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June 28 - Gonzalo Lira Proves Ukraine Supports Tyranny, says Tucker

June 28, 2023

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In his latest Twitter Video,  Tucker Carlson cites the detention of American citizen Gonzalo Lira as proof the Biden Admin hates free speech which is the basis of freedom itself. He says Twitter is the only bastion of free speech left. The legacy media spins everything and lies.  Even when there is smoking gun evidence of Biden selling influence to China, they ignore it. They spin Hunter Biden's depravity as a "story of a father's love."  Carlson predicts Gavin Newsom will take Biden's place.  Carlson also accused the Demonrats of creating a non-white "ethnostate." 

Tucker Carlson Dares To Ask "Why Exactly Are We At War With Russia?"

In fact, the Biden administration's continual support for Ukraine despite Zelensky's disregard for democracy, implies that their motives are questionable.

Zelensky, Carlson noted, has jailed his political opponents. Biden, with multiple prosecutions of Trump through the Department of Justice, is looking to jail him.

"When normal people see war," Carlson said, "they see death and destruction, sadness and suffering. But that's not what demagogues see. They understand it differently. They know that war means power, mostly for them. During wartime, everything they do can be justified. Wars, the gravest of all emergencies, imagine the Covid lockdowns times 1000 plus drones.

"Once war breaks out," Carlson continued, "politicians become gods with the power of life and death. So in a peaceful democracy, you have to debate your political opponents in public and that's tiresome, but in a war for democracy, you can just throw them in jail or have them executed.
Denis Rancourt PhD - There was no pandemic 

Here are my conclusions, from our detailed studies of all-cause mortality in the COVID period, in combination with socio-economic and vaccine-rollout data:

If there had been no pandemic propaganda or coercion, and governments and the medical establishment had simply gone on with business as usual, then there would not have been any excess mortality

There was no pandemic causing excess mortality

Measures caused excess mortality

COVID-19 vaccination caused excess mortality
Gassed? - white mist blankets Indiana to North East

Drove across most of southern ontario today (Canada). It "looks" almost like a "fog", but its not, it doesn't "rain/not wet", and kind of blankets everything white. It also smelled like burning plastic (not "wood" smoke). (Seems like the psychopaths are doing chemical attacks now, not sure if it is/was plastic - just smelled like it).

What would one advise when breathing that air in? First time in 3 years that I would even consider a "gas mask" (obviously not the demon diapers) - but -"


"The elephant in the room here needs to be addressed, which is that a society that is conditioned to be increasingly LGBT, or that transitions people from childhood using indoctrination, surgeries, and hormones is going to have collapsing population numbers. And maybe that is one of the establishment's goals - To make the West infertile."

The goyim die young.

28-year-old basketball player who complained of myocarditis after Pfizer COVID jab dies of heart attack

Óscar Cabrera Adames previously wrote that he got myocarditis after taking two 'compulsory' doses of the Pfizer COVID shots.


Mark Trozzi MD--Twelve-year-old children in Canada can be injected with the misrepresented dangerous covid-19 genetic experiment without parental consent or knowledge, but they can not say "no" if just one of their parents wants them injected. They can decide to take hormone blockers and "gender transition" without parental consent, or even seek assisted suicide; but declining the dangerous misrepresented covid-19 genetic injections is very hard to do. 

Here is my brief video about a case in Ontario's courts that should have all of us concerned and engaged. Tonight Bioethicist Dr Julie Ponesses, VCC president Ted Kuntz, two lawyers involved in the pivotal case, and myself are holding a live round table discussion; you are invited. Here are the details, links, and a short video by myself about this issue and this case.

AI -Illusion will drown out reality

AI is a military weapon - People won't know what's real.

Viewer--"Damn man, seeing this cutscene back in 2001 really blew my mind. Kojima was ahead of his time.

Broadcasters face 'Equity, Diversity and Inclusion' rules under Canada's new internet censorship law
The Trudeau government is looking to impose as part of its Sustainable and Equitable Broadcasting Regulatory Framework new 'binding' woke mandates of 'inclusion' and 'diversity.'

Peter Halligan---The Australian government may legally inject you using force and your family will be silenced.

"It seems the only way to stop the "anti-human cult" of the Australian vaxx-Nazi government is to challenge its use of the term "Emergency". If there is no emergency, emergency use cannot be used. (Trudeau enacted war powers, where no war existed). The "new flu" was never a "national emergency". The injection mandates of the Australian government HAVE CAUSED a health emergency." - Peter Halligan


Nursing students, pharmacy students, medical students are dying suddenly - ongoing consequences of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine mandates - 21 healthcare student deaths examined

Each of these deaths should be forensically investigated as a homicide, and if it is determined that COVID-19 vaccines were a contributing factor in the deaths, all those University and College leaders who implemented COVID-19 vaccine mandates should be criminally prosecuted and sentenced to long prison terms.


The UN Wants People To Report Each Other For "Hate Speech"


Some 250 woke Hollywood celebrities from movies, TV and music have signed their names to an open letter urging big tech companies to crack down on anyone who doesn't fall into line with the trans agenda, including advocating life-changing gender surgeries on children.

The letter was sent to the CEOs of Meta, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter by GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), and was signed by hundreds of famous names including Amy Schumer, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Jamie Lee Curtis, Judd Apatow, Patrick Stewart and many more. Most of the other names are not recognizable.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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RH said (June 28, 2023):

The air here (Minneapolis) is sickly looking as well. Its like a haze of white around us. Its been this way for quite some changes colors, I have noted.

My weather app says air quality is 180, which is unhealthy. I believe 75 is considered a slight health risk. We don't want to open our windows anymore.

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