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May 9 - Russia Defies Satanist West

May 9, 2023


(Putin at Victory Day Address)


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The Russian leader accused Western powers of trying to build a system of “robbery, violence and suppression”

Globalist elites provoking bloody conflicts and coups – Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech at the Victory Day military parade, which marks the 78th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II, in Moscow.

Western elites have forgotten the consequences of the Nazis’ “insane ambitions,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

Russia believes that “any ideology of superiority is by its nature disgusting, criminal and deadly,” the president pointed out.

“The globalist elites keep insisting on their exceptionalism; they pit people against each other, split societies, provoke bloody conflicts and coups, sow hatred, Russophobia and aggressive nationalism, destroy traditional family values that make human a human,” Putin said.

According to the Russian leader, all this is being done by the US and allies in order to “further dictate their will, their rights and their rules” and implement what is basically “a system of robbery, violence and suppression” on the international stage.

“It seems that they have forgotten what the insane ambitions of the Nazis led to. They have forgotten who defeated this monstrous, total evil,” he stressed.
Multiple foreign leaders to attend Victory Parade in Moscow

Referring to the conflict in Ukraine, Putin said that “a real war has been unleashed against out Motherland. But we resisted international terrorism. We’ll also defend the residents of Donbass and assure our security.”

The aim of the West is “to achieve the disintegration and destruction of our country, nullify the results of World War II, completely break down the system of global security and international law, and strangle any sovereign centers of development,” he insisted.

The US and its allies are to blame for the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, the head of state said.

“Overwhelming ambitions, arrogance and permissiveness inevitably lead to tragedies. This is the reason for the catastrophe that the Ukrainian people are now experiencing,” he pointed out.

The Ukrainians became “hostages” of the coup that took place in the country in 2014 and were turned into “a bargaining chip” by the West, which uses the country to implement its “cruel selfish plans.”


U.S. and UK Secretly Agreed to Hide Vaccine Reactions

In the days leading up to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, U.S. and U.K. health officials entered into a “mutual confidentiality agreement” to keep vaccine adverse events under wraps.


The FBI likely ran nearly half the child porn sites on the dark web in 2016

Here is Joe Biden bragging about how he got the Ukrainian prosecutor Victor Shokin fired who was investigating his crackhead son's corrupt company Burisma Energy by bribing the corrupt Ukrainian president with $1 billion US taxpayer dollars. Hunter said in a text pedo Joe Biden gets half his salary


YOUR WOKE IDIOT DOCTOR WILL SEE YOU NOW: Over 40 American medical schools have ditched objective admissions standards in favor of increasing “diversity” and “inclusion”


Russian space agency boss says that ‘no proof’ US ever landed on the Moon


trudeau-greasy.jpgNever let what's left of a good hoax go to waste.


Trudeau Liberals declare support for ‘mandatory vaccination’ to ‘finish the fight’ against COVID

‘The totalitarian policies passed at a Liberal convention today will re-emerge as the Trudeau government legislation and regulations of tomorrow,’ said Campaign Life Coalition’s Jack Fonesca.


MEDICAL FASCISM GONE WILD: WHO plans to launch Global Digital Health Certificate that will demand compliance with all vaccines and lockdowns


BREAKING: Fundraiser launched for former Marine Daniel Penny’s legal defense

Jordan Neely was a 30-year-old homeless man, a repeat offender with over 40 prior arrests and severe mental illness issues. Neely died on May 1 after Penny, 24, had placed him into a chokehold after Neely had reportedly started behaving erratically and showing aggression towards other passengers. Footage from the day showed Penny placing Neely in a “recovery position” in an attempt to make sure he was okay.


Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt defends decision to close state's PBS station OETA over 'indoctrination and over-sexualization of children' including reading of kids' book about drag queen's hips

Did Russia really knock out Ukraine-NATO Command HQ?


normalized.pngRFK Jr. Calls Out The Illuminati—Almost Sounds Like Trump in Some Areas

11 minutes of RFK Jr calling out the deep state on numerous topics.  He nails it.


