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Makow- There's No Alternative to God

June 25, 2023


Satanists have taught us to hate God.

"God" has become a dirty word. I speak His name with hesitation. We're satanically possessed by Cabalists (Organized Jewry, and Freemasonry.) They have replaced Him and are creating a  dystopia more to their liking. In reply, we need to affirm God's Benevolent Plan.

God is not a choice. The Creator's Design is the only way to avert catastrophe and evolve in a positive direction.

Updated from March 5, 2023

By Henry Makow PhD

When I was 19, I had an out-of-ego experience in Israel and knew God is Love. I was rewired. God speaks to me from time to time. He speaks to you too via your soul. Feeling lost? Ask, How can I serve God?"

Self-respect and Love of God are the same things.

The only escape from our morass (satanic possession) is to discover God within.

Obedience to God is the principle of our personal and collective development. This is the essence of true religion.

Deny HIM and we remain stunted, pathetic, and vulnerable creatures.

God is not a choice. The Creator's path is the only way to avert catastrophe and evolve in a positive direction.

World turmoil, the result of denying God, does not stop us from evolving individually. Praising God in word and deed may be the most effective way to resist the NWO.

The Law of Love

If we're going to prevail, we need to become a different kind of people. We need to start loving other people, difficult as that is. We are trapped in our needy egos, begging for scraps from others. The way to be loved is to love.
Notice how people who reject God create false Gods?

I'm talking about money and sex. Notice how addictive this behavior is?  Unless we live to fulfill God's purpose, we have no purpose.

Why are we in rebellion against our Creator, a loving parent?

We have been satanically possessed by Cabalists, and it's past time we woke up.
Silver and gold? Nothing is going to protect us from calamity but dwelling in God.

"Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matt 6-19-21
Religious ascetics taught abstinence and poverty for a good reason.
We cannot worship money and sex, as well as God. It doesn't work. We must choose.

"No man can serve two masters: ...Ye cannot serve God and mammon." Matt 6-24

Should we hate Cabalists who hate and try to destroy us?
Yes. We should hate evil.
They have taught us that hate is a bad thing. They are the haters. 
What they label "hate" is resistance to being destroyed.
The more we hate evil, the better.
We shouldn't need to ask this question.

Should we hate Leftist dupes?  Do we hate people who have been deceived? We don't hate them.
We have compassion and patience.  And love.

Do not allow your thoughts to disturb your Peace. Do not let circumstances disturb your peace. You can be happy in a concentration camp if the Spirit of God is radiant within.

This world is the Kingdom of Heaven. Life is a Miracle.
The earth is a paradise. God has provided for all our needs. Marvel at how fruits come naturally wrapped to preserve their freshness!
Technology offers limitless potential for good.
God left the Instruction Manual in our souls.
We must listen to our souls. 
We must worship (Love) the Creator with all our might.
If we do, nothing can disturb our Bliss.

It is possible that humanity is the Creator's highest expression.

This is both a frightening thought and a gigantic responsibility.

Our scientific and cultural achievements have taken thousands of years.

We cannot go back to the Dark Ages. 

We're going to win. The COVID Hoax will be seen as a HUGE misstep. They OUTED themselves. You can't be a psychopath in an age of instant worldwide communication. Common sense will prevail even if catastrophe forces us to use it. We are approaching the cusp of a rebirth.
I invented Scruples because I have always had an intuition that God is the Moral Order. 

God is the Fourth Dimension: Height, Width, Length, and Perfection. 

God is the difference between Good and Evil, healthy and sick, beautiful and ugly, love and hate, all the Good that Satanists are trying to invert.

Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father who is in heaven is perfect.  Matt 5:48

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Makow- There's No Alternative to God"

JC said (June 26, 2023):

IMO, the ideas of unconditional love and forgiveness are totally unbiblical. Love and forgiveness are both conditional. Not even God Himself can forgive someone who refuses to repent. "Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD?" (2 Chron. 19:2). The fate of the incorrigibly wicked is the Lake of Fire (Rev. 21:8). We all have two choices: repent or die.

CW said (April 4, 2023):

Thank you Henry for the above post. We need more light in our lives to shine through the cruddy darkness. I 100% agree and believe that all the demonic forces are trying to force humanity into hatred and degradation and it seems to be working pretty successfully!

However I believe a quote from some AA book - something like "Turn ever more firmly to the light even though for the moment you cannot see." Paraphrasing here but to me that is the simplest definition of faith. Thanks Henry for shining your light into the dark pit.

RA said (March 10, 2023):

“Do we hate people who have been deceived? We don't hate them. We have compassion and patience. And love.”

You pretty much summed it up. If there is one pathway to accelerate the shift to the New Earth – the “rebirth”, as you termed it – it is through the hearts of as many of us as possible becoming a wellspring of compassion and love. That “candle in our hearts, ready to be kindled”, as Rumi said, is where it all begins and where it all ends.

