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June 9 - Biden Made Millions Influence Peddling

June 9, 2023


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Clown show. Trump is indicted for mishandling classified documents while Biden made millions influence peddling. 
Revealed: Bombshell FBI Document Alleges $5 Million Bribe Paid To Joe Biden By Burisma Exec
The $5 million payments appeared to reference some sort of "retainer" Burisma intended to pay the Bidens in order to 'clean up' several issues - including the investigation led by Shokin. Another source told Fox it was a "pay-to-play" scheme.
President Biden is a brazen criminal as well as pederast. No one is more suitable to represent a Satanist dispensation.
Tucker Carlsoon breaksome taboos in his second Twiiter broadcast
Defends white people. Supports gun ownership. 
As Carlson notes, "The people who run this country no longer see child molesters as the worst among us"
(Makow--This is because they are the molesters.)
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As Carlson notes, "The people who run this country no longer see child molesters as the worst among us"
Jaw Dropping Stats - Reports Of Bud Light Memorial Day Sales Dropping -60% As Brand Boycott Continues


Social conservatism among Americans increases to its highest rate in a decade: Gallup poll
Rising social conservatism is likely a reaction to the aggressive LGBT agenda.
Gallup’s just released poll found that the Americans who call themselves social conservatives leapt from 33% in 2022 to a whopping 38% this year, while those who identify as liberal dipped from 34% to just 29%.
Media blames ‘climate change’ for Canadian wildfires despite arrest of multiple arsonists
While the mainstream media continues to point to 'climate change' as the source of the wildfires, reports show that multiple people have been arrested in connection with dozens of intentionally set fires in the country.
Alberta Premier Smith bringing in arson investigators from outside the province to probe wildfires
Canada was a great place to live. It's becoming a great place to die
Canada has seen another record-busting year of euthanasia deaths, with a 35 percent rise to some 13,500 state-sanctioned suicides in 2022, an analysis of official data shows.
The Québec government reported in February 2023 that seven percent of all deaths in 2022 were euthanasia.


In two hours of fighting in the Zaporozhye direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost 30 tanks, 11 infantry fighting vehicles and 350 people
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced information about the unsuccessful attempt of the Ukrainian armed forces to break through the defenses in the Zaporozhye direction.
According to his report, the breakout attempt was made at 1:30 am.
"The enemy was detected in a timely manner, a preventive strike was delivered by artillery, aviation and anti-tank weapons", - says the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation.
An example of the BS peddled by the Toronto Globe and Mail
The far right’s persecution of the trans community risks all the gains made in securing LGBTQ rights  by John Ibbitson
The "far right" is not forcing tranny children to watch heterosexuals twirk. LGBTQ are the only people who have any "rights.""
Yuval Noah Harari: Earth Soon Dominated by Nonorganic Entities & Emotionless Algorithms Will Decide Your Fate
Eva Vlaardingerbroek on farm agenda


The Stew Peters Show GRAPHIC Sex Book Pushed On Kids
GRAPHIC Sex Book Pushed On Kids: Virginia Public School Allows PORN Book Showing DEVIANT SEX ACT
Russia’s #1 TV Personality Vladimir Soloviev is a Kabbalist, Zionist and Hates Russians
A look at "cosmopolitan" Russians
Jewish judge forces women's spa to let naked tranny males to bathe with women
Jewish actress calls Bible a "dog whistle" for Nazis"
BlackRock’s Larry Fink defends ESG standards for corporate America, stresses the need to “force behaviors” in 2017 video

cia-pride.pngPathetic meme

Deep State CIA Panders to Pride
Everyone’s a TARGET: Internal email reveals Target execs are “asking” employees to engage in LGBT pride activities
Michael Hoffman
Immanentizing the Lexicon: Transgenderism's Language Police Take Command
Our sane people no longer know what sanity is
WARNING: Depressing thoughts.
What if the War in Ukraine were a dress rehearsal for World War Three, comparable to the Spanish Civil War? 
The plandemic may have had mixed success. A world war might be the best way to reduce population, 
"de-industrialize" and avoid being hung.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "June 9 - Biden Made Millions Influence Peddling "

David said (June 9, 2023):

Long time no comment. I just wanted to point out that Tucker Carlson did not come out in support of white people other than in the most superficial sense. On his second Twitter "show", he literally said that white supremacy is a "white ethnostate, which nobody supports." Sort of like his recent assertion that conservatives are just fine with anal marriage and are only against trans.

TM said (June 9, 2023):

It's all mainly about taking out the majority of people in the world, but they still need there patent owned and modified humans to see what does and doesn't work...
Anyone who has taken a vaccine is in fact a patent of that Company's vaccine...

And this is ONLY the beginning of all the fun that's going to happen...
Unless the People of the World get off their asses and - Save the Country, Shoot a politician... Save the world shoot a Banker...

All of this is more diabolical then most will ever dream of !!!
And for all in the name of SATAN !!!

All so THE FAMILY and The Church have full control of the WORLD for their MASTER ( i.e. SATAN ) .....

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