship false gods instead:
idealized images of flawed human beings.
People are far from perfect and don't deserve adulation.

(from Jan 6, 2021)
by Henry Makow PhD

We confuse the two kinds of love with dire consequences. 

The first kind of love is the love of Perfection, i.e. God. 

Be ye therefore perfect, as your father in heaven is perfect. (Matthew 5:48)

Whether or not we admit it,  we are all in love with Perfection. God.

 "God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth." (John 4:24)

As far as humans are concerned, God is expressed in terms of our spiritual ideals --perfection: Goodness, Truth, Beauty, Love, and Justice. 

The second type of love is the love of imperfection, i.e. people. 

It's easy to love perfection. It's much more difficult to love imperfection. 

Since all humans are far from perfect, we all need this to receive long-suffering, nurturing love and need to give it to others.
Think of how long-suffering God is, yet He loves us still. Human love is based on mutual dependence, trust and respect.


The problem arises when we confuse the love of God and love of people. 

In romantic love, we tend to idealize another person, usually with disastrous consequences. 

This is usually due to a powerful natural instinct that distorts our judgment: SEXUAL DESIRE.

We are mind-controlled by Satanists. 

They made romantic love a vulgar facsimile of real religion. Intercourse is presented as a holy sacrament. They want us to worship false gods, other flawed people

Movies brainwashed us to think beautiful women are Goddesses.  Men and women have been brainwashed to believe that sex appeal is 80% of a woman's value. The inflation of sex, romance, and women, has rendered men impotent. It has made us stupid.

Women were designed to be facilitators not goddesses. They were designed to serve their husbands and families and to be cherished in return. We love people who love us. A woman's self-sacrifice starts the cycle of love.

It's OK to love perfection but we must remember that we will not find it in this world, except perhaps in nature if we overlook the "red-in-tooth-and-claw" aspect. 

We were sent from heaven to Celebrate the Creator and Discern His Purpose; To perfect ourselves, to create heaven on earth.

We each have a Divine Mission, which is the key to Self-fulfillment. 

A belief in God ultimately is a belief in the Self, and vice versa. Without God, we are an empty shell. 

Love of God is synonymous with being our best Self.

Do not fall into the Illuminati trap. Do not confuse the two kinds of love. 
------------ Men - Seek Help Mates not Soulmates 

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Comments for "Do Not Confuse Two Kinds of Love"

DD said (January 6, 2021):

That is what America has been for a long time. we have replaced God with cheap counterfeits. we want to worship the creation instead of the creator. Psalm 96 says in verse 4: great is the Lord& worthy of praise to be feared above all gods [lesser], for ALL OF THE GODS OF THE NATIONS ARE IDOLS, but the Lord made the heavens. the devil loves this kind of deception. it has been like this in many cultures. the devil even tempted Jesus with it & said, 'worship me & i will give it to you'. we need to refuse it as did Christ. Put them in fear, O LORD, that the nations may know themselves to be but men, Psalm 9: 20.

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