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June 24 - Wagner Mutiny - Patriotism or Treason?

June 24, 2023

(left, Yevgeny Prigozhin)

Is Prigozhin opposing the Russian "Deep State"? Commentators think his rebellion depends on whether the Russian military rank-and-file join him.  This rebellion seems foolhardy and self-destructive. What is behind it?

Joachim Hagopian--"The latest breaking news out of Russia is the rebellious and erratic Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin within the last 24 hours is calling for a coup against Russia's top military leadership - Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu and General Valery Gerasimov. Prigozhin is claiming that his mercenary Wagner troop encampment in Ukraine was fired upon by Russian forces under Shoigu's command. Russian Special Forces are now reportedly securing the Defense Ministry building in Moscow. President Vladimir Putin is accusing Prigozhin of "mutiny" and that he and any of his followers participating in this plot will face justice. Of course, this internal conflict unfolding inside Russia now has to be music to all party-line Western ears."


Military Deploys In Moscow As Wagner Chief Sought For 'Armed Mutiny'


Rolo Slavkiy--"I put Wagner's odds at pulling off a full coup at a solid and very scientific 14%. Actually, the real deciding factor for a successful coup is whether or not they have friends inside Moscow. Clearly, as I have proven before, they do. So, actually, the better question is, will their friends within the Kremlin come through for them?

"As the Prigozhin drama has developed over the last few months, it has been clear to me that the Russian defense realm was seriously messed up *regardless of the underlying facts* (which I do not claim to understand).

EITHER Prigozhin/Wagner is a patriotic bulwark against a Ministry of Defense rife with ... what number column are we up to? eight? let's go with eight ... rife with eighth columnists,OR the Russian military has assigned an important part of the not-war effort to a disloyal lunatic.
Either way, messed up. So it's no surprise if it's coming to a head. I wouldn't mind at some point actually coming to understand what's been going on, but that's an increasingly tall order in today's world.

Key points of Putin's address to the nation over PMC Wagner coup attempt
A criminal investigation has been opened into Evgeny Prigozhin for calling for an armed rebellion

President Putin argued that "Russia is today waging a grueling fight for its future," facing off with the "neo-Nazis and their masters." He went on to stress that "essentially the entire might of the West's military, economic and information machine" is being directed against the country.

"This battle, when the fate of our people is being decided," calls for national unity and consolidation, Putin said in his address. According to the president, all internal conflicts and bickering must be put aside at present as "our external enemies can and use them to undermine us internally."

The Russian head of state emphasized that any actions driving a wedge between Russians are nothing short of "backstabbing of our country and our people."

--Latest developments here

Prigozhin's company used to cater the Kremlin. That is obviously an earlier version of Putin.

A petty criminal, Prigozhin served 13 years in jail. Started out selling sausages from a cart.
NHL teams won't wear special jerseys for pregame warm-ups during themed nights next season, the result of a handful of players refusing to use rainbow-colored Pride jerseys this past season and causing unwelcome distractions.


More than 3,000 workers at over 150 Starbucks (SBUX.O) stores in the United States will go on strike next week, the union representing the coffee chain's baristas said on Friday, following claims that the company had banned Pride Month decorations at its cafes.

The strikes were also aimed at protesting against employees' treatment at Starbucks and pushing for a fair labor contract covering better pay and benefits, the Starbucks Workers United union added.


Biden's Make Jews Great Again admin

As Fox News reports, Randi Weingarten, the controversial head of the American Federation of Teachers union, will be one of the new members of a Homeland Security Academic Partnership Council.

The newly formed council "will provide strategic and actionable recommendations to the Secretary on campus safety and security, improved coordination, research priorities, hiring, and more," according to the DHS.



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Mark Trozzi MD- 
The ongoing release of documents that Pfizer tried to hide, is showing that the devastating Deagle "predictions" are consistent with what Pfizer knew about the weapon they were unleashing in partnership with the US Military. Don't blame the American people; they are victims too. Their military, government, and other institutions have been hijacked by enemies of the people. The same is true in Canada and around the world. Next steps: justice and accelerating the implementation of spike protein detoxification.

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Comments for "June 24 - Wagner Mutiny - Patriotism or Treason? "

Tim Fitzpatrick said (June 25, 2023):

Henry, I would say it's largely theatrics. They have a history of staging fake coups to feign weakness/disunity and/or to create the illusion that change is taking place.

Tony B said (June 24, 2023):

Henry, your two lead articles on Russia should have been one solid article with the Rothschild connection as obviously this "businessman" has always been a crooked one and HAS NOW ACCEPTED ROTHSCHILD MONEY TO TRY TO GET RID OF PUTIN WHOM THEY KNOW HAS DESTROYED THEIR WORLD CONQUEST OF THE LAST SEVERAL CENTURIES.

Ain't gonna work! Rothschild is OVER, and yes, thanks largely to Putin. Their real power in Russia is gone with the wind as the ordinary Russian people themselves will kill anyone dumb enough to try to harm Putin. Divide and conquer in Russia will not happen, Russians have not forgotten their horrible genocide by insane, Talmudic Jews.

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