Jim Stone--
 The Covid op was carried out by fake nurses and doctors created by the DOD via a fake diploma program

As it turns out, the DOD launched the Covid op and supported it  with thousands of fake doctors and nurses
 who made the ventilator deaths  happen.--Robert Kennedy Jr. sees ‘overwhelming evidence’ CIA involved in JFK assassination

Robert Kennedy Jr. sees ‘overwhelming evidence’ CIA involved in JFK assassination

High School students who died suddenly or unexpectedly after taking COVID-19 mRNA vaccines - 16 cases in 2022

Brother Nathaniel- The “hellish” beginnings of Bud Light’s AD campaign lands squarely on its VP of Marketing, Alissa Heinerscheid, a Jew who’s hell-bent project of breaking the brand out of it’s “out of touch” image, reached fruition.

Here she is a while back at a Harvard “ISIS” club blowing up condoms into balloons and guzzling beer.

On the heels of the backlash, the company put her on “leave” to appease its White Christian customer base.

Don’t be deceived, its customer base will be mocked.

This is a “stall,” a “play for time,” that does not express the company’s trajectory.



Kremlin Responds To Ukraine Intel Chief’s Threat To “Kill Russians Anywhere”


Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov blasted the threatening remarks, calling them “truly heinous” while “vigorously” condemning them. In the Monday response, Peskov said, “What Budanov said is a direct confirmation that the Kiev regime isn’t only sponsoring terrorist activity, but is a direct organizer of this activity.”

Steve Van Metre

Banking Insiders Reveal How the Unthinkable May Happen as New Regulations Mean Nationalization Looms

bank-run.pngLatest!! Michael Cowan-- 
Fed in Full Panic Mode


URGENT Warning for All Credit Card Holders!

LEAKED! Biden Administration Planning To End Us Dollar As World Reserve Currency

Jared Bernstein (Jew) advoates end of US$ as world reserve currency. He has just become the head of Biden's counsil of economic adnvisors


'Godfather of AI' discusses dangers the developing technologies pose to society

Elon and Tucker Team Up To Destroy Fox News!!!
This is the heart of the matter.

Russ Winter Joins Robert Phoenix to Discuss the Enormous Subject of Sabbatean Frankist Inversion

Sabbatean Frankism is a roll-up-your-sleeves topic of critical importance. I deliberately went to Robert Phoenix with this discussion as he offers considerable add-on value.

At minute 00:32:00 of the podcast, he offered a very plausible theory as to why and how 18th-century Frankist women were such successful gold-diggers and seducers of highly influential Judaic and Catholic men.




Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "May 9 - Russia Defies Satanist West"

CW said (May 9, 2023):

Dear Henry - Naturally the Liberal government (and thereby the NDP) want mandatory "vaccines". After having implemented and participated in Covid 19 clot shot genocide, the Liberals just can't let the thrill of murder go so hence mandatory kill shots. Just think of it, Canada is being governed by various versions of Ted Bundy.

M said (May 9, 2023):

The natural Jews want an earthly kingdom, the glory that was once theirs in King Solomon, restored in this earth.

The spiritual Jews, the Christians, know that Christ's Kingdom is NOT OF THIS EARTH at this time! Jesus said that the Kingdom of God comes without observation. It is not physical, or carnal at this time, and cannot be perceived with the eyes. Jesus said that His Kingdom is within us, in our hearts and minds and spirits. The Word says that the Father and the Son will come in to us and sup with us, in our inner beings, if we invite them in. The Gospel of Christ's Kingdom is to be taken to the entire world, and then the end will come. We know what that end is by reading the Book of Revelation, or 2 Peter 3:9-13.

The Jews didn't want a spiritual kingdom. They wanted an earthly one, and the battle has been enjoined now for more than two thousand years!

The Father's Very Best Love, Joy, Peace, Mercy, Grace and VICTORY, always, in Christ's great love for you!

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