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May 3 - US Banking System in Crisis

May 3, 2023




Left, Goldman Trading Desk Warns Bank Selling Is Spreading And Could Get Far Worse


It appears that the central  bankers are engineering a financial crisis and even a Depression to force society to adopt their CBDC.


IMO, there is no other need to bring the economy to its knees to fight inflation.

A 1930's-like depression is far worse than inflation. People can hedge against inflation through commodities and wage increases. The most vulnerable can receive support,


STOCK MARKET Crashes After Mass Layoffs Confirm A Deep Recession Is Imminent

2 More Banks Face Collapse in 48 Hours..

Viewer--"These regional banks are totally screwed.   As a matter of fact the too big to fail banks have issues just as the smaller banks do.   The entire MMT fiat economic system is based on credit.   It needs and demands constant credit creation to function.   Unfortunately millions of Americans are in debt far beyond what they can repay.    Continually and constantly extending credit to those unable to repay is the kiss of death for this debt based system.    Raising rates has done nothing to solve the core issues, debt and inflation.    At this point the entire monetary system is at risk and the banksters know it.    Should get quite interesting going forward.

The US Banking System Is Sound?

If we are to believe the mainstream narrative, the failures of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and First Republic Bank were isolated events and do not reflect a broader problem in the banking system. But as we have reported, these bank failures are just the tip of the iceberg. A report by the Wall Street Journal cites a study from Stanford and Columbia Universities that found 186 US banks are in distress.

And as Manuel Garcia Gojon pointed out in an article published by the Mises Wire, it’s not just the small and medium-sized banks. Charles Schwab and other big banks may also be insolvent.

One of the biggest problems facing banks is the rapid devaluation of their bond portfolios.


Brighteon Broadcast News, May 2, 2023 - Central banks GOBBLE GOLD while UN pushes migrant REPLACEMENT of Americans and Europeans

Three more banks halted on stock exchange as collapse spreads

Central banks are buying gold at a record pace, and just today, three more banks were halted on the stock exchange as their stock prices collapsed. Those three banks are PacWest Bankcorp, Western Alliance and Metropolitan Bank. More bank failures are imminent. Fiat currencies are collapsing (by design).

I interviewed Chris Olson, the CEO of Treasure Island, about this very scenario yesterday.


putin6.jpgSelf-sufficiency in all spheres lies at foundation of sovereignty — Putin

"The most important factor is, of course, the sphere of education," the President stressed

MOSCOW, May 2. /TASS/. Being self-sufficient in all areas is of the utmost importance to Russia, particularly in the sphere of education, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the government on Tuesday. "This is always a key topic but nevertheless, lately we more and more often talk about Russia’s sovereignty, about strengthening it as a key factor of our country’s self-preservation and territorial integrity. But at the foundation of this sovereignty, undoubtedly, lies self-sufficiency in all key spheres - in the economy and in the defense sphere," the head of state said.


Girls are fighting back!

18-Year-Old Girl Asks the Most Powerful Question Against Tranny Insanity; Audience Loves It!

Girl talks truth to power. It takes courage to state the truth these days. She aks the question- "Why do mentally ill males trump the feelings and rights of girls who are NOT comfortable with this. Females are being replaced.


Brain Damage: Why the Masses May Never Rise Up | Dr. Bhakdi (EXCERPT)

Dr. Bhakdi joins me today to explain the mechanism by which the toxic mRNA shots infect every organ of the body, and especially their effect upon the brain, and how that might lead to a very bleak future. But not a future that is without hope.


Jew explains that Israel was created as a personal enforcer for the Rothschilds & their interests


Immunity.jpgAfter 3 years of increasingly obvious 'science', The White House announced the U.S. would be ending the requirement for non-U.S. citizens to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 as a condition of entering the country.

The vaccine requirements will end May 11, when the Biden administration is officially declaring an end to the public health emergency.


Dr. Tenpenny Pimping Bugs as a food source

Reader--Dr. Tenpenny doesn't want you to eat Bugs.

The article by Mike Higgins 'Dr. Tenpenny Pimping Bugs as a food source' is totally false, and either desinformation or written without the author having take time to read thru what Dr. Tenpenny wrote. In any case the Big Pharma gangsters that see Dr. Tenpenny as one of their main opponents will be happy.
Only because an author writes a very informative, deep diving article on the subject of bugs as food, doesn't say that the author endorse doing so. The two articles is written in a neutral, very informative and objective tone, and even the sub-heading of article one, 'Let the Buyer Beware', should tell people that Dr. Tenpenny doesn't endorse people eating bugs. In fact,there is no place in the articles where Dr. Tenpenny endorses eating bugs and insects. Instead there is a lot of informative warnings about doing so. In the end writing of the main article Dr. Tenpenny gives the following warning:

"All of these concerns need to be fully addressed before the environmental “sustainability benefits” associated with farming and mass production edible bug products can moved ahead. While insects may become good source of protein in the future, the benefits cannot be over emphasized when so many concerns regarding food safety remain.

In the meantime, read the labels and let the buyer beware. Don’t eat their bugs."
Below the two articles by Dr. Tenpenny
Eating Bugs and Insects? Let the Buyer Beware
Eating Bugs and Insects - Part 2


Is this guide to policing your children's online viewing any good?

Net Zero” and the Transhuman Agenda: War Against Nature and Humanity

We must spell it out as it is. The intention behind the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, Green Deal ‘Net Zero’ agenda is to completely block off the arteries of sentient life on earth and replace them with an insentient artificial construct.


New York Set to Pass First Statewide Law Banning Gas in New Construction

The law would effectively require that most new buildings go all-electric, jettisoning fossil-fuel-burning appliances in favor of heat pumps and induction stoves for heating and cooking. It is part of a national movement, led by climate advocates, to cut greenhouse gas emissions from homes and businesses by ridding buildings of natural gas, heating oil and propane.


Missing-viruses.jpgFrom Shari on Facebook

One of my neighbors is a pediatric neurosurgeon, and the other an emerg physician. At the onset of Covid they said don’t worry about the virus, because as they said it was mild.
Then they got the for employment purposes. They did not give the shots to their teenage boys as they didn’t believe they were safe enough to give to young people.
Last week I spoke to them, and they regret getting the jab.
He has has seen 2 people die immediately following injection.
Now, these doctors are the lucky ones because they never administered the jab.
But many doctors, nurses,  and pharmacists did administer these jab,  willingly. They supported the use of coercion, and promoted the division in families and our society. They eagerly turned their backs on their oath to do no harm. They will never see a court room, but they will see our young, diseased, sterile and suffer an early demise. They will pay with their souls, they participated in the greatest crime ever against humanity.


Calgary preacher guilty of mischief for urging truckers to continue Coutts border protest

Artur Pawlowski was also on trial for violating Critical Infrastructure Act and breaching bail conditions

Calgary pastor Artur Pawlowski is guilty of mischief for encouraging truckers to continue blocking the Canada-U.S. border crossing during a 2022 protest that lasted more than two weeks, a Lethbridge judge has ruled.

AI another way for goyim to be considered redundant, something they always were to Satanist Jews like Yuval Harari

Thermographic Imaging Shows Massive Blood Clots in the Asymptomatic Vaxxed

Biologist, Felipe Reitz, in Brazil has his own line of Thermographic imaging equipment and began diagnosing his vaccinated patients who were injected with the Covid shots. What he found was extensive blood clotting throughout the entire vascular system in asymptomatic people who received the shot


Companies in Switzerland are trying to train children to eat insects to build up a future customer base for the Great Reset-style protein.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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