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Mike Stone - Trump: Friend or Foe?

May 5, 2023

"Though not conclusive, after examining four key pieces of evidence that we all agree on, the score slightly favors the notion of Trump being a friend rather than a foe.
What do you say? Do you have any evidence to add to the mix that could tilt the argument one way or another?"
Makow comment- Disappointed in Mike. Obviously Trump is an actor in a political reality show. He's a crypto Jew and a Cabalist constantly making Masonic hand signs. Almost didn't post this. Trump supporters are rubes.
John P comment- Is this the real Mike Stone or a fake?  Come on Mike, there is no way you of all people can't see through DT.  If he were not a tool of the people who really run our country, he would speak out on a number of topics like geoengineering, 911, the Jews, fake NASA, the phony war on terror, convid, the federal reserve system, the income tax fraud, etc.  Trump is an actor.  That's why they gave him a reality TV show for years.  They're all actors.
by Mike Stone
Do you like a good mystery? 
I do. And if you're a mystery-lover like me, I have a good one for you to solve - Is Donald Trump a friend or a foe?

Was Trump, as the Q-Anon crowd breathlessly told us, recruited by the white hats to run for president in 2016, and is he now implementing "the plan," or has he been a Trojan Horse all along, nothing more than controlled opposition and the worst form of traitor?

Most of you reading this have already made up your minds. But the key to any good mystery lies in the evidence and clues. So let's take a close look at four key facts:

Fact #1) The lockdowns and Operation Warp Speed both took place under Trump's administration. No one disputes that and some claim it's clear evidence that he's a traitor. After all, it happened on his watch.
On the other side of the coin, there are those who say he was dealt a difficult hand. If he had continued to deny the existence of the phony virus, then the mass of fat, dumb, know-nothing Americans would have taken to the streets and demanded his head. Actually, they would not have taken to the streets, they would have cowered at home and hid behind their face diapers, but you get the point. The mainstream media had them so worked up, they were on the verge of hysteria. 
Remember the fights over toilet paper? 
Remember the police arresting anyone who dared to visit a public beach? 
Remember the low-life snitches who called the police on their neighbors for sneezing? 
Remember innocent people getting pepper sprayed in the face by their fellow citizens for not wearing a mask?
Remember the clamor for forced vaccinations and mass firings for anyone who refused the jab? 
Remember grown men hiding behind face diapers and face shields little bitches?
I remember all that. 
How do you think the brainwashed sheep would have reacted if Trump had insisted the whole thing was a fraud?

Remember too the riots and looting that were taking place, with the Justice Department refusing to follow Trump's directive to put a stop to them. If Trump had not acquiesced somewhat to the fake pandemic, those riots might have intensified and increased to the breaking point.

Trump's response was not how I would have played it. But looking back on how literally hundreds of millions of Americans were duped into believing that a non-existent virus was out to kill them, and how the majority of people still believe that today, Trump's actions may have been his only available option. 
Fact #2) The mainstream media and the political left hate Donald Trump with a passion. Through non-stop propaganda, they have convinced millions of gullible fools to hate Trump too. No one disputes that. And it begs the question, if Trump really is a traitor, then why is the hate continuing non-stop even today? If he accomplished the traitorous mission he set out to do, why is he continually being bashed and the target of fraudulent criminal charges?
Not only that, but why was massive vote fraud used to remove him from office? After all, if his purpose was to betray the American people by bringing in the jab and he accomplished that, why replace him?

The Trump-is-a-foe side believe that all of the anti-Trump hate is necessary to continue the illusion, to keep him in the public mind as being on the side of American conservatives, even though he is really their enemy. 
That sounds a like a stretch to me. Does it sound plausible to you? Based on this fact, we'll chalk one up on the scoreboard for the Donald Trump is a friend crowd.
Fact #3) Donald Trump had John McCain executed for treason. Like the first two facts above, no one disputes this. It was even confirmed by Ohio Governor John Kasich here:

McCain's own daughter also confirmed that Trump had him executed.
So if Trump had the traitor McCain executed, could he be a traitor himself? It's possible, but if he's on the same side as McCain, what was that execution all about?
This fact tilts strongly to the Donald Trump is a friend crowd.
Donald Trump Friend: 2
Donald Trump Foe: 0

biden-not.gifFact #4) The person presenting himself in public as Joe Biden is not the real Joe Biden. Like the three facts detailed above, no one disputes this. At least, no one with a brain in their head. Why are we seeing Biden imposters wearing masks and parading around in public?
Not only that, but every time this fake Biden has been filmed inside the Oval Office, it's been done on a sound stage, not in the actual White House. Doesn't that strike you as a bit odd? Since when are people able to park their cars behind the Oval Office???
The official "unofficial" story is that the real Joe Biden suffered a stroke in February of 2021 and was quickly replaced with an actor. Some believe that the person playing Joe Biden in public is the actor Arthur Roberts.
Whoever it was, they blew their cover in a 2021 live meeting with Boris Johnson, which prompted Johnson to say, "You're not Joe Biden. Who the f*** are you?" while the White House communication team immediately panicked and cleared the room of reporters.
That means the White House staff is on to the charade and that lends credence to the story that the impostor Biden is covering for the real Biden's stroke and has been hired by the same commie scum that stole the election.
The other side claims that the impostor Biden is working for the white hats since the real Biden has been Gitmoed, tried for treason, and executed. That theory sounds like a stretch. If the impostor Biden that we're all seeing is working for the white hats, as the Q-Anon crowd claims, why was we pushing the jab? Why are all of his policies and decisions the exact opposite of what a white hat mole would be doing?
Still, when we remember how the white hats had McCain executed, is it too much of a stretch for them to have executed other traitors? And why are impostors impersonating other traitors? For instance, here's someone wearing a mask and pretending to be Dr. Fauci:
Why was Biden wearing a leg boot, just like John McCain did before his execution? Was it to conceal an ankle monitoring device like McCain did? 
Why is there an aide following Trump around with what appears to be the "football," the country's nuclear launch codes? Here:
Enquiring minds want to know.
I'll call this one a draw.
Donald Trump Friend: 2
Donald Trump Foe: 0
Though not conclusive, after examining four key pieces of evidence that we all agree on, the score slightly favors the notion of Trump being a friend rather than a foe.
What do you say? Do you have any evidence to add to the mix that could tilt the argument one way or another?

