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Pythagorus - We Live in an Electromagnetic Field

June 30, 2023


"You can't spell belief without a lie.  Power lines are deception.  It was Nikkola Tesla who said ether, not atmosphere.  It is said that chi means this electrical energy around us and it is said that this is what the holy spirit means too."  

I don't pretend to understand this. I am posting it because I am bored with my usual fare, and hoping a kind reader will elucidate.

by Pythagoras

One of the big problems faced by humanity is that we are taught by them.  We use a language where a word and words can mean the same or different things.  This isn't without intent.  There once was a unified language for humanity but it was too pure, it couldn't be used to deceive so it was tossed out, and replaced by the Phonecians' (phoneys) phonetics.  And through that and their 'education' we have become ensnared into a labyrinth of lies and deceptions.  Truth is not relevant to them because what we think of as truth, is often far from reality.  

Our minds are programmable like a computer because that is what it was for our soul to operate it.  But they made sure that soul-mind connection would be severed, fluoride anyone?  And then they program it for us to our detriment.  

If one chooses to discount all the bullshit they were told in schools, and you use your critical thinking skills you will discover that we live in an electronic stasis.  We are electronic beings.  Our minds work via electronic impulses. 

 What is the one thing in the world that has massively increased in size and output that greatly affects our health?  Drive by a power station and look with your eyes people.  They are massive now.  Did you know covid symptoms were an exact duplicate of the harm that comes from radiation poisoning, particularly 5g?  Just because we are told it's harmless, it is not.  The inverted electrical system is the devil.  AI and their control only come from people's belief that electricity needs a wire.  You can't spell belief without a lie.  Power lines are deception.  It was Nikkola Tesla who said ether, not atmosphere.  It is said that chi means this electrical energy around us and it is said that this is what the holy spirit means too.  

Do you know the relationship between water and electricity?  It's an inversion of each other.  When water evaporates, it lets out an electronic discharge, you know, that twinkling you see on a sunny day.  And thus the inverse is true, electrical discharge can create water.  We are told the weather is due to gases and mountains and other bullshit.  

Instead of the weather system, think electrical system.  It's easy to manipulate an electrical system and not be perceived for doing so because people have been wrongly taught, with purpose.  Ever notice when they start their cloud-seeded rain and it's paltry, hardly raining and then what happens?  They light the wick and it starts the deluge of rain.  What wick you say - lightning.  Every time.  

Humanity can end this as soon as we figure out we don't need to listen to them.  They don't run factories or make food.  You think billionaires do anything besides shit on humanity?  If there are no soldiers to fight their wars then there is no war.

One other note here for humanity, do you know that blood is interdimensional? 

What can I possibly mean?  If you take a pint of your blood and send it to Brazil, then you in Canada eat a chocolate cake, your blood sugar in your pint of blood in Brazil will too have increased.  

I'd like to tell you more but you probably find this irrelevant but it is not.  Trees go into the ground because they ground the electrical properties of the ether or 'atmosphere'.  If you believe in space, it's because you've watched movies and tv and your mind needs deprogramming.  

As a side note, my just-turned-9-year-old daughter was killed by radiation poisoning from 5g.  Did anybody vote on that?  Blood clots in the lungs are radiation poisoning just like the flu, chicken pox and others.  Germ theory is fraud, mold spores from decaying carcasses and decaying rotting material (think wildfires and in every decent-sized city you get slaughterhouses and papermills, etc) get carried in the wind, we inhale the mold spore, our antibodies attack the spore and it releases germs to fight back at that time.  Germs aren't all over the place.  But don't conflate this miasma with radiation poisoning. 

Also, to keep people stupid they give different names to the same radiation - radio waves are electromagnetic waves same as 5g,4g,2g.  Then you go to the dentist they give you an x ray which is another name for the same thing, these are all microwaves.  When you cook food in a microwave it heats it rapidly.  

When you cover this world with microwaves, shockingly, it warms up!!  There is your answer to global warming but they will never tell you because that is how they always kill off the populace, besides war.  You can't have waves in an ocean without water, you can't electromagnetic waves without an electric ocean.  Understand?  

I'm one of the few that say doctor means you have been fully indoctrinated into their complete and utter gibberish.  Why can't anybody see this world for what it is?  Lots of deprogramming of mind is surely needed then people will use their real eyes to realize what is actually going on and that is my soul purpose.

Peace be humanity.  

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Comments for "Pythagorus - We Live in an Electromagnetic Field"

S said (July 1, 2023):

I will be 76 years old in a few days. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that almost everything I thought I knew about important things would turn out to be WRONG, but there you go! Do I want to cleave to those comfortable lies where almost everyone I know wants to be in that "willful ignorance" -- Or, turn it all on its head.

I have chosen the latter but not everyone is happy about that. As many of us learned with the Covid InnerSpace Scam, if you start with a Lie, everything that follows is wrong, including Conclusions & Solutions.

When it comes to our ElectroMagnetic-based existence on Earth, ultimately you have to let go of another HUGE Lie that we live on a Big Blue Marble tilted on its axis whirling and hurling thru the Vast Void. Most everyone believes that's the truth, and I did, too, with my two degrees in Geography and a huge fan of NASA. Once you allow yourself to consider other information, All the evidence points to Earth as a stationary pressurized electromagnetic Realm -- no idea how big and what its full shape is but all bodies of water like oceans and seas are level, with the sun and moon in wobbly inconsistent orbits above us, and much closer than we've been told. Sometimes both are visible during the day.

Consider also NASA's photo gallery of the whole Earth is 100% CGI-renderings. Supposedly there's a dune buggy scurrying around Mars, 35 million miles away, but no shots of Earth? The same goes for the Moon flights, ISS, Hubble and Webb telescope. Money laundering operation is more like it. To the point about human illnesses created by 5-g poisoning, just remember how DJTrump while he was POTUS wanted everyone in the country to have access to 5g, 6g & on and on. Thanks but no thanks.

My sympathy to Pythagoras for losing his child. Wondering if her exposure was at school or in the community at large.

G said (July 1, 2023):

Okay Henry, I'll take a shot. Some good things are asserted here, even knowing I am one who only stays with what I can prove. But sometimes partial understanding opens windows. What we don't see pulls at the mind and feeds our curiosity, the nemesis of being. It never stops wondering, considering, and speculating. Its conclusions are not always definitive. So we are left with perceptions, even in the case of the original Pythagoras and other great thinkers.

I see the writer understands the contrivances of language and how it moves us from the truth, but are we not free to use language to make it work for us, to show the true stirrings of our thinking? Aren't we ever poised to undo that which the destroyers do to what to us is good and workable, and advances our existence? I think we are.

I like that Brazil blood experiment. Would like to put it to the test sometime. And to the writer I would say, nothing of what you've written is "irrelevant," especially your nod to Terrain Theory. I am so sorry about your daughter. May what you contribute through your insights and writings help others in harm's way. And yeah, we're all in harm's way. Myself, I like God, vegetarianism, and The American Bill of Rights; just a few supports I rely on to help move the mess toward health and freedom. Thank you for sharing your concern. You are not alone in the boat.

And yes, I do think much of it is electric. Whitman left us this:

I sing the body electric,

The armies of those I love engirth me and I engirth them,

They will not let me off till I go with them, respond to them,

And discorrupt them, and charge them full with the charge of the soul

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