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June 5, 2023


Is this the real history of Switzerland?
Switzerland has a complex and long history, with its origins dating back to medieval times. The foundation of modern Switzerland is considered to have taken place on August 1, 1291, when three Alpine cantons—Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden—formed an alliance known as the Eternal Alliance (or the Swiss Confederation).
This pact was made in response to the threat of external domination, specifically by the Habsburg Empire. The alliance aimed to maintain peace and ensure mutual defense among the cantons. Do you notice something here?
At the same time the order of the Knights Templar was dissolved, some decades later, the Swiss Confederation led the future Switzerland in two directions.
One was the banking system, which was surprisingly invented by the Knights Templar, and secondly, their Swiss mercenary army which, until their defeat in Paris, was considered the best army in Europe. How did a bunch of farmers and cattle growers learn these complex banking and military skills?
The Swiss people of that time offered the Knights Templars refuge from the papal persecution in return for their banking and military knowledge.
That would explain the Swiss flag. The symmetrical cross, the colors red and white. The Red Cross humanitarian organization also has a symmetrical red cross on a white background, like the Knights Templar had on their robes.

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