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May 28, 2023



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U.S. Postal Carrier: "19 People Have Died on my Mail Route in Last 4 Months"-- Vax Jabbed!
A U.S. Postal Mail Carrier has released a video explaining that on her route of 460 homes, it is average for one or two people to die each year, but in the last four months, NINETEEN people on her route have died!  She thinks it's the Vax. . .
WHO do you think you are? Outrage over 'unprecedented land grab' that 'could see World Health Organization force Britain, the US and Australia into lockdowns in future pandemics
West waging ‘undeclared war’ on Russia and Belarus – Moscow
NATO is using the Ukraine crisis as an excuse to build up its forces in Eastern Europe and deploy weapons which are being aimed at Russia and Belarus, Moscow’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu claimed on Thursday during a meeting with his Belarusian counterpart Viktor Khrenin.
"Additional military contingents and military infrastructure are being deployed, combat training and reconnaissance activities are being activated near the borders of the Union State (of Russia and Belarus)," Shoigu said, adding that the US-led military bloc has already launched the next stage of its expansion, and is now modernizing military infrastructure in Eastern and Central Europe.
Shoigu also noted that Western governments are intentionally “doing everything possible in order to stretch out and escalate the conflict in Ukraine” by continuing to provide military aid to Kiev’s armed forces.
“Today we are together resisting the collective West, which is waging an essentially undeclared war against our countries," he said, noting that NATO’s military activity has acquired a “most aggressive direction.”
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Newsom Blasts Target CEO 'Sell-Out', Claims Nationwide "Systematic Attack" On LGBTQ People Imminent
Governor Nuisance, the attack is on heterosexuality and you know it!  The trannies are being used as battering ram.
Musk’s brain implant firm gets approval for human trials
Neuralink aims to solve a range of medical complaints by implanting a chip into a subject’s skull
Ukraine Today. Captain Killed Battalion Commander For Ordering Him To Move To Front (Video 18+)



Audi Superbowl ad from 2009 is predictive programming
Persecution of people who violate environmental rules except for Audi drivers
The goal is tracking of everything and everyone - everywhere.
"COVID MRNAS ARE NOTHING MORE THAN SMALL SCALE BIO-NANO MACHINES" - Lecture by Professor Ian Akyildiz From Georgia Institute Of Technology
The Death Of Jordan Neely: Why Vigilantes Are A Good Thing
“Preemptive Nuclear War”: The Historic Battle for Peace and Democracy. A Third World War Threatens the Future of Humanity
It should be understood, that there are powerful financial interests behind the NPR which are tied into the $1.3  trillion nuclear weapons program initiated under President Obama. 
Although the Ukraine conflict has so-far been limited to conventional weapons coupled with “economic warfare”, the use of a large array of sophisticated WMDs including nuclear weapons is on the drawing board of the Pentagon.
Dangerous narrative: The NPR proposes “increased integration of conventional and nuclear planning”, which consists in categorizing tactical nuclear weapons (e.g. B61-11 and 12) as conventional weapons, to be used on a preemptive basis in the conventional war theater (as a means of self defense)
Larry Sinclair Recalls His Homosexual Tryst With Barack Obama: ‘He Came Back for Seconds’