JRM said (March 7, 2023):

" A person's definition of God is their definition of their Self. "
~ Raymond Charles Barker

" Those who Know their Own Truest Highest Self know God. "
~ Muhammad prophet (pbuh)

Ray Songtree said (March 7, 2023):

The Abrahamic religions are the monotheistic religions, meaning the people who believe
in domination, as per Genesis 1:28, "dominion". Monotheists believe in human supremacy and believe hundreds of millions of years
of geology is not fact, but that a "Creator God" separate from nature (reality) made sun, moon, stars, Earth in 6 days. They actually believe in all this
and fail to see that monotheism translates to centralization. They repeat a lie because they underwent traumatic mind control as small children. The "god" psy-op dumbs them down so much, that for them there is no mystery and infinity is not infinity. They don't live in infinity nor in nature, they live in a smug mental prison called "his" creation. And they enable destruction of all life on Earth because they think they will go to heaven, simply because they don't question the singularity narrative. Thankfully, Jesus did question, and studied Buddhism in India when it was at its peak in his lifetime. No centralization, just compassion. People who don't grow their own food are enabling the machine. The only way to resist the NWO is to unplug and go indigenous.

. -Ray Songtree, Kauai

Al Thompson said (March 6, 2023):

The plant growing through the tree says it all. No matter what method the evil ones use, they will ultimately loose; right reasonand common sense will prevail. Each one of us should make sure we stay within the Creator’s natural order. By doing this, we all will be much happier and more productive.

Doug P said (March 6, 2023):

Belief in God creates humility which is necessary for wisdom, and also helps prevent insanity.

In life, when you look around, you will see that most people, if not all that have mental illnesses, are atheists. There are obvious brain illnesses such as schizophrenia, in which case they can be religious, but their disease is of the brain, not the mind, and likely due to vaccines, like most diseases (heart disease, lung cancer, athsma, allergies,.... +++).

The diseases of the mind are hard to identify until you have a conversation with them - they are easily led by phrases like "make the world a better place", "Gods chosen People", and cannot stand having their ideas questioned or challenged (schizoid).

Often this is the result of a physical brain defect or injury such as lesions (see Political Ponerology) They are arrogant and therefore cannot be wise. People who believe in God know they can be wrong and welcome challenges to their thinking and are grateful to anyone that can point out errors.

LK said (March 6, 2023):

Thank you for this article!

The Solution is God.

As your website clearly outlines Feminism, Porn, Celebrity are just a few forms of Satan worship.

As we know, if you want to defeat Satan then we have to do exactly the opposite of what he would like. Satan wants us to worship him. This is how he became Satan. Therefore, of course, the solution is to worship God.

So the solution is simple, but complex in today's society:worship God.

How do we even worship God or love God when we've lost our connection because we have been (though sometimes unknowingly) worshipping Satan?

G said (March 5, 2023):

Inspiring article today, Henry. Thank you. One line raised a question for me:
"Do not allow your thoughts to disturb your Peace. Do not let circumstances disturb your peace."
I think being "disturbed" is a natural and necessary reaction to some experiences. The Creator gave us the whole spectrum of emotions, and each has its purpose. Feeling "disturbed" can often alert us to something being terribly wrong. Frequently it's a warning signal, able to launch us into making things right. "Disturbed" is only a problem if we stay locked into it and do not act on what it's trying to communicate to us. Christ got "disturbed." Buddha, too. Ghandi. Moses. Many modern-day whistle-blowers. So "disturbance" can be a blessing, and an aid to transformation.

Some things I fear more are denial, avoidance, repression, preoccupation, ignorance (emphasis on first two syllables here), and outright REFUSAL to look at what is and respond authentically and appropriately. I used to try to be a saint. I found it dishonest. And yet I love and trust God with everything in me. Maybe my words wouldn't apply to other realms where devils didn't dance so freely. Maybe my words only apply to planet earth and in this particular time where nearly every day and every experience is polluted with some sadistic torture, cruel suffering, lie, poisoning, murder, etc.

Years ago, in the days of my fervent anti-war activism, someone came up to me and said that I needed to empower myself spiritually and that I was "focusing on the negative and therefore helping it expand." It hurt at first, but after a few days Spirit spoke to me and I went back to that person and explained that looking into the heart of the beast is the most empowering thing I can do for myself, no matter how ugly, threatening, dark, or "disturbing." That looking enables me to understand the enemy, to move out of denial and ignorance, and to prepare a path of solution.

Truthfully, it's hard to be around others who are NOT "disturbed" by what is going on. It's like being with children. No help there. This is not to say that "disturbance" lasts forever. It is just to validate its purpose in opening a way for action. In between "disturbance" I do see beauty and potential. Old Fritz Perls told us, "We're In And Out Of The Garbage Can," and left us with: "The way out is through." Not all the scenery is pleasing.

Thanks G for this thoughtful response.

But don't you think they win if we let them sour our lives? We win if we can rejoice in the Spirit of God.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at