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June 14 - You're Being Inducted into their Cabalist (Satanic) Cult

June 14, 2023




(They want everyone to be fucked up, just like them,)
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Trannyism, sexual promiscuity and pedophilia are characteristics
of the Cabalist Jewish satanic cult. Have you seen Chuck Schumer's wife (below)?
Messing with children's gender identity is part of their initiation.
A Satanic cult exploits and controls its members by corrupting and making them sick. 
Here is @MichelleObama
 giving advice to Dwayne Wade’s transgender son on how to thrive and live his truth as a tranny.
PEDO AGENDA: New York City Private Schools Give ‘Sexuality’ Lessons to 4-Year-Old Children
“There are massive medical incentives, including pharmaceutical companies that stand to make money from puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones,” said Jay Richards, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation. “Any patient that receives gender affirming care, that’s a lifelong customer for drug companies.”
WATCH: Twitter Rages At Joe Biden After After Transgender Activist Flashes Fake Breasts at Biden White House ‘Pride’ Event



Glenn Greenwald- Two sets of law--Trump prosecution destroys belief in rule of law




Tucker Carlson Pinpoints The Exact Moment That 'Permanent Washington' Decided To Send Trump To Prison

Carlson crescendos with the following...
    "Trump is the only one who dissents from Washington's long-standing pointless war agenda... and for that, that one fact, they are trying to take Trump out before you can vote for him...
    ...and that should upset you more than anything that has happened in American politics in your lifetime...
    ...Yes, Donald Trump is a flawed man; but his sins are minor compared to those of his persecutors."
The spectacle of Trump's prosecution reveals the powerlessness of voters in America, and as Carlson concludes by urging people to preserve democracy: "America's principles are at stake."
It's been a really tough few days for our brave "Rainbow Heroes of the Order of the Expanded Anus."
RT : On Thursday, Colonel General Aleksandr Romanchuk, a commander of a Russian unit operating in the Zaporozhye region, reported that Kiev's troops had lost more than 30 tanks in an overnight offensive. Ukrainian losses also reportedly included 350 troops, three Leopard tanks and more than 10 infantry fighting vehicles.

iris-and-chuck_gala_lg.jpeg(Chuck and Iris) 

NY Times names RFK as right wing!
RFK names the NYT as Commie Jew
WEF Orders US Gov’t To Forcibly Seize Farms By 2025 And Burn Millions of Cattle 
John Kerry Declares War on US Farmers: Gov’t Farm Confiscations ‘Not Off The Table’
CANADA--HANNAFORD: How the Liberals use your money to build the Canada you don't want
By Nigel Hannaford
First, understand that the Government of Canada under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s control very much cares what you think. If you’re woke-ish, that’s fine. If you’re not, if you harbour unacceptable thoughts and don’t think of Canada as post-national, then as far as he is concerned, you need to have your head adjusted.
Did we just win?
MLB no longer pitching Pride uniforms to players
Next at the plate is MLB, which according to a report in the Washington Stand is taking steps to reduce its chances of striking out by "quietly ordering teams to ditch their Pride uniforms entirely," which says the report "signals that the tables have, in fact, turned."
"At a time when Americans are pummelling pro-trans companies, the sports world has been working since January to put out the fires lit by (NHL) defenceman Ivan Provorov,” reads the report.
“The Russian, who triggered a moral uprising across North American locker rooms by refusing to wear a Pride jersey, was the catalyst for a league-wide mutiny no one saw coming.”
Eventually six NHL teams ditched their rainbow gear and more players followed Provorov’s lead, creating a PR nightmare for the front office. 
(left, your tax dollars at work) 
The Collapse of Kiev
The fate of arms has decided. The moment of truth has spoken. The Ukrainian counter-offensive has failed miserably. NATO’s considerable armaments were useless. The battlefield is littered with corpses. All for nothing. The territories that joined the Russian Federation by referendum will remain Russian.
This “checkmate” not only marks the end of Ukraine as we have known it, but of Western domination that had staked its future on its lies.
The multipolar world may be born this summer at several international summits. A new way of thinking in which might no longer makes right.
In ‘The Dmitriev Affair,’ Gulag Historian’s Persecution Is a Microcosm of Putin’s Russia
“For the past 10 years, you could speak about the victims, no problem,” Gorter said. “As soon as you connect [Soviet repressions] to contemporary Russia, then there’s a problem.”
David Martin-  Along with Carlson, Macgregor is now gone from Fox.  If you're pressed for time, go to the 32-minute mark and listen to Macgregor's out-of-control car metaphor for our current Ukraine policy.  Our military policy is backfiring on the U.S. and NATO just like our economic sanctions backfired.
The Tech Giants Whose GOAL Is Human Extinction
“Our most powerful 21st-century technologies — robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotech — are threatening to make humans an endangered species.”


