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June 12- Majority of World's Population Supports Russia - Seymour Hersh

June 12, 2023


(Left- Elon Musk tweeted this meme) 
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Russia's concept of a multipolar world is our best hope for liberation from Satanist control.
Russian confrontation of NATO aggressers in Ukraine is only reason Satanists have lifted COVID Hoax
More than half of world’s population supports Russia – Seymour Hersh
The US has lost so much credibility internationally over the conflict in Ukraine, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist says 
See pro-Russian world federation below 
WEF Calls for AI to Rewrite Bible, Create ‘Religions That Are Actually Correct’
Yuval Harari-“AI can create new ideas; [it] can even write a new Bible,” he declared.
“Throughout history, religions dreamt about having a book written by a superhuman intelligence, by a non-human entity,” he added.
Elon Musk has made some disturbing comments about Jews. Here’s a list.
A history of offensive remarks, including quoting Nazis and reinstating bigots to Twitter
63,060% increase in Child Excess Deaths across Europe Related to EMA approval of Covid vaccines
Tragically, the statistics paint a haunting picture, with a staggering 63,060% surge in excess deaths among children aged 0 to 14 by the twenty-second week of 2023. These numbers whisper a chilling tale of consequences that were foreseen by many silenced and heavily censored voices.
12 min documentary about bottom feeders, traitors and perverts (Freemasons)


Turbo Colon Cancer - diagnosis to death in 3 weeks, the tragic story of a 44 year old Ohio High school teacher Jeff Clark - there are many such reported cases after COVID-19 mRNA vaccination
Makis--"From diagnosis on May 19, 2023, to death on June 6, 2023, is only 3 weeks.
That is unheard of, for colon cancer. Even when you start counting from symptoms in late March, it would only be 2 months from onset of symptoms until death. I’ve never seen such rapid progression with colon cancer."
Longtime ESPN staffer dead after 'medical emergency' at NCAA Baseball Super Regionals site
Overwhelming majorities would oppose the adoption of a CBDC if it meant that the government could control what people spend their money on (74%), that the government could monitor their spending (68%), that a CBDC would abolish all U.S. cash (68%), that a CBDC would attract cyberattacks (65%), that the government could charge a tax on those who don’t spend money during recessions (64%), or that the government could freeze the digital bank accounts of political protesters (59%). Americans were marginally opposed (52%) if a CBDC could cause some people to stop using private banks, resulting in some banks going out of business.
Poll: Americans Don’t Want a Central Bank Digital Currency
The cult of gender ideology is finally disintegrating
She is a former IT consultant with no medical training – unless you count the fact that she won 2016’s Sparkle Diversity Champion of the Year as a specialised qualification. I certainly don’t. The story of how much power she came to have remains shocking....


Pro Russians worldwide formed federation in Mid March
Representatives of 39 nations attend
Russia-Bashing Blowback: The Birth of the International Russophile Movement (MIR)
By a special correspondent, with introduction by Pepe Escobar
A very memorable speech in a day of great speeches came from Italian Archbishop Vigano, former Papal Nuncio to the US and outspoken critic of Pope Francis, who gave a 10 minute speech via video link, calling Russia, ‘the last bastion of civilization against barbarism’
Russian foreign minister 
Vigano--"Hatred for Christian civilization wants to create a society of slaves subservient to the Davos elite. A dystopian society, without past and without future, without faith and without ideals, without culture and without art, without fathers and mothers, without family and spirituality, without teachers and spiritual guides, without either respect for the elderly or hopes for our children. We cannot be surprised that, after de-Christianizing the Western world, this elite considers Russia an enemy to be overthrown. The Russian Federation undeniably stands as the last bastion of civilization against barbarism, and gathers around it all those nations that do not intend to submit to the colonization of NATO, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and that heap of foundations that have as their purpose the indoctrination of the masses, the manipulation of information, the creation of “colored springs” to destabilize governments legitimately elected and sow chaos, wars and misery as instrumentum regni. The recent pandemic farce – conducted with criminal methods that I have not hesitated to denounce since the beginning of 2020 – has been followed by new emergencies – including the Ukrainian crisis – deliberately provoked with the aim of destroying the social and economic fabric of nations, decimating the world population, concentrating control in the hands of an oligarchy that no one has elected and that has perpetrated a real world coup d’état, for which sooner or later it will be called to answer before the world.
Sergey Lavrov gave the headline speech at the event. He began it by reading a message to the congress from President Putin. You can find the full text here. His remarks included trademark Lavrov repartee:
Transgender official admits tranny males have no sex life


Maurice Samuel-You Gentiles pdf
Written in 1924, this shocking classic work of Jewish Supremacism maps out what the avowedly Zionist author saw as the cause of anti-Semitism through the ages: an irreconcilable difference between Jews and all Gentiles, but Europeans in particular.
This difference, Samuel argued, was inherent and biological in origin. The author argues that the real point of difference between Jew and Gentile is that the Gentiles follow what he calls the base "triviality" of Gentiles versus the God-like "seriousness" of Jews.
This huge psychological difference, Samuel says, is the reason why Jews regard "playful" Gentiles as backward and silly, and why Gentiles will never be able to penetrate the Jewish perception of the world.
The book goes on to discuss the main points of difference in behavior between Jews and Gentiles focusing on physical activity, religion, concepts of good and evil, loyalty, science, fair play, and discipline.
Maurice spells out why Jews have different attitudes to all these moral and philosophical issues-and why these values are the opposite of those endorsed by Gentiles. Samuel then says that these inherent and unchangeable differences will always make the Jews out to be "destroyers" and the "subverters" of European culture and society
UNESCO Is A Key Vehicle For Injecting Occult ‘Spirituality’ Into Classrooms Worldwide
It is really occult to smear mindfulness as occult. 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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