Died Suddenly - Multiple family members or couples dying suddenly shortly after COVID-19 vaccination: Was it a bad vaccine vial? Shared genetic anomaly? Coincidence? - 11 family tragedies examined
Douglas McGregor---We do not understand how dangerous the situation with Russia really is
-Quebec students tear down, trample school ‘pride’ flag in protest of LGBT agenda
A 51-second video clip shows a crowd of over a hundred students cheering as the 'pride' flag is tossed from an upper balcony by another student
Medvedev warns West of preemptive nuclear strike
Dmitry Medvedev, who is Russia’s security council deputy chairman, alleged the West was “not fully realising” the threat of nuclear war. Russia has repeatedly accused the West of waging a proxy war with it over Ukraine.
“There are irreversible laws of war. If it comes to nuclear weapons, there will have to be a pre-emptive strike,” said Mr Medvedev.
Israel's May 1948 Tantura massacre: Mass grave sites discovered
Jewish Revenge-----Germany To Import A Quarter Of A Million Kenyans
Is Gonzalo Lira dead, alive, tortured? Why big Media aren't concerned about his well-being?
Died Suddenly - COVID-19 vaccine injured swimmers: 37 yo Italian swimming champion Claudio Rais was driven to suicide by his Moderna COVID-19 booster Injuries, plus 9 other swimmers collapsing & dying
This means that COVID-19 mRNA vaccine induced myocarditis is even more dangerous and deadly for Triathletes and competitive swimmers than for other athletes and regular people.
Doctors should be warning swimmers and triathletes about this elevated risk of sudden cardiac death if they’ve had any COVID-19 vaccine. However, at this time, these increased risks of sudden death are being ignored and swept under the rug.
Competitive triathletes and swimmers are dying suddenly and doctors remain “baffled”.
Khazars--(Includes list of over one thousands countries from which they have expelled.)
Who Are The Jews? (And Who They Are Not)
 HUGE Organ Harvesting Operation on Wounded Soldiers/Civilians Exposed in Ukraine by Doctor Who Performed Barbaric Extractions
The Origins of Queer Communism
By Cliff Kincaid   May 27, 2023
So-called “pride” clothing for kids from a transgender designer who sells Satan-themed products? Where did all of this come from? Clearly, American corporations are transmission belts for satanism and communism. But the communists exported Cultural Marxism to the United States.
Many conservatives do not understand this.
The author of Communism for Kids, Bini Adamczak, wrote that “the Russian revolution instilled new hope, particularly in women and people who did not identify themselves within the hetero-normative paradigm.” The “destruction of the family,” she writes, was the goal. “With the revolution, the right to legal abortion, both sexes’ right to divorce, the decriminalization of adultery, and the annulment of the sodomy law (which had previously prohibited homosexuality) were implemented and enforced,” she explains.
A groundbreaking federal lawsuit could ban fluoride from drinking water, overturning a decades-long program aimed at preventing cavities that has been challenged by mounting evidence of harm.
The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) sued the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Toxic Substances Control Act in 2017, and it appears to be nearing its conclusion. Under the act, citizens can challenge the EPA in court when the agency rejects a petition to ban or regulate a toxic substance. The FAN’s suit is the first in the 44-year history of the act to actually get to trial.


Lander’s office announced that Capital One and KeyBank had outright refused to comply with the anti-discrimination requirement. In a statement,
New York City Freezes Deposits at Two Major Banks After Failing to Implement City’s ‘Woke’ Agenda
The recent measures will freeze new deposits at Capital One and KeyBank for up to two years. Capital One had held $7.2 million in city funds, while KeyBank held $10 million.
Criticism has emerged regarding New York City’s push for banks to comply with the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) movement. Critics argue that ESG encourages businesses to utilize their financial influence to promote specific left-wing social objectives. Elon Musk, for example, has been vocal in his criticism of ESG, claiming that the “S” stands for “Satanic.” 
'Pride' month actually something much more sinister, commentator warns
'Your children will have the same worldview as Greta Thunberg, and you will be happy'
"In this instance, and countless others, the public and private sectors work hand in glove to advance both an ideological and political agenda. When, recently, Ohio Republican Sen. J.D. Vance said that '[t]here is no meaningful distinction between the public and the private sector in the United States of America,' he was describing situations like this, in which state and corporate entities move in lockstep towards common, predetermined goals with such strength and vigor that dissent becomes impossible."
The point is that "elite" of government and corporate America use their influence to impose "a public-private regime dedicated to immanentizing a disordered eschaton."
How CBDCs Will Affect You With Michael Yeadon, PH.D.
Katherine Watt ~ US Military Is Working with International Bankers to Limit & Control All of Humanity
Audio alone in case video won't play:
Katherine Watt explains what has taken place in America in the past 3 years, what we can expect next, and how we can stop it (16 minutes, 23 seconds).

New 9-11 eye witness video show no planes
American elites are starting to concede that the world is rebelling against the US, and Washington has nobody to blame but itself
The rebellion is against Jewish hegemony. The US is a Jewish bitch. The goyim have been trained to overlook the obvious.
The Mafia, The CIA & George Bush - Discussion (1992)
"This is excellent material that I wish more people knew about or payed attention to. It shows the rot and greed that infected our government after the second world War. So many of the same names pop up in different scandals that should just make the people so angry and most people don't have a clue. It's things like this that have destroyed the middle class and left the 1percent holding 99 percent of the wealth while working class people get trampled under foot."

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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