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Mike Stone - A Catholic's View of Pornography

May 11, 2023




Mike Stone has written an advice book for teenage boys. His first
line of advice is "Purge All Porn." 
Porn has been used to turn males into sex addicts and to undermine the institution of marriage. Both have contributed to the satanic possession we are experiencing.
For another perspective, see my "Managing the Male Sex Drive."
by Mike Stone
If you're not currently reading or watching pornography, you're a good man. Don't ever start.
If you ARE currently reading and watching pornography, it's important for you to stop immediately and purge it all from your life. 
Pornography has no place in the life of a man. It's sinful, it's disgusting, and it leads to masturbation, a mortal sin that will send you straight to hell.
Even the act of reading or watching pornography is a mortal sin that will send you to hell for all eternity. Is the sight of some ugly whore's naked body worth going to hell for?
Women who allow themselves to be seen naked or in any form of scanty attire (bikinis, swimming suits, short skirts, etc.) are a blight on humanity and guilty of serious sin. They are literal human scum and condemning their souls to hell in exchange for fleeting male attraction. If you knew them in real life, you'd be appalled and disgusted just being around them. Are you going to put your soul in danger of eternal damnation just to ogle one of these filthy whores?
You may not know this, but the main purpose of pornography is the destruction of Christianity. The porn pushers admit this themselves. That's why pornography is so rampant in our society.
Overcoming Temptation
If you feel overrun with sexual desire, calm down. You wouldn't feel sexual desire if your grandmother was in the room, so picture her standing there next to you.
If you're burning with lust and temptation, the solution is to pray more. A lot more. St. Bruno said, "He hath a demon within him who persists in any grave sin." The only way to remove that demon is through prayer.
Purging yourself of pornography means giving up all dating sites, all hookup sites, and every website where useless whores parade their bodies in exchange for money from feminized men. 
All Pornography is Homosexual
That feminized men are the biggest purveyors of pornography shouldn't surprise you. They are weak and unable to exert even the slightest bit of willpower when it comes to women and pornography. Feminized men also display symptoms of homosexuality and all pornography is homosexual in nature.
How could it not be? The people pushing pornography know that everyone who reads and watches it will eventually get turned on by homosexuality and want to engage in it. And once a person engages in homosexuality, the next step is homosexual sex with children.
Reading or watching pornography will ruin your relationships with women. Romantic relationships are hard enough as is. Add pornography to the mix and you've just made it ten times harder. I sometimes wonder if the reason why so many men complain of not being able to engage in romance with women is because they read or watch pornography.
If you're a girl reading this, you're just as guilty. The pornography you're consuming, along with your trashy romance novels and celebrity gossip magazines are ruining your relationships with men. Burn it all.
Pornography Will Turn You into an Animal
Pornography takes all the romance out of sex and reduces it to an animal act; an act devoid of feeling and emotional attachment. It turns humans into animals.
Many men use pornography less as a substitute for sex then they do as a drug. They're addicted to it and can't stop. To them, pornography is a destructive way of escaping reality.
When you make the decision to purge yourself of pornography, and it's a decision you must make, be ready to suffer in the same way that anyone quitting an addiction suffers.  The first step is to ask God for help. Praying the Rosary is the absolute best way to develop the strength of will to overcome temptation. Try it and see for yourself.
If your buddies encourage you to watch pornography either alone or with them, tell them no and walk away. Then start looking for new friends.
Avoid pointless interactions and flirty banter with women. All that does is lead to an urge for pornography.
Every dollar you spend on pornography is another dollar into the pockets of those who hate God, hate Christianity, and want to see you dead. If you continue to read or watch pornography, it makes you an enemy collaborator and a traitor to God.
There's no middle ground in this battle for purity. You're either with God or you're against him. Cancel all cable and streaming services that allow you access to pornography, burn all of your magazines, destroy all of your videos and DVDs, and make a vow to never indulge in any of it ever again. Do it now. God is watching you.
Mike Stone is the author of Teen Boy's Success Book: the Ultimate Self-Help Book for Boys; Everything You Need to Know to Become a Man available here:  And the book Using ChatGPT to Predict the Future: How to Discern the Truth, Forecast the Future & Always Be Right: 
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Comments for "Mike Stone - A Catholic's View of Pornography"

MS said (May 12, 2023):

"(Masturation) is sinful, it's disgusting, and it leads to masturbation, a mortal sin that will send you straight to Hell."

Wow! Really?? If that's the case, 99.9% of all men are or will be burning in Hell!

Oh, but not the pedophile Catholic Priests, eh??

I was Baptized Catholic; thank Jesus my parents never put us through that damaging indoctrination!!

Catholicism has been totally undermined by Judaism - just look at the Pope; a Jesuit selected by Jewry from Argentina, who has made so many previous forms of sin OK now...I suppose jacking-off was included! He replaced the first Pope to EVER "retire". Ha!

Religion, in so many ways, is BS. I don't need religion to be a good, honest, compassionate, spiritual person!

I hate Hypocrisy, a major trait of Jewry, along with lying, as our Jew media exhibits daily.

