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No Thanks! Insider Eschewed Life of Satanist Privilege

June 5, 2023




"Our literally besotted world is filled with countless others whose satanic ritual abuse is similar to mine, (these are often our civic, cultural, business and political leaders!) yet sadly most continue to be controlled by their Satanic programming, and refuse to embrace the far from comfortable challenge of facing their demons, which leads to waking to and ultimately serving indwelling Spirit.
What can I offer of value at this late stage in the repeating cycle of destruction on this intended-to-be-sacred planet, caused yet again by Satan’s Chosen Psychopaths, their lickspittle Masonic and Jesuit sycophants, which is all dutifully accepted by the somnolent, comatose, thoroughly misguided masses?  I offer what follows in support of humanity waking to its sole genuine purpose, which is to serve Spirit, our very Source and reason for being."
by Gordon
In the late 1940’s, I was born into an executive family, well positioned, though this was unknown to me as a child in Canada’s WASP/Masonic/Jewish established chain of command.  Generations prior my paternal family had emigrated from England, in 1542, under Royal Decree, tasked with the mandate to co-mingle with and “soften” local populations throughout North America in preparation for the coming mass European immigration.  Extensive history recorded throughout a huge inherited family Bible revealed insight long lost to popular history.
My extended family helped initiate settlement in Canada’s eastern provinces, and down what has become the eastern United States, my direct lineage having settled in New Orleans by 1773, then, as United Empire Loyalists and well aware of the coming American Revolution, returned to family roots then over 200 years old, in Montreal and what became the Canadian Atlantic provinces.  Forebears in both my paternal and maternal lineage were prosperous railroad pioneers and early corporate notables.
Fast forward to my life in which, as an infant less than a month old, I was ritually, sexually abused for the first time in a long repeated cycle by my paternal grandfather, who, as a member of this multi-generational Masonic family, was highly adept in the Satanic Arts. 
These ever so clever characters led by my grandfather proceeded to subversively prepare me to serve Satan on a certain-to-be “yellow brick road”, I don’t believe my parents were aware of what my grandfather and his extensive, elite circle of power brokers were preparing me for. I was thus carefully hidden in plain sight while being craftily groomed for later service.
My interest in presenting this material is not to focus on the horror and insanity, which has been well exposed by other writers such as Fritz Springmeier, Cathy O’Brien, Sue Ford, Cisco Wheeler and others, rather I wish to share what I’ve discovered by virtue of time spent out of body, then pursuing necessary research to prove out my discoveries.


I began to pray at the age of seven, to understand why the world was SO messed up! The abuse held an interdimensional door open for me, which has allowed me to astral travel, remote view, enjoy extensive past life memory, and have occasional abilities as a medical empath, be aware of the thoughts of those around me, etc. My capabilities were so well confirmed at the Monroe Institute that they invited me to join their faculty, teaching/instructing astral travel, remote viewing etc.
I grew up surrounded by wealthy Masonic WASPS (white Anglo-Saxon Protestants) and the Jewish community. My parents bi-weekly bridge games in our home revealed a powerful, well connected assemblage of prominent business owners, corporate executives and engineers, often members or heads of local Masonry, Rotary, Lions, etc.  This was simply my life and as I grew into my teen years and young adulthood, the world apparently was my oyster. Income opportunities were offered, social and academic, even globally aligned criminal doors opened and presented to me. To vary George Carlin’s epic rant decrying the state of the world a little, “Life is a club and I was a member.”  
I was seen as a gifted, precocious child. When asked to skip two grades in elementary school, my parents wisely advised against this, explaining that they valued emotional balance and development more than my intellectual prowess. They explained that “the mind is a good servant, but a very poor master.”
Certainly I didn’t understand what they were showing me when so young, but I’ve come to be deeply grateful for their wisdom.  Our world, particularly those who claim to be “in charge”, worship the human mind as their God, refuse to defer to the far greater wisdom of Spirit and are ruthlessly imposing this on humanity as has become plainly apparent. Worship of the human mind, rather than Spirit, I have discovered, is the “Original Sin” referred to in the Bible, and in essence continues to lead the world ever more deeply into Hell. 
This catastrophic error in choice of primary orientation is clearly expressed in “The New World Order” by A. Ralph Epperson. “The New World Order will include changes in religion: Religion will be outlawed and believers will either be eliminated or imprisoned; there will be a new religion: the worship of man and his mind; all will believe in the new religion.” 
School for me was a joke, a farce. Though continuing to attend the public school brainwashing machine and coasting along in its nonsense, I pursued my own education, pouring through endless books at the public library, or in my father’s library. By my mid to late teens I was corresponding with 240 luminaries globally, spiritual elders, gurus, academics, social scientists, scientists, visionaries, authors.
Naively I entered university anticipating real education, learning how Life REALLY worked, but instead I found I was being taught to be a psychopath and make vast sums of money via deceit and manipulation taught at Canada’s primary business school.  In short, I quit and was fortunate to be able to travel and meet with some of the inspiring cadre of correspondents just mentioned. 

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