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Mike Stone - They're Serious About Making You Eat Insects

May 30, 2023




"You don't think people who hid behind face diapers
and face shields are going to say no to a dinner
of grasshoppers and cockroaches?"
by Mike Stone
Forbes recently ran a piece called "Eat Bugs! It's What for Dinner."
Why is a so-called financial magazine promoting bugs for dinner? The answer is conditioning. It's how every "organic" movement begins. Grass roots is really astro turf.
Conditioning is how the whole tranny movement started. In 2007, Barbara Walters interviewed Jaron Bloshinsky, a ten-year-old boy who claimed to be a girl. That was the first step in getting the public to accept tranny mania. It was followed by a subtle increase in news stories about "transsexuals" and how they were accidentally born into the wrong bodies. Total nonsense, yet look at where we are today.
That's how these agendas are pushed. They begin with what looks like a harmless question or an enlightened news story that's put forth by the media in order to gauge public perception. Gradually those stories increase in number until the public is fully conditioned, then the push begins.
Bugs for dinner is the latest thing. It's being heavily promoted by the World Economic Forum, and when Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum says, "Jump," the presidents of major countries ask, "How high?"
Under pressure from the WEF, the European Union has declared meat carcinogenic. Their recommended replacement? Bugs.
Bill Gates has his hands all over eat bugs. He's a major investor in Beyond Beef, a fake meat company. The more people he can convince to stop eating meat, the more money he will make.
Replacing meat with bugs is an issue that very few people are currently aware of. Mention it, and the average person will laugh out loud and not take you seriously. How blind they are. Like trannyism, they won't see it until a plate of fried cockroaches is staring them right the face.
If you're the investigative type, you might ask yourself whether the "bugs for dinner" push is related to other events we've seen over the last two years, such as train derailments that cause toxic spills and kill thousands of animals. Or food processing fires. Or farmers by the thousands claiming their chicken feed has been poisoned. Is it all a coincidence?
Could there be a connection between rising food prices and the push to eat bugs? Just who is behind the effort to raise meat and natural food prices above and beyond what average people can afford? The price for meat, eggs, and dairy products are at all-time highs. 
Our country's "climate czar," John Kerry, recently said government confiscations of farms is "not off the table." Could this be another tactic used to drive food prices sky high?
Remember, one of the primary goals of the World Economic Forum is to push everyone into "Smart Cities." ( That's a lot easier to do if you're feeding them bugs. Look at how little land and labor you need to raise bugs for human consumption compared to livestock and crops. People that can't afford real food can be turned into bug-eaters if they're told what a healthy alternative bugs are to meat and dairy products. After all, bugs are a protein source.
If you think the American people won't submit to eating bugs, think again. Fat, dumb Americans showed you exactly who they were during the recent virus hoax. They were frightened out of their wits by a non-existent virus and willfully injected themselves with poison. You don't think people who voluntarily took a death jab are going to stop at eating bugs if that's all they can afford? You don't think people who hid behind face diapers and face shields are going to say no to a dinner of grasshoppers and cockroaches?
Consider also just how much the human diet has changed over the last fifty-plus years. Imagine your great-grandparents around the turn of the last century. Imagine if you had told them that in the future people would be eating Twinkie's, Ho-Ho's, candy bars, Cheese Puffs, Doritos, fast food hamburgers and French fries, and washing it all down with soda pop and soft drinks. They'd have laughed and called you crazy. But look at where we are today.
Of course, one of the easiest ways to get people eating bugs is to start with the kids. That's why schools all across the country are now making subtle pushes to promote bug-eating. Don't underestimate the ability of commie-puke teachers to brainwash your kids. If they can get boys to call themselves girls, and girls to call themselves boys, they can do anything. Just watch what happens. If you thought Michael Obama's lunch programs were bad, you ain't seen nothing yet.


The truth is if you have children attending school and consuming school lunches, they are probably already eating bugs. You just don't know it and the school is certainly not going to tell you. 
If you're eating any type of processed food - anything that comes in a wrapper, bag, box, or can - you're probably eating bugs now too. You don't think the same regulatory agencies that just helped poison millions of people with a fake vaccine are going to stop at sneaking bugs into your food?
Klaus Schwab has been very vocal about this. He says you will eat the bugs and you will be happy. Is he right?
If you didn't just respond with a resounding, "Hell, no!" you need to hit the floor and do 100 pushups. 
If you're a young person in school and some pink-haired Communist teacher tries to get you to eat bugs, tell her to shove it.
If you're a single girl, don't marry a man unless he promises to feed you meat.
The bugs are coming alright. 
Mike Stone is the author of Teen Boy's Success Book: the Ultimate Self-Help Book for Boys; Everything You Need to Know to Become a Man available here: And the book Using ChatGPT to Predict the Future: How to Discern the Truth, Forecast the Future & Always Be Right: 

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Comments for "Mike Stone - They're Serious About Making You Eat Insects"

Brian said (May 30, 2023):

There are many reasons why Humans should Not eat Insects.
God designed Birds to eat Insects.

Allergenic: There is a potential to develop serious allergic reactions to edible insects. For example, people who suffer from seafood allergies should avoid edible insects.
Biological: Many different kinds of bacteria that are known to make people sick have been found in insects including E. coli and Campylobacter. In addition to these bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi are also possible forms of biological contamination.
Chemical: Because many insects are eaten whole, they are especially vulnerable to chemical contamination. Pesticides, toxic metals and dioxins are some chemicals that are of concern with insect consumption.
Physical: Insects can be a choking hazard due to their hard parts which include stingers, wings, rostrum (sharp mouthparts) and spines.
Once again, the people in control are playing Humanity.

AG said (May 30, 2023):

If you've been vaccinated you may find bugs that taste like chicken

Al Thompson said (May 30, 2023):

Yeah, right. The government has had it’s Bud Light moment. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Talk about going against the natural order.

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