Jeremy said (May 12, 2023):

Henry, I read with great interest your article on Porn.Maybe if my wife put out more than once every two-three months, I wouldn't have to look at it. Just a thought

Ed said (May 12, 2023):

Thanks for your article on porn, Henry.
I think the single worst thing about porn for both men and women is that orgasm drains willpower.
THIS, I believe, is one of the many attacks the Jews use against their enemies; to drain their willpower.

Just go a few weeks without orgasm and you will see just how fast your willpower returns, how rapidly you become a feisty and determined creature once again.

The Jews need their enemy's willpower to constantly be at its lowest point so that they can successfully push their agenda without resistance.
There is nothing better than an enemy whose favorite expression is "I don't care."

So, in addition to all the other effects you mention, this one should be at the top of the heap as well.

Keep on scribing.
The entire planet is awake now, believe it or not.
The Zio-Khazarians have their hands FULL.
Armageddon might be all they have left.

AG said (May 12, 2023):

I decided to go Celibate in 2001. It wasn't because I became disillusioned over the state of women and decided on a MTOW approach. It was because I was almost 40 years old still without a family or prospects for one.

When there is no longer a reasonable chance for a traditional family and children, I thought it best to cash in my family jewels and focus elsewhere. For the last 21 years I can say with 100% certainty that not one of my kids was presented for termination.

My immaturity in my 20s, which saw two accidental pregnancies terminated in part by my suggestion, told God that I should not be trusted again. He agreed.

vb said (May 12, 2023):

Mr. Stone is always good for the extreme.
And in this case he damns men to hell with each and every act of "porn".
I ask that a rational God-fearing mind define porn.
He damns to hell with absolutely no biblical quotes...
I am not justifying that nondescript sin called, porn. But just what is it, by God's standards?
Let us remember that we have feminism but we also bury the fact that King David a man after God's own heart had 7 wives. One of which was obtained by lust, adultery, murder... and what became of that?
Acknowledged sin, yes...
But a son called King Solomon, the wisest man on earth!!! Who had 300 wives, 600 concubines...
Now Mr. Stone, define porn. Uh, oh, wow, Song of Solomon!! Wasn't that porn?
Actually, God gave us all hormones and also gave us guidelines. TEACH THE TRUTH TO YOUR CHILDREN.
Add in Jacob's wives and the resulting 12 tribes... I shake my head.
Now to finish: Jesus Christ, son of God said, and I paraphrase: Men, do you know how easy it is to commit adultery?
If you look at another woman with lust in your mind, well you just committed adultery.
I'm thinking any cherished unforgiven sin a sentence to hell. Lying is the top dog.

Art said (May 11, 2023):

Entering the 22nd year of Celibacy .. and of course pornography has no place in my world.

One thing I have discovered recently ... I really love women, all women actually. Well, all actual women actually. It's probably how a man feels after being married for decades ... the youthful humpin' phase is over and now you notice how truly awesome they are.

Since men and women fit together like a hand and glove, it's easy for me to see how sexuality has been weaponized and used against us

Joe said (May 11, 2023):

Hi Henry, for the second time this week, Mike Stone is wrong in his telling men they are wrong for watching pornography. This is misandry. The easiest thing in the world is to back the Matriarchy and push the false narrative that “men need to do better”. This implies that women are never to blame; if there is a problem it is a man’s fault.

Some people (men and women) can have a sip of alcohol and their life falls apart. Other people have a sip of alcohol to no effect. Some studies say a glass of wine is healthy. Some people are addicted to marijuana. Some people say marijuana is the best thing for their glaucoma. Some people can watch porn and or masturbate and function fine, while for some it is an instrument of destruction.

Stone claims men choose porn and masturbation over marriage. No. Modern men choose not to get married to Modern women because of the overrepresentation of Feminists. No Patriarchal man wants to marry a Feminist.

The answer isn’t men need to do better. The problem is: We live in a Matriarchy, where too many men like Mike Stone enable Feminists' bad behavior. Patriarchal men, i.e. real men ignore Feminists at any cost.

This site is tagged “against Feminism and the New World Order”. Stone should consider writing an article about how women need to do better; maybe he should write an article why porn is better than Feminists.

RH said (May 11, 2023):

Mr. Stone is giving good advice. I remember when I was much younger and employed at a large corporation, a group of us men employees visited the strip joint next to the hotel where we were having a business meeting. I was dumbfounded by the actions of these educated and married men watching the strippers. It was as if they were mesmerized into a trance. I remember my thoughts clearly yet today, "What happened to these young women in their life to make them want to strip in front of so many men?" I never took to strip clubs.

I also knew a man with a relative high level position at work who boasted during coffee breaks that his goal in life was to visit every strip joint in the State and he was serious! Wow, what a goal.

In the 1970s, they told us Playboy was high quality reading. Hah! College students fell for that one.

Today, I don't even want to watch men and women kissing on a TV show and neither does my wife. The old movies were better at suggesting the act compared to today's blatant voyeurism.

I believe this is a form of spiritual immaturity and is to be exorcised out of us as Mr. Stone suggests, through prayer. Prayer is the answer for many things.

Keep up the good work.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at