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June 6 - WHO Prepares New Pandemic Hoax

June 6, 2023


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Communism is being imposed under the guise of plandemics and weather change.
Do these psychopaths actually expect society to buy these lies? 
WHO Body Calls for ‘Simulation’ to Prep for Next Global Health Crisis
As WHO pandemic treaty negotiations progress in secrecy, ancillary groups flag key priorities
“We feel very strongly that we cannot wait for the next emergency to find out how well the pandemic accord and the IHR amendments will work; we need to know now,” Joy Phumaphi, co-chair of the GPMB, stated on May 22. “We therefore suggest that Member States, together with other key stakeholders, carry out a simulation exercise based on the draft accord and draft IHR amendments later this year, before they are finalized and adopted.”
Sucharit Bhakdi, MD and molecular biologist named Kevin McKernan discuss how the so-called messenger RNA COVID vaccines are actually DNA gene therapies
FBI Fails to Hand Over Document Alleging Biden Bribery Scheme; Republicans to Initiate Contempt Proceedings
Robert Malone- National Digital ID System: It is Already Here
The National Digital Health ID is being implemented by the Federal Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.
Most US Citizens have no idea it is being implemented.The National Digital Health ID system is in direct conflict with the US Constitution Bill of Rights.

Mark Glenn's "The Ugly Truth" is back
Here is the last programme.
"Germany Needs New Elections!" - Right-Populist AfD Party's New Record Polling High Sparks National Political Debate
The AfD is now tied for second place in the country, which has prompted a near meltdown of the country’s political and journalistic class...
The Alternative for Germany (AfD) continues its steady march higher in the polls, now reaching an all-time high of 19 percent in the latest INSA poll conducted for the Bild newspaper.
The results have sent yet another “shockwave” through the political and media establishment, with politicians from both the left and the moderate Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) fiercely debating what is behind the rise of the AfD. The party is known for its strict anti-immigration stance, opposition to sanctions on Russia as well as German weapons being sent to Ukraine, and criticism of green energy policies being promoted by the left-liberal ruling government.
Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: “We’re going to do a mass experiment, a new kind of mass experiment of what happens when you tell the people the truth.
Showtime Mysteriously Pulls Documentary on Ron DeSantis’s Role in Guantánamo
A Vice episode was set to dig into DeSantis’s time as an officer at torture camp Guantánamo Bay. It was quietly dropped.


William Makis MD--Why are doctors the most brainwashed group?
I often get this question: why are doctors the most brainwashed with COVID-19 propaganda?
Part of it is incompetence and arrogance. Doctors are put on a pedestal and praised, despite many doctors being grossly incompetent, dull, and not critical thinkers.
But another part is much darker. Doctors who fell for the propaganda also pushed COVID-19 vaccines on their family members and gave them to their children.
Now they can’t admit COVID-19 vaccines are toxic because they gave those toxic products to their loved ones.
"Free Speech" Twitter refused to post this
Why Countries Must Leave the World Health Organization-- Joseph Mercola
OffG’s Quick Take: Lockdown was NOT a “policy mistake”…It was murder.
The “new research” is basically a re-statement of the fundamental lie masquerading as “confession”. It “admits” that lockdown had little to no impact on “covid deaths”, which is just a backdoor way of maintaining the fiction that “covid deaths” really happened.
It doesn’t question the efficacy of the tests, the definitions of “cases” or “deaths”, or any of the architecture of the Covid scam. It just reinforces the basic underlying assumptions: Covid was indeed a thing, and it did kill people.
Both of which are proven lies.
Testimony- CBC Journalist Exposes The Massive Lies & Propaganda Of CBC At National Citizens Inquiry
Minnesota Insanity Is the Model of the 'America' Coming to Your State Soon by Gary Barnett
“Communism is what happens when Socialists realize that they want complete control over every aspect of human life.
~ A.E. Samaan
Communism is not far away. It is as close as Minnesota, a state consumed by socialists, control freaks, and neo-Marxism; all in a post-modern communistic political state. Given the ridiculous and pathetic sensibilities of this current American population, I must clarify that my statements are general in nature, and not meant to ‘offend’ those self-conscious, weak, and easily insulted ‘conservatives’ and libertarian types, who live in Minnesota. This disclaimer should not be necessary given any amount of individual intelligence or confidence, but all in Minnesota should by now be aware of the state of affairs in this communal hellhole of socialism.


LGBTQ ideology is the new racism. The Dallas City Council reportedly decided to make job “termination” one of the punishments for city employees who don’t use a person’s “preferred pronouns.” Apparently disconnect from reality is a job qualification now.
Meloni declared a “family pride month” that will promote the traditional family
The Great Awakening documentary
Video Compilation of Liars
Study: COVID-19 lockdowns have substantially harmed HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people worldwide
The study, published by the Social Science Research Network, reviewed and synthesized the results of over 600 other published studies focused on the impact of the response to the pandemic.
The study developed a "harm framework" spanning 10 categories – community, economy, education, environment, food security, governance, health, income, intimate relationships and lifestyle – to better understand the breadth and width of how COVID-19 lockdowns negatively affected humanity.
Michael Snyder-They Are Doing Their Best To Provoke A Nuclear War With Russia
Even though most Americans aren’t paying much attention at this point, the way that the war in Ukraine is evolving should greatly concern all of us.  Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his generals very clearly understand that they are in very big trouble unless they can draw the U.S. and other NATO powers directly into the conflict
Michael Hoffman 
Secrets of the CIA: Crime and Conspiracy from Allen Dulles to Charles Manson
A chronicle of the occult imperium’s engineered “Decline and Fall” stage of our nation’s history
Architect of the failed CIA invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in April, 1961, Allen Dulles is believed to have been a lead player in organizing the assassination of President Kennedy, who dismissed him from the agency in November, 1961
In a unanimous opinion, the U.S. Supreme Court is allowing the IRS to go on secret, warrantless fishing expeditions through innocent taxpayers’ bank records in order to identify and collect unpaid taxes from family members and associates who have no legal interest in those bank accounts.
Despite acknowledging that “the authority vested in tax collectors may be abused, as all power is subject to abuse,” and that “Congress has given the IRS considerable power,” the Supreme Court’s 9-0 ruling in Polselli v. IRS declined to restrict the IRS’s authority.



Trans Babies? Health Centre Asks Parents if Their Newborns Are Transgender or Non-Binary
It Begins: Democrats Announce Plan to Turn New York City into ‘Coming Home’ Scene from Dr. Zhivago (VIDEO)

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