Jewish genocidal agenda?
Israeli Soldiers Shoot Dead Palestinian Two-Year-Old  by Philip Giraldi – The Unz Review June 13, 2023
"There would appear to be no limit to Israeli bestiality towards the Palestinians and likewise no limit to how much that brutality has been enabled by the positions taken by successive US governments and the national media. Indeed, the self-defined Jewish state, which ironically claims to be a democracy, is perhaps the leading human rights violator in all the world due to its officially condoned genocide directed against the Palestinian people and its bombing and killing of neighboring Syrians and Lebanese without providing any convincing evidence that it is being threatened by them."
Rep Jim Jordan rakes Rochelle Wolensky Over the Coals for her Many Lies
William Makis MD--
Turbo gastric cancer - diagnosis to death in 12 days, tragic story of a 49 yo army nurse Billie-Joe Graham - many cases are being reported after Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccination!
If you thought Democrats were done pushing the Covid hysteria, think again.
Despite announcing an end to the authoritarian COVID-19 government mandates, the Biden White House required unvaccinated guests to provide a negative COVID test and to practice social distancing and wear masks while attending ‘College Athlete Day’. Many colleges and universities are still requiring experimental COVID shots to attend classes.

"It's a trick we always use"  -Playing the victim when you're the aggressor. 
LGBT activists play the victim while owning the culture, and ‘Pride Month’ proves it
Despite the significant influence and visibility of the LGBT movement, activists continue to fake hate and even go so far as to claim 'ongoing genocide.'
Mark Trozzi MD-  
Is there anything odd about the unprecedented forest fires across Canada? They come following a early summer which has been abundant with rain. Might this connect to the climate agenda being used to coral mankind into smaller boxes and surrender our inalienable rights? Do you recall "king" Charles call for "military style action" to combat climate change? 
Beware of the diverse practice of false flags by the global predators; they are the same people who are pushing the climate change agenda, and by far, they consume the most resources and create the most carbon dioxide per person on Earth. Please watch and share this 2 minute video of satellite footage.
Alex Soros Vows To Eradicate Conservatives From the Internet: “I’m 100 Times Worse Than My Dad”
Alex Soros has vowed to censor conservatives and independent journalists online “100 times more aggressively” than his father George Soros.
Following news that far-left billionaire George Soros handed full control over his $25 billion empire to his son, Alex laid out his despotic vision for the future of the internet in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.
“I’m way more political,” Alex Soros said, comparing himself to his radical father.


--Mexico's Proposed Ban on GM Corn Angers the U.S. and Canada
Certain states in Mexico have banned the planting and cultivation of genetically modified corn from the U.S. in recent years, in order to preserve heirloom varieties of corn (maize) that have existed in Mexico for thousands of years. In 2022, Mexico proposed a ban on imports of GM corn as a country, and now the U.S. and Canada are teaming up to protest and to try and force Mexico to keep importing GM corn. 
The CPSO verses Dr Trozzi hearing, ruled over by the CPSO continue today. Info including how to gain access and watch the spectacle follow the instructions in the link below. There have been suspicious glitches with the link, as well as people reporting not receiving the link. In the proceedings yesterday, the thousands seeking to watch was reduced to less than 200 gaining entry. Who has something to hide? Not me. 
Here is the schedule of when our expert witnesses will appear and testify: Thursday morning Deanna McLeod, Friday morning Dr Peter McCullough, Friday afternoon Dr Paul Alexander

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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