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The Transgender Endgame is Transhumanism

June 1, 2023

The 'Gay' Agenda is Not Finished 
The goal of transhumanism is to 
use technology to release mankind 
from the "confines" of nature. It sounds
good but, really, it is re-engineering humanity
to be slaves. 
Scott Lively relates the history of 
the homosexual agenda and explains that 
the goal of transgenderism is 
to break the natural mold. 
Scott Lively is the co-author with Kevin Abrams of The Pink Swastika, (1995) the definitive account of role of homosexuality in the Nazi Party. 
from August 8, 2017
by Dr. Scott Lively
The ultimate goal of the "gay" movement has always been the elimination of the restrictions on sexual "freedom" imposed by Judeo-Christian civilization.  
Others have desired this result, but homosexuals have always pursued it hardest because their sexual appetites deviate furthest from the Biblical "one flesh" norm of lifetime heterosexual monogamy.  For example, male homosexuality was a capital offence under the Mosaic Law, while a limited form of polygamy was discouraged but tolerated. In other words, "gays" have the most to lose under a Biblically-influenced legal and social system and thus the greatest motivation to overthrow it. 
The Marquis de Sade, for whom sadism is named, articulated the goal of the gay movement.  Sade's Philosophy in the Boudoir (1795) called for the decriminalization of sexual crimes, including specifically pederasty (man/boy sex) and sodomy, on the grounds that they were not actually "against nature" as the common law asserted. 
Sade was an extreme libertine whose sexual practices included torture and murder. He was sentenced to death (in absentia) in 1772 for sodomizing his manservant and for poisoning prostitutes.  In his time, he was considered a reprobate driven by insanity and/or demonic possession. But today his concept of "sexual freedom" thrives in popular culture throughout the west, thanks primarily to the "gay rights" movement. 
The LGBT movement was formally organized in the mid 1800s in Germany by Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, founder of the Scientific Humanitarian Committee with the stated goal of decriminalizing sodomy.  The term "homosexual" was coined at that time to cast sodomy as a medical condition rather than a moral weakness, and Ulrichs pioneered the "born that way" argument with his "Third Sex" theory of homosexuality.  
His successor, Magnus Hirschfeld, coined the term "transvestite."  "Gay rights" first went mainstream in Germany in the 1920s and 30s where it was championed by the Society for Human Rights (SHR) whose most notorious member was Ernst Roehm, head of the dreaded Nazi Sturmabteilung or "Storm Troopers."   
The earliest, but short-lived, American "gay rights" entity was a chapter of the SHR launched in Chicago in 1924 by a German-American soldier named Henry Gerber.  More instrumental to the cause was Herbert Marcuse of the Frankfort School (which birthed Cultural Marxism) and his strategy of defeating Judeo-Christian civilization by "elimination of the monogamic...and patriarchal family." 
From the US, the movement went global in the "sexual revolution" of the 1960s, the groundwork for which was laid in the late 1940s by the "Father of Gay Rights" Harry Hay, and in-the-closet "gay" activist Alfred Kinsey.  
In the Stonewall Riot of 1969, the movement abandoned its pretext of seeking only "tolerance" and began aggressively pursuing total political control.  Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, the "Father of Gay Cultural Supremacy," assured that outcome by writing all five of the majority opinions of the court that enshrined LGBT political goals in constitutional law.  
The fifth and final of these rulings, establishing "gay marriage" by judicial fiat in the Obergefell v Hodges case, has been perceived by many as the final blow to Biblical sexual values, with the transgender fight seen as simply a "mop-up" operation.  However, the order in which LGBT "rights" were championed gives a clue as to what comes next, and it is actually the biggest and most consequential fight in the so-called culture war.  
The fight to decriminalize sodomy was first and represented a challenge to notions of sexual conduct in law.  Concurrent with that effort was 1) the promotion of heterosexual promiscuity, and 2) a change in the legal definition of sodomy from it's common-law grounding in Leviticus 18:22-23 which forbids male homosexuality and sex with animals by either gender.  (Classically, sodomy thus has two forms: sex between two people of the same gender and sex with animals.) From that very specific relationship-focus, modern statutory law shifted to banning oral and anal sexual relations by either gender.  
This drew the increasingly promiscuous heterosexual population into the fight and ensured sodomy's eventual decriminalization.  To show just how contemporary that fight really is, consider that the 2012 repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in the United States military first required the legalization of sex with animals, because sodomy was still defined according to the common law. 
Next came the battle for "gay marriage" which attacks the "one flesh" model for marriage and the natural family, the cornerstone of civilization.   
The supposedly "last" and current fight is over transgenderism which goes much deeper and attacks the very bedrock on which civilization's cornerstone rests.  It challenges what it means to be human by attacking the fundamental order of creation - the binary nature of gender - which is a reflection of the very image of God in humanity (Genesis 1:27). 
Ultimately, the "gay" agenda is simply a sub-plot of the larger Satanic agenda and now that LGBT goals appear nearly fully realized, the hidden hands behind them (both human and demonic) are coming into view.  The puppet-masters who have made "gay" supremacy possible have been working backward from the branch to the root to bring chaos out of order -- the ultimate satanic goal: first confusion of sexuality as conduct, then confusion of marriage and family, then confusion of gender, and next confusion of what the Bible calls "kinds."
 It is not just the deconstruction of civilization but the dissolution of all boundaries between human and animal and machine, to produce creatures that are a blend of all three.  
We are witnessing the end-game before our very eyes but few recognize what they are seeing. What is next in the LGBT agenda is transhumanism.  Satan is fashioning a final comprehensive counterfeit alternative to the creation over which Man finally assumes that he has accessed the Tree of Life and is persuaded that he is God, destroying himself and "goodness" itself in the process. 
First Comment from Shelly
THE endgame of endgames is the "final solution", partly revealed in the "Endgame" (2007) film:

Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement (2007)

Endgame 1.5 2007 Full Alex Jones Documentary

but much better documented in Bjerkenes' two latest books, summarized in a pair of video interviews:

Beware the World to Come | Know More News LIVE feat. Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Rise Above the (Jewish) Gods Who Hate Us | Know More News LIVE w/ Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Understand that it's either almost complete genocide, in which case a few hundred thousand or so "chosen people" shall inherit the earth, or 100% complete genocide, in which case a few hundred thousand artificially engineered "creatures" (there's your "transhumanism") will be the only ones to rule over an otherwise uninhabited earth -- no humans. This explains everything going on today. The final date by which all this has to be in place is 2240 -- but, by the look of it, we won't even have until the end of this century, much less the middle of the next...

THAT's the endgame.


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Comments for " The Transgender Endgame is Transhumanism"

Elm said (August 9, 2017):

The greatest atrocities throughout human history - our falls from grace, have consistently been perpetrated and perpetuated, in a pursuit for immortality of the ego - a most persistent, insistent case of mistaken identity. THIS, is the real "endgame" - the much sought after Grail of all Grail's, "immortality." Matter Men, in which all that matters IS matter, see their current ego personae (Latin for mask), as their total and only "Self." Consciousness, Matter Men say, has come FROM matter. We have "evolved" they say, from a less to a more complex or sophisticated (meaning adulterated) matter, wherein spirit - a nudging of one's soul as it were, is officially seen as an epiphenomenon - a whimsical, "delusional fume" of matter. Move along... Danger here. Could be an opiate of the masses.

But... there's always a "but," what if Self, consciousness and spirit precede and inform all matter? What if we are already infinite, timeless spirit embodied, and our current mission is to experience this lifetime (our life defined by time) with a semblance of consciousness and grace? Indeed, it is not an appearance of consciousness that makes us human. True, the "lights" are on, but without a conscience and a true sense of Self there's no one home. In fact, without a conscience there can be no home. WHO are we, and WHY we're here are perpetual, infinite questions? Like ideals, these questions we grow into. And unless one is referring to a silencing of conscience, there can be no "transhuman." What is grace? Grace is the time we've been gifted to change our minds. It is through THIS transformation we will transform (enlighten) our world.

Gary said (August 8, 2017):

I've heard the Putin corruption thing before. Does it really make any difference? It's not like it can be changed. He has a billion dollar estate, who gives a shit. Would you want a billion dollar estate, I wouldn't? Neither would a lot of other intelligent people. Having more money than you could possibly use doesn't do anyone much good. It's just numbers on a ledger. If you traveled in those circles you would have to associate with filthy psychopathic degenerates. Could you handle this?

Take what you can get. Putin's personal life is his own business. In the whole scheme of things he has to deal with it. He isn't an obvious Zionist puppet, and he is bucking ZOG. Same goes for Trump. How would you like to have that cackling witch as president? It would be worse than the last few presidents and they were almost more than I could take. Again, take what you can get, it could be much worse.

David Livingstone said (August 8, 2017):

Yes, transgenderism is part of the “post-human” aspirations of transhumanism. A key example was Genesis P. Porridge, who was close to William S. Burroughs, the godfather of chaos magic.

Burroughs was a member of the Illuminates of Thanateros, which also included Robert Anton Wilson (who popularized Discordianism) and Timothy Leary, who went from guru of LSD to guru of the PC. Together, all three were godfathers of transhumanism.

They are very closely connected to the gay liberation movement. A principle figure in modern chaos magic and technopaganism is Peter Lamborn Wilson (a.k.a. Hakim Bey), the founder of the Moorish Orthodox Church, which is an offshoot of the Discordian Church of the Subgenius.

Bey is also a member of NAMBLA. As was Burroughs’ lover and MK-Ultra misfit, Allan Ginsberg.

Also in NAMBLA was the so-called founder of the gay liberation movement, Harry Hay. Hay, who was a practitioner of Crowley’s sex magick, was a member of the Agape Lodge in Los Angeles under W.T. Smith, where he was hired to play the organ for the OTO’s Gnostic Mass.

They are all chaos magicians, which is closely linked to Crowley’s sex magic, whose supreme rite is sodomy.

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