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June 8 - Are Wild Fires a Climate Change Psy-Op?

June 8, 2023



07-smoke-carousel-220-pmvw-square640.png(They'll go to any lengths to make us wear slave-masks) 


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Are Canadian Wildfires Caused by Energy Weapons? Are "UFOs" Behind This?
Reader- The Northeast does not have "wildfires," like the West does, and never had in recent history. I know because I grew up on the coast there. Not only that, the prevailing winds are SW to NE, almost continually, except for storms, and pretty strong in fair weather. So why is the toxic smoke mass not blowing out to sea? I submit the weather system is engineered to move and keep the smoke mass over the populace
Are these UFO sightings preparing the public for more military deployments of energy weapons of mass destruction that will then be blamed on “invading aliens”? And similar to UFOs being in the news back in February, here they are again today dominating the news cycle this week, in both the corporate and alternative news media, being the main story that Tucker Carlson's new Twitter show featured which went viral yesterday. Coincidence, or military propaganda preparing the public for what comes next?
According to Canada’s Department of Natural Resources, fires have been occurring for thousands of years in the boreal forests of eastern Canada – not exactly unprecedented. In addition, they call fire a primary change agent that is as crucial to forest renewal as the sun and rain -perhaps not a calamity either.
It appears that 2023 is on pace to be a year with unusually high numbers of fires. Yet the previous year was one of historically low numbers. The Canadian National Fire Database (2023) provides facts to dispute the idea of climate change-driven increases in fires in Canadian fires. According the CNFD, there has been a significant and continuing decline in the number of fires and no discernible trend in the area burned.
WORLD FIRST: CHEMTRAILS - The Smoking Gun!!! Geoengineering Contracts EXPOSED!


This is an incredibly important video put out by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.
Countries worldwide are preparing to launch a global Digital ID system. This system is planned for Canada as well.  It's not optional.
Not only will ALL your personal data be on your phone, but Canadian Government Services will now exist online, so will many doctor visits, as well as banking, using the planned Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).
Carbon foot print tracking, your location, foods you eat, where you travel, all purchases you make, health status, mRNA vaccination status, and all online activity will be monitored as you will now be required to use your Digital ID to make comments or converse on social media sites.
A China based Social Credit System is also part of the Digital ID. It's a points system based on good or bad choices/behavior and will affect various rights and freedoms you are allowed.
Our rights and freedoms are becoming privileges under this system.  It's totally insane. Check out the video.
In a nutshell, attorneys for the plaintiffs are compiling and presenting a mountain of evidence that shows actors for the U.S. government have conspired to nullify the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
WHO launches new “digital health initiative”
Chalk up another “I told you so” for the Conspiracy Theorists.
The Great Reset is still very much alive, but your resistance temporarily shut it down, so it’s changed its tactic. It was overt. Now it’s covert. Now it’s hoping to sneak in while you’re not looking and snatch you up and swallow you down before you even know what’s happening.
Fillabuster in Canadian Parliament
Poilievre vows to keep talking until Trudeau agrees to balance the budget
Communists trailing in the polls
Poilievre’s economic message appears to be resonating. Currently, 37 per cent of leaning and decided voters say they would vote for the Conservative candidate in their riding if an election were held, compared to 29 per cent support for the Liberals and 20 per cent for the NDP. Among those faring the worst financially – those “Struggling” on ARI’s Economic Stress Index – half (51%) would vote for the CPC while approximately one-third as many would vote for the Liberals (18%) or NDP (16%).
The Snippets and Snappets Grandma
 "BOMBSHELL! Mexico Recognizes Palestine As Independent State!"
 The Biggest War Battle on European Soil Since WW2 is HAPPENING right now - almost not a peep from the Main-Stream Media!


She said everything about pride bullshit that I’ve been saying for years in 55 seconds.  Thank you.
FBI Gives House Oversight Committee Access to Biden Document, Averting Contempt Vote
Just showing his graditude
He started stabbing the little ones’ – Syrian migrant stabs 7 very young children in French park, at least 2 in critical condition
RFK Jr: Border Hospitals Packed with Pregnant Migrants, Forcing American Women to Delay Deliveries
(((BBC journalist))) spread harmful disinformation about COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in kids. She had her 10 year old twins mRNA vaccinated. Then, 16 months later, one of them died of rare (turbo) brain cancer
William Makis- "I strongly suspect that her 10 year old boy died from a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine induced brain cancer, a turbo cancer that was resistant to all treatments because these cancers are new entities that behave completely differently. They grow very rapidly and don’t respond to conventional treatments.
Exclusive: ‘We’re the Dirty Little Secret Nobody Wants to Talk About,’ Says Man Injured by COVID Vaccine
Injured by the COVID-19 vaccine — that his employer forced him to get — Stephen “Steve” Wenger is now unable to work full-time and is facing more than $70,000 in medical bills, he said in an exclusive interview with The Defender.
Vaccine boondoggle 
The fact is that no official document precisely describes the official terms from the negotiations of the gigantic third contract for the purchase of Pfizer vaccines, covering 1.8 billion doses, for an amount of more than 70 billion euros.
Roughly 12 House conservatives are behind the revolt, which started Tuesday when they voted "no" on a procedural rule to pave the way for a final vote on at least one prized GOP bill – to stop the Biden administration's efforts to curtail the use and sale of gas-power stoves over pollution concerns.
It was the first time a procedure rule vote for debate had failed in more than 20 years.


USA = United Sodomites of America 


Backlash As Air Force Tweets Image Of Solider SALUTING LGBTQ+ Flag
“Its illegal for a uniformed service member to salute anything but the American flag”
Efrat Fenigson: Agenda 2030 in Israel
In this interview with The New American, citizen journalist, activist and podcaster Efrat Fenigson provides a comprehensive review of how Israel is adopting the UN’s Agenda 2030 in authoritarian and often covert ways. That concerns areas of healthcare, CBDC, 15-minute cities, “climate change” policies, and more.
Andrew Bridgen: Fighting for Real Conservatism
Self-incriminating evidence from former head of vaccine task force (VTF) and head of MHRA
Delivered in a light-hearted, self-congratulatory tone
Prof says colleague terminated for sharing conservative beliefs, sues college
'Villainized by the school administration'
Commies have to ban free speech because their agenda is Satanic and can't curry support

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "June 8 - Are Wild Fires a Climate Change Psy-Op? "

TM said (June 8, 2023):

I went over this bit with you a couple of years ago with the California fires !!!
All done on purpose to get rid of hiding spots...
Makes it easier to take you out for when the big takeover of North America happens !!!!!

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