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June 2 - Musk Fires Woke Censor Who Banned Misgendering !

June 2, 2023



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Latest! Musk fired Twitter's Head of Trust and Safety (sic) Ella Irwin for this decision.
Twitter Cancels Deal With The Daily Wire To Stream ‘What Is A Woman?’ Over ‘Misgendering,’ Will Label Film ‘Hateful Conduct’ 
The groundbreaking documentary released last summer was watched by people in over 70 countries, even as legacy media reviewers ignored the film and its effect on the culture. Soon after its release, “What is a Woman?” became the most-watched movie at home, according to Rotten Tomatoes, which also showed that audiences scored the film with a 97% rating.

Dr. Naomi Wolf Uncovers Pfizer’s Depopulation Agenda, as Evidenced by Its Own Documents



“This is a mystery novel in which the question is, how do we stop women from having healthy babies? That’s the story of the Pfizer documents.”

Russia gets legal right to strike nuclear blow on Ukraine
In the heat of discussions of the Ukrainian UAV attack on Moscow many missed out a very important point. The media reported about an attempted drone attack on a target in the village of Vlasikha,” military experts of Mayday expert project said.
The central command post of ground-based strategic nuclear forces and headquarters of Russia's Strategic Missile Forces are located in Vlasikha.
Song--"Own Nothing, Be Happy!"


Encpre from May 2022
Dr. Rashid Buttar: There is something of a critical nature we all need to be aware of
As well as the spike protein, most of us have heard about the numerous undisclosed and harmful ingredients: glyphosate, graphene oxide, graphene hydroxide, nanotechnology and the many other things that have been found in the injections, but shouldn’t be in any “vaccines.” 
In addition to all these, Dr. Buttar had suspicions that they were introducing something into the “vaccines” that will somehow trigger a detrimental effect at a time of their choosing – like sleeper cells within vaccinees’ bodies waiting for a trigger to wake them up.  Dr. Buttar said he now, in May 2022, had confirmation of this “component” in the injections.
VERY SCARY!!  Canada announces digital idenity which ios virtually the Mark of the Beast!256?cid=9321C555D17926A1&authkey=!AE-Xm_xi52Cx8H8&ithint=video&e=4xafLg
Boycott the Blue Jays-- They part of a HATE campaign against heterosexual society and calling anyone who demurs "hateful."  
Toronto Blue Jays call Christian player “hateful” for supporting Bud Light boycott in social media post
The Toronto Blue Jays entire organization has condemned one of their players for the crime of sharing a social media post that quoted the Bible in support of the Bud Light boycott.
Sucralose- Researchers Discover Toxic Sweetener Damages DNA
New study reveals additional health detriments to consuming the 1998 FDA-approved sucralose
Readr--"I got hooked on this stuff is was so good. I thought anything this good and addictive can’t be good for you. I did the research and stopped ingesting it. One article I read said it was discovered while looking for new types of insecticides. That was the article that had me throw out all my drinks that sucralose in it.
Your stomach flora is important, don’t jeopardize it by consuming this chemical."


Uber Eats to deploy an additional 2,000 delivery robots, putting more jobs in peril
Use of delivery robots to expand to rest of California, Texas and Canada
The partnership is slated to deploy up to 2,000 delivery bots through the beginning of 2026. Once completed, this deal between Serve Robotics and Uber Eats would be one of the largest deployments of robotic delivery fleets ever in the United States.
“We expect our rapid growth on Uber Eats to continue,” said Kashani. “We expect to operate an increasing number of [robots] on Uber Eats as our coverage and delivery volume on Uber increases.”
RFK Jr., Henry Kissinger And Donald Trump by Chuck Baldwin
RFK Jr. promises a return to sanity.
Like COVID Hoax, climate change is bought and paid for illusion
The Leftist Green Agenda Is Buying Its Way Into The News
Proponents of the green movement are pouring millions into grants to sneak news content supportive of their agenda.

groomer-month.jpegJune is child-grooming month


CIA is the child sex trafficking biz
. Former CIA Officer along with eyewitness testimony confirms the horrors being committed against 8 mil innocent children including sex slavery, rape, torture, organ harvesting, ritual murder, breeding for pedos. If we don't stop this, we'll never get our government or planet back
Murdered for exposing Hollywood's dirty secret
Isaac Kappy Video 75: His Last Video
The Masonic Jewish Central Bankers (WEF) control all banks and consequently all corporations. 

female-losers-equinox.jpgLegal guns for hire

“The rule of law will not survive the legal profession becoming majority female”…
Late 47 times in ten mos, she wins $11 million in a racial discrimination lawsuit.
Poilievre Goes NUCLEAR! Justin Trudeau Teacher-Student Sex Scandal Rumour Explained - Viva Frei
Fidelito's $2 million pay off.
Nearly 10,000 photos from Hunter Biden's laptop published online
The photos, spanning from 2008 to 2019, are available on



William Makis MD- Not just pilots! - young flight attendants and passengers having heart attacks or collapsing inflight - recent incidents happening on an almost daily basis!

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Lloyd said (June 2, 2023):

Keeping up, saw your referencing Mr. Kappy. I discovered him within a day or so of his going viral. Followed closely. Can say with near certainty that he is still alive. I looked at a video of Isaac’s body under the bridge or overpass. It was clearly, indisputably a mannequin. Multiple rumors that he is in Witness Protection. Certain that Ashli Babbit is still alive, except her real name is not Ashli Babbit. Hope you are well.

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