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We are Not Helpless

May 13, 2023

(left, John with his dog Ruff)    John and Ruff.JPG

No headlines today. Too depressing! Like watching a corpse decompose.
We're overcome with a feeling of helplessness as we watch our society rot. But we're not helpless.
Ego (selfishness) is Satan.  Satan holds us captive. We can fight Satan by loving each other, In this spirit, I present my friend John who is still serving me and his growing circle of friends. 
John Bilyk is a friend of mine. He's the only person I know who walks the
walk, not just talks the talk. He is the happiest man I know. His secret is that he is NOT self seeking. The Pursuit of Happiness makes us miserable. Instead he has given his life to God.
He does what he thinks God wants from him. He spends his time helping people. This is his "job."
He is a handyman but he doesn't know what to charge because his focus is on helping people. They gratefully pay what they want. He visits his elderly father in a nursing home every day even though his dad chides him for not having a normal job. He doesn't always feel like helping others but he does it. It's his job. I believe the key to happiness is giving our lives to God and doing God's will, however we interpret this. This is also the key to our personal and collective salvation. 
The Happiest Man I Know  (Updated)
From Feb 13, 2014
by John Bilyk 

Thankfully, life is largely a mind game. We live in our heads. And because of this, we can create our own reality.

Life literally is what we make it. I tell myself I'm a super nice billionaire that just happens to like the simple things in life. I walk through the park and tell myself that I own it. I have the gardeners cut the grass, and I even had a trail built just for me.

I'm such a nice guy though that I share my land freely with everybody. As a thank you, they wanted to build a statue of me but I told them no.  How would life be different if it were true?
The power to this lies in non materialism. Saying no to things. Being content with what you have. Living a simple life. Not wanting the fancy car or phone. Not wanting the trip to Hawaii. Not wanting fame, fortune or even love. Not wanting. Just accept things for the way they are. Most things are over rated anyways. 

Realize life outside your head is largely outside of your control. Other people decide your circumstances. If you get hired, fired, promoted, demoted, arrested or let go, it all depends on someone else. Life blesses some of us and not others. The only thing you can do is be the best person you can be, and trust that God is bringing you on a certain path for a reason.
Let love be your guiding principle. If you call yourself a nice person, act like one. Do something to improve the lives of those around you. Kiss your loved ones. Shovel your neighbor's driveway. Give away baking. Whatever your skill is, try to share it. Don't let money drive your actions. Be the opposite of bankers.
april_francis.jpg(Left, St Francis, patron saint of animals)

Improving the lives of others isn't limited to humans. Be kind to animals, it won't cost you anything and it will make you feel great. Patting the dog is good for both you and the dog. Even if you don't have pets, feeding birds can give you a feeling of joy.
Have a strong faith in God, and live like God is watching you. Your actions are important, even if no one seems to notice. It matters to God what you do. And it matters to us what we do too, whether we admit it or not. Live an immoral life, and you won't feel good about yourself.
Listen to what your conscience, heart and gut have to say. God talks to us through feelings. The more in tune you are with your soul, the more God can direct you in life. When your actions match your thoughts, then there is congruency in your life, and congruency leads to less stress and better health.
Be grateful for what you have. Everyday. Value your free time, and develop a life outside of work. If you knew you were going to be imprisoned, or a natural disaster was going to wipe you out, how would you make the most of your time you had left? Live like that's the case. Value your moments with loved ones. Value all moments you're not in extreme pain.

Be conscious of what's around you.The more we focus on ourselves, the more we are prone to be depressed. You can't be grateful if you don't notice things. Admire the beauty and appreciate the kindness in the world.
Look for, and accept, the truth. Not only will it help you not focus on yourself, but, it can help you make sense of the world. The rock of truth is something stable one can cling to in uncertain times. 
Be your own best friend. God loves you too, so be kind to yourself. Develop good habits. Try to stay out of debt. Live a simple life.  I still, in 2023, do not have or want a cell phone.

Talk nicely to yourself. Don't say to yourself what you wouldn't say to others. When I make mistakes I call myself an imperfect human being, but never anything negative.
Try not to use vulgar language. Not swearing is not only proper manners, but it is acknowledging that there is power in our words. Foul language can feed negative emotions and angry thoughts. That's why people who swear often are prone to anger, and use that language more when they are angry. Many people are offended by swear words. You will never know how many people you offend or opportunities you miss by swearing.
And my last bit of advice, remember Satan wants us miserable, scared and stressed. God wants us cheerful and relaxed. So make the most of the situation you're in while you are in it, and be grateful its not worse.

 Henry David Thoreau:  I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by a conscious endeavour. It is something to be able to paint a particular picture, or to carve a statue, and so to make a few objects beautiful; but it is far more glorious to carve and paint the very atmosphere and medium through which we look, which morally we can do. To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts." 
New First Comment- from Bly Guy
Hi Henry, commenting on the happiest person you know post, I am that person amongst my group. I am the person in my huge group of friends and family that is rarely in anything other than a good mood and they notice that and wonder how the 'crazy conspiracy guy' in the family is somehow the happiest and most balanced. They especially wondered this when my sister, who I was very close with, passed away 4 years ago. 
The simple answer is found at the bottom of the rabbit hole where one discovers we are not the meat suit, that our real selves is our consciousness/soul/spirit. That we are eternal by nature, death and this "reality" are illusory, that love is the only truth. Life is a whole lot easier and enjoyable when one comes to this truth. 
Fear or love, the choice is simple. I chose love, most of my loved ones are still choosing fear unfortunately. 


