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June 25 - Satanist Media Covers Up "Vaccine" Holocaust

June 25, 2023

(left, Kat Pave, the goyim die young) 

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Frozen fruit is recalled if only a few get listeria but news of millions getting sick or dying from "vaccines" is covered up
and the jabs continue to be promoted and sold.

41-Year-Old Model and Hollywood Actress Katerina Pavelek Ended Her Life at an Assisted Suicide Clinic in Basel, Switzerland on June 17, 2023, Due to COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Injuries (ME, CFS, ALS)

"The booster jab I received over a year ago destroyed my health, my body, and my life completely"

Do NOT comply.
A National Health Service whistleblower claims that healthcare workers in the United Kingdom were ordered to "euthanize" patients and call them "COVID deaths" to promote the narrative of a "deadly virus." This was all happening as hospitals were empty and no one was sick or dying of anything out of the ordinary.

Dr. John claims that he has "seen this mess evolve from the very beginning of the pandemic" and that hospitals were actually extremely quiet and almost empty during the first lockdown, according to a report by The Daily Exposé.


William Makis - Kat may have reversed much, if not all, of her DEATHVAX™ damage with Ivermectin and a good nutraceutical.

BlackRock is a critical tool of the deep state in bringing big business into the new world order, and it must be stopped.

BlackRock, with about 10 trillion dollars under management, is one of the top stakeholders in virtually every company you can think of, including most of the mega-banks. It is using this influence and your money to weaponize business against our nation, our liberty, our families, and everything that is good. This is part one of a series about BlackRock.

Karen Kingston - It's Time to Blow the Lid off the Global 'Health' System

Denying the Use of Nanotechnology in the COVID-19 Injections Has Made the Medical Freedom Movement Powerless in their Efforts to Prosecute Pfizer and other Criminals

The nanotechnology industry is an unregulated, 'dual-use' industry with military weapons and consumer applications that has been causing mild-to-severe cognitive dysfunctions, infertility, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and death for decades.

When Freedom Movement leaders and global civilians acknowledge that billions of innocent adults and children have been injected and poisoned with engineered nanoparticles that are 'vaccine nanotechnologies' that have a dual-use as weapons of biowarfare, I believe everyone of a sound mind will do everything in their power to remove the COVID-19 injections from communities around the globe.

Michael Synder-8 Signs That The Futuristic Control Freak Agenda Of The Globalists Is Rapidly Moving Forward

#3 A UN policy brief that you can find right here is proposing a global system of digital identification that is linked to our bank accounts...


NATO is Rothschild's personal flunky

James Corbett- France Pretends NATO is About the North Atlantic

NATO's reign of terror and bloodshed during its 1999 bombing of the then-Federal Republic of Yugoslavia--a military intervention that did not have the authorization of the UN Security Council and that included the deliberate targeting of civilian infrastructure, untold environmental damage, and, oh yeah, by the way, hundreds of civilian deaths--gave the lie to assurances that NATO is committed to peaceful conflict resolution and that it is subordinate to the determinations of the UN Security Council.
Christian Doctor Fired for Refusing to Use Trans Pronouns Cites Genesis, Appeals to European Court

A practicing doctor for 26 years, Mackereth refused to call a man a woman or vice versa during a training session, citing that his biblical Christian beliefs prohibited it. That resulted in Mackereth being fired from his position as a health and disability assessor by his employer, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

NHL Drops Fudge-Packing Pride promotion

Victory is sweet! Boycotts work!


Nolte: Mr. They/Them's 'Flash' Is a Certified Box Office Catastrophe

Gamble $250 million on a fetishist freak so narcissistic he demands you call him "them" and see what happens, morons.

In other woke/broke news, after the child groomers at Disney opened their new Pixar film Elemental to an all-time Pixar low last weekend, it grossed just $18 million in its second weekend. After ten days of release, Elemental will have grossed just $65 million. Had this $200 million (add another $100 million for publicity) film opened to $65 million, it would have been considered a monumental failure. The only silver lining is that Elemental's drop-off was just 40 percent. But 40 percent of failure is still a failure.


Elon Musk has defined "CIS' as a slur. He has a point.

A young woman testifies to the US Government's Office of Global Affairs on the WHO's International Health Regulations Amendments

The woman is Katie Ashby-Koppens who is Head of Legal at Voices for Freedom (VFF).

Here is a link to the 4-minute testimony - which will almost certainly be ignored by the anti-human cult that permeates all governments across the world.


BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Toronto girls' school promotes sex ed for kindergarteners at Pride parade, confirms they accept male students
At their booth, a poster says that the goal is to "inspire the next generation of changemakers." 

At the booth for The Linden School at the Toronto Pride, there was a chalkboard voting station asking passersby if they believed sex ed should be taught in kindergarten. In the corner was a cartoon depiction of a pig.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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