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June 15 - US is the Butt Lite of the World

June 15, 2023



(The US is the worldwide champion of gender dysfunction) 


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You have to ask why, at a time when the US is competing with BRICs for the loyalty of developing world, it would choose Dylan Mulvaney and his ilk as its guiding principle. 


The Butt Lite debacle is proof that the NWO Agenda will fail. People will not accept losing their property and freedom.


The American attempt to impose gender dysphoria on the world will also fail and it is designed to fail. It is designed to destroy the US and its influence worldwide.

Do you really think these Satanists care about the"rights" of boys and girls who feel uncomfortable in their bodies? 


As the logo of the 2020 Democratic National Convention demonstrates, the Demonrat goal is to destroy the USA. (See below) see. Ukraine, migrant invasion, etc.


I am encouraged by the resilience of capitalism. The need to produce and sell a quality product at a reasonable price is keeping society afloat while psychopaths are in charge.





U.S. threatening sanctions, visa restrictions against Uganda over anti-LGBTQ law
Nobody was Told They Were Injected with Electromagnetic Devices
Pfizer's mRNA nanoparticles are electromagnetic devices per their DoD contract and the FDA. No one agreed to be injected with devices that would kill surrounding cells and tissue when activated by EMF
as you read through Pfizer’s contract with the US Military, you’ll find that the injections are not vaccines at all, but contain engineered nanoparticles that are categorized as Class II electromagnetic devices by the FDA and US Department of Defense (DoD).
Grassroots Pressure Pays Off Again, as All Vaccine-Related Legislation in New York Fails to Become Law
This was the fourth consecutive year that activists in New York — with the support of Children’s Health Defense — prevented any vaccine-related bill from becoming codified into law.

DNCC-2020-logo.svg.png(left, Death (Satanic star) to America) 

Macron wants too go to BRICS summit?
They have been using vaccines to covertly  regulate fertility for years
Vaccine program in Kenya sterilized women.
Vernon Coleman- Dr. Vernon Coleman: Is the W.H.O. the Terrorist Wing of the UN?
"The WHO is an essential weapon in the UNs armoury. It has nothing whatsoever to do with health but is a plain and simple terrorist group..."
Lousiana Catholic farmer loses big restaurant customers for opposing sodomy shame month on Instagram
California high schoolers revolt over LGBT ‘pride’ video shown in math class: ‘Turn it off!’
The students' teacher threatened them with 'a Saturday school for next year' for deriding the pro-LGBT video.
Ivermectin May Defeat Cancer and Other Common Chronic Diseases of Aging
If you think Big Pharma had good reasons to censor ivermectin during COVID-19 how about now when we know it is likely effective against all chronic diseases associated with aging?


"I’ve been in touch with hundreds of teachers and parents who share my concerns. Teachers are feeling stuck and unable to speak their minds, even to voice polite disagreement on pedagogical practices and school policies. Parents, too, feel helpless, even disrespected, as their concerns are often ignored and overlooked by the school boards."
Dr David Haskell, esteemed professor at Wilfrid Laurier University, discusses the sorry state of our education system in his recent National Post article. He points out:
Now, in the province of Ontario, we literally have school boards running racially segregated events — dances, career days,workshops — that White students are not invited to attend. We have drag queens being hired by board administrators to give pep talks to the student body. We have teachers telling six-year olds that boys and girls don’t exist in reality. We have principals suspending students because they won’t renounce their moral conviction that biological males should not use female washrooms. We have biological male woodshop instructors, in a mockery of decency and femininity, wearing massive prosthetic breasts in their classroom. We have educational “thought leaders” encouraging their teaching colleagues to stop showing tolerance to students who don’t hold progressive values. Those cases were in the news in just the last 12 months and that’s just a partial list of what we might start “leaving out.” (The National Post, April 18th, 2023)
Further, one of SMHO’s articles presents “colourblindness” and saying “we need qualified people” or “all lives matter,” among other things, as "racist."
William Makis MD - Pregnant women who took toxic, experimental COVID-19 mRNA vaccines have been suffering all kinds of complications including:
miscarriages (fetal death <= 20wk)
stillbirths (fetal death > 20wk)
sudden death of mom before, during or after delivery (click here)
pregnant women having heart attacks, strokes, dying in sleep (click here)
sudden deaths of infants shortly after delivery (click here)
injuries to infants such as myocarditis (click here)
injuries to infants from breastfeeding with mRNA in milk (click here)
Video of Muslim children trampling ‘pride’ flag at Ottawa protest hits nearly 30 million views
A pro-family rally in Ottawa with Muslims and Christians coming together to protest and oppose the LGBT agenda being pushed on children in schools became at times quite heated,
During last Friday’s pro-family rally in Ottawa protesting the promotion of gender ideology in schools, a video recorded at the event showing Muslim children stomping on the “pride flag” with the full support of their mother has gone viral with tens of millions of views.  
The video shows no less than six kids stomping on a string of small “pride flags.” One of the kids’ mothers cheers them on, saying, “yes, yes, yes good, good.” 
Germany's Political Landscape Undergoes Conservative Transformation as AfD Party Surges in Support
Dissatisfaction arises from concerns over a perceived failed asylum policy, mass illegal migration, and the government’s approach to climate change and energy issues. With a mere fifth of Germans expressing satisfaction with the current government’s work, there is a widespread desire for change.
More evidence Nazis were essentially a Jewish creation
Ukraine: How the Mainstream Media Learned to LOVE Nazis
20 hooded Antifa thugs attack 7 women belonging to conservative women’s group inside a Swiss restaurant


‘Polish policy, beautiful’ – Australian Muslim influencer praises Poland’s strict migration policies, says the West imported ‘garbage’ who don’t want to work
“These Islamic extremists, they don’t want to work, they want free welfare. They want to marry French women with blond hair and blue eyes.”
Ukraine is facing a second Holodomor as males die at the front and women emigrate
The situation in Ukraine is tragic.
The latest news footage shows Russian fighters inspecting destroyed Western tanks during a failed attempt at a Ukrainian counter-attack. Surrounded by fallen Ukrainian soldiers, the Russians look through their equipment and pick up a few items. Young boys, fathers and friends lie motionless and silent as the looting continues. They are the ones who will never go home.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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