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Comments for "We are Not Helpless"

LF said (May 14, 2023):

As Covid19 deepened and damaged, it became clear to me, that the world was changing, for the worst. Everything I believed in, was being destroyed and turned upside down. Worse, it was striking at something even more dear to me, than even my own life. My family.

I began to feel “Helpless”. I did not like this feeling.

John is right. All of us, live in our head. What we think, we become. Through his example, he has helped me, in many ways. To calm down. To be thankful.

We talked about using the Lord’s name in vain. Stay away from people who swear, especially if it involves the L’s name. Thank the L for your honest work. Do not be a materialist. Live within your means. Etc. Be the best person that you can be. Let G take care of things, out of your control. All common sense. He even asked to say Grace at my house, before a meal. All of this is infectious, in a good way. I have seen with my own eyes and ears, people change for the good. I am somewhat of an example. My own Grand Daughter, now says, do not swear around GF, he does not like that. Yes children and GD, do hear you. All this goes into your soul.

Thank you, John, you are and have made a difference.

JC said (May 13, 2023):

How come you are so smart that you would have a friend like John Bilyk.

Where did you ever find such a man? Keep him close and safe. He is special.

He’s right on the truth of the matter.

Very few men find the truth of why they were created.

I know because I have found mine.

I know why I am here - It’s to help others succeed in life.

So do you. You are special and so is John.

So few men have ever explored knowing why the Creator put them are on earth.

John knows and so do you.

Keep on telling your readers the truth of the matter.

MS said (May 10, 2019):

Wow Henry. This is the real thing. Your latest Article showed me, that I really Do the right Stuff, when it comes to Christianity. There are so many fakes out there, I just can't believe that I had to wait for such a long time, until you, one of my beloved Grandmasters , for the first Time, tell me a Story about a real Christian. That 's the Impulse, I was missing. I thought that I am "the only Christian in Town". I real your Writings since more than ten Years and I was never sure about your Interpretations of Christendom. Now I am. I may have some Questions that only you can answer, therefore I ask you, in you want to Correspond further. By the way, Yes, I have been to Canada(Guelph/Toronto)in 1997, it was very interesting, but the only Thing I took back home, was: I have to help my people over there. Many are poor, some are just ridiculous, but they never did anything wrong. Why is it so difficult to live a normal life there. Yes, I am not a poor Guy, but I hate Money. You know why I Do.

David said (February 14, 2014):

Henry as always you have one of the greatest web sites on the internet. I always read your articles; they're the best.
I did get a special message from the story titled " Happiest Man I Know. "

I too am a single white male who lives alone at a upscale gated community in Southeast , South Carolina. I am 68 years old with no wife or children, and no I am not gay, My life is full of happy thoughts and a very healthful life style. I love my home and my environment.

I always seek the positive life style and a positive consciousness to keep me healthy. Our community is surrounded by natural woods and beautiful trees. No big shopping centers or fast food stores. I pump iron in the community gym and swim in the community heated pool. Many do not believe me when I tell them my age. I could pass for being in my 50's. All this healthy life style is because I
do not have a wife or children to drive me crazy. Thanks again for your web site.

Adrian said (February 14, 2014):

People [below] are very quick to denigrate the article with the label "New Age" or because it does not reference there own personal revelation.

New Age is akin to belief in magic and fantasy. Absolute conviction in one's personal revelation (drawn from this book or that) is bigotry
and dumb tribalism.

Examining the article without dismissing it off the cuff, one finds John's advice is solid and contains the essence of the message all well
known prophets.

Look no further than John's article for happiness. Bravo to him.

Ralph said (February 14, 2014):

Nice article, also the part about animals. Life IS what you make of it. And it's all about what you ask for. Just yesterday I was reading a couple of verses about what the bible has to say about materialism;

"Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” - Hebrews 13:5

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. - Matthew 6:33

In the end, God IS our ultimate friend. He is our moral anchor, he is morally perfect. I think the purpose of (this) life is to come to know our creator and build a relationship with him. To me, everything else seems trivial.

Dick Powell said (February 14, 2014):

If Mr. Bilyk is a billionaire, he likely didn't get it without hurting many people.
This article is a way to forgive himself and spout platitudes about how others should live. It's basically 'New Age' group think for the masses. Fantasyland.

I don't buy it. Forces outside ourselves always determine how we think.

Mr. Bilyk may have become a frustrated philosopher and needs a forum, namely, your website.

P said (February 14, 2014):

Enjoyed the article but would like to make a point; God does not communicate through solely our emotional state, because we all know how erratic that would be. Rather, our emotions must be subject to unwavering truth. I love this, because it demonstrates Him as Father, whom being a little more subjective to my own fluctuative emotional state, need to become more stable in knowing Him in this way.

Testifying that the Word has the power to transform, and while happiness can be fleeting, deep joy hangs around.

Lindsay said (February 13, 2014):

I really enjoyed today's article about happiness and how achieving it is a frame of mind. Happiness and joy are so important in today's world with depression so rampant and many people on psych meds.

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