Mike Stone is the author of Teen Boy's Success Book: the Ultimate Self-Help Book for Boys; Everything You Need to Know to Become a Man available here:  And the book Using ChatGPT to Predict the Future: How to Discern the Truth, Forecast the Future & Always Be Right:







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Comments for "Mike Stone - Trump: Friend or Foe?"

Scott said (May 6, 2023):

Two tidbits for those with short-term memories:

Trump was a lifelong Democrat UNTIL he ran for governor of NYS state. Had donated generously to the Clinton Globalist Agenda foundation.

The "alt right" (remember them?) advertised him as Our Guy. If he were our guy, do you think he would've ever allowed his daughter to get anywhere near Kushner, let alone offer him an important position in the administration?

Art said (May 6, 2023):

Believing Trump to be the actual beast of Revelation .. I will make a near-term prediction:

Watch what happens after Trump's CNN interview. He will flip the script forcing many democrats desperate to escape woke to rethink Trump, and even convince some to vote for him.

CNN could collapse any normal Republican candidate, and volunteering to be on would be insanity. Not this dude. "You knew I was a snake when you let me in"

By election day ... he'll be the easy favorite.

Marco said (May 6, 2023):

Mike Stone, and I've thought this for a long time, is full of shit. McCaine executed?? I wish!

Trump is exactly what Henry says he is; a Crypto Jew Mason. I wish he'd drop dead. People need to stop with the identity politics BS. And that the US & western nations are sovereign - LOL! Trump looked good compared to Hillary, but then what did he do after being elected?? He surrounded himself with Zio Jews and traitorous Goys and spent all his time kissing Israel's ass!

The US & west is ruled by Rothschild Jewry and all the politicians are traitorous Rothschild agents.

There is NOBODY who runs for US president who is real.

RFK is a shill for Ukraine & "Climate Change", which is total Bullshit and just as easy to discredit as the Holohoax.

The US is so far gone, Russia may have to Nuke it.

C said (May 5, 2023):

Hi, Henry—Anyway, I agree: foe!

Re the vaccines: Remember his much bally-hooed decision to withhold the US's "assessed contribution" to the WHO in May of 2020? It's almost impossible to dig up now, but I remember he gave the money to GAVI (Bill Gates)--same diff. I saw that somewhere recently, but didn't bookmark it.
Remember when the statue of mason General Albert Pike was torn down by a mob protesting St. George Floyd's death? Trump directed it be replaced.
Check out the way Trump Tower was built and his private apartment there. Asmodeus (a demon) is featured in it.

Jeff said (May 5, 2023):

I maintain that Trump is controlled opposition and as a reality T.V.
star playing the part the globalists chose for him.

Remember, Trump promised a new 911 commission and to release ALL Kennedy
assasination documents. He did neither, but blocked release mof any
documents. He lied and lied and lied again!

I see no reason to assume that John McCain was executed by Trump because
of a few minor misnomers made by several officials.

If Trump had McCain killed, which I do not believe, without "Due
Process" then I am more than certain that he had Jeffrey Epstein
murdered in jail as Epstein was a far greater threat to Trump than
McCain could have ever been.

Looking at things a little differently, it is self-evident that faker
Trump is 100% globalist and 0% Bill of Rights.

He's a proven Judas Goat and will betray any trust placed in him.

Qanon was simply a Trump marketing scheme and "Operation Warp Speed" was
the end of civilization as we know it.

WB said (May 5, 2023):

Who writes this? Trump did not execute John McCain. Trump is Deep State all the way.
I have seen his party videos from his Clinton lovefest days.
Trump did visit Epstein many times. The proof is there and indisputable.

CK said (May 5, 2023):

he ACID Test:

Anyone with very high net worth (i.e. more than a few hundred mil) is "initiated" in the Cult.

Anyone giving Masonic hand signals is "initiated" in the Cult.

Anyone who has or had a prime time show on cable or broadcast is "initiated" in the Cult.

Anyone holding higher office (governor or president) or the CEO of a large public company is approved by the Cult or they would already be dead.

Trump: Check, Check, Check and Check.

Operation Trust is alive and well on the path to the Great Reset (aka Satanic Global Communism).

Anyone real ends up either broke or dead.


DD said (May 5, 2023):

totally, this guy is new world order or he would not be in the political arena so long. masonic hand signs, & hand shakes. you are also known by the company you keep. his dad was a big influence. why did he promote the vaccine & glorify how quickly it was produced.? that is a big sign against him. trump can't even save his own soul, so how will he save america?

James said (May 5, 2023):

Once again you are spot on the truth of the matter.

Trump is a freemason. His god is lucifer. The father of lies.

He is a liar. For all your readers – don’t believe anything that liars say.

Anyone who believes what-ever comes from his mouth is a fool.

Readers, do your own research. Be responsible for what you believe is truth.

The god of freemasonry is lucifer. It is stated in their ‘bible’ written by Albert Pike.

Find a copy and read it for yourself.

Henry Makow tells the truth of the matter.

He doesn’t lie.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at