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May 4 - Biden Guilty of "Unbelievable Crimes;" Must be Impeached

May 4, 2023


(left, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene)


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Marjorie Taylor Greene Reveals New Whistleblower For Biden Family Influence Peddling

 Marjorie Taylor Greene is the Real Deal. What she says rings of truth. It is painful to hear.  She says that a credible whistle blower has come forward and exposed Biden's crimes. She demands FBI Director Christopher Wray and AG Merrick Garland release evidence they are suppressing.

Joe Biden 'Engaged In A Bribery Scheme With A Foreign National': FBI Internal Document Alleges

President Joe Biden allegedly participated in "a criminal scheme" to exchange money for policy decisions, according to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Rep. James Comer (R-KY), citing an internal FBI document they say contains evidence of the alleged bribery which took place when Biden was Vice President.



The Banking Collapse Of 2023 Is Now Officially Bigger Than The Banking Collapse Of 2008 Was

"JPMorgan Chase is one of the owners of the Federal Reserve, and was paid off with theft via taxation to take over First Republic Bank. All of the toxic assets were discharged with even more taxation theft through yet another unconstitutional agency in the FDIC, while the worthwhile assets were absorbed by JPMorgan Chase in yet another example of crony capitalism, which is the antithesis of free market capitalism. In other words, privatized profits and socialized losses on an ever more egregious scale. And it will only get worse now. This is how technocommunism gets instituted; that is, slowly, then all at once."


sharp.jpgThe Nazis Would be Proud’: Rabbi  Urges Action Over ‘Antisemitic’ Guardian Cartoon

 Cartoonist said that “what I’m feeling now is enormous regret, idiocy and deep shame,” admitting that he was aware that Sharp was Jewish but that this “fact never crossed my mind as I drew him.”

Rabbi demands the cartoonist is fired. Makow- Reminds me of Voltaire; You know your masters by those you arte not permitted to criticize."






Artificial Intelligence to Replace Teachers: Bill Gates

Gates said AI will be better than human teachers in many respects within the next two years as indoctrination of children is taken over by computer systems.


Electric cars losing value twice as fast as gas vehicles – Survey: Growing portion of US shoppers are rejecting EVs

prigozhin.jpgPrigozhin and Other Russian Patriots Are Saying Russian Deep State sabotaging war, Russian Army sucks

PacWest regional bank shares plunge 50% after execs pleaded for a sale or cash injection - as its huge investment in volatile commercial real estate loans causes concern on Wall Street
Bro Nathaniel- Tucker Carlson, excuse the metaphor, is the last goy alive.

"Deflated, demoralized, disenfranchised, decamerized, a victim of a Jewish cancel-culture downsize.

The kikes who run the media, the banks, finance, Fox News—Murdoch’s mother’s a Jew—sliced off the last surviving White voice.

"CNN Light is now the best you’re going to get.


Debt Ceiling Farce and Why the US Should Declare Bankruptcy  By Doug Casey

The situation is completely and irredeemably out of control. It’s a farce. Quite laughable, except for the fact it’s so deadly serious.

Can they reduce the debt ceiling or the amount of debt? Or even slow down its growth at this point? No.

What If The Fed Has Lost Control?
by Charles Hugh Smith

When they pull it all for good this next time around, the masses that were unable to see that we were living in a massive protracted crash since 2008 will have a most rude and desperate awakening, upcoming “pandemics” and other psyops notwithstanding. When this bubble bursts, there will be no fourth or fifth bubble, there will only be rubble.


Cabalist bankers give American a choice between a senile pedophile and a serial rapist.

Journalist cries as she testifies how Trump sexually assaulted her while Melania was nearby


consumer-revolt-cartoon.jpgLGBT victory: Peer pressure to avoid ‘heteronormativity’ is out of control
The identity game is the hottest game in town, and everyone wants in – especially teens trying to find themselves and desperate for peer approval.

The number of students identifying as anything other than “heteronormative” are increasing by double digits and going up year over year. The identity game is the hottest game in town, and everyone wants in – especially teens trying to find themselves and desperate for peer approval.

King Charles and the Globalists set meeting for September at which they will plot how to accelerate goals of U.N. Agenda 2030 and the complete digitization of humanity

RFK Jr. promises punishment against all gov officials who committed crimes against humanity during covid: “Not retribution but justice!” –

Bohemian Grove historical membership list

We Don’t Quite Know’ About the Consequences of Retail CBDCs: IMF Chief

CBDC's are another Buttwiper gaffe



soul-catcher.jpgProject Soul Catcher By Dr. Robert Duncan - CIA Capabilities Of Mind and Soul Hacking

I read his book Project Soul Catcher Volume Two: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed. I believe every adult human on this planet needs to read this. It is beyond horrifying what our own CIA and other secret agencies have done to torture and terrorize innocent civilians. They truly are the agency of S.A.T.A.N - which happens to stand for their Silent Assassination Through Adapting Networks Artificial Intelligence weapon. Interestingly they also have C.H.R.I.S.T. program which is the Common Human Routines Interference Software Technology.

Excellent presentation making all of us understand WHO run our Government and it starts at City Hall..

Ryan Messano knows how to handle his city council


Biden Proclaims May as Jewish-American Heritage Month, Calls on All Americans to Denounce Antisemitism"

US President Joe Biden has proclaimed May 2023 as Jewish-American Heritage Month and urged Americans to condemn antisemitism and all forms of hatred.

Makow- You are not permitted to hate the force that is destroying your life. The only way for Jews to stop antisemitism, is to admit that antisemites have got it right. Then publicly break ranks as I have done. Otherwise, they are going to hang everything that is coming on you. Jews have got to stop being human shields to some pretty nasty people and agendas.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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