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May 24 - Fair Multipolar World will be Achieved - Putin

May 24, 2023


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Is Russia a bulwark against Rothschild Satanist Hegemony? 

The neo-colonial system based on exploitation will inevitably become a thing of the past, the Russian leader says
Russia and its international partners will build a fair multipolar world together, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said.
Moscow is ready to cooperate with all interested nations to tackle joint threats and challenges, Putin stated in his video address to participants of the 11th International Meeting of High Representatives for Security Issues on Wednesday.
“I am confident that together we’ll achieve the formation of a more just, multipolar world, and that the ideology of exclusivity, as well as the neo-colonial system, which made it possible to exploit the resources of the whole world, will inevitably become a thing of the past,” the Russian leader told the foreign security officials.
Russia has partners in many different regions and continents, and the country’s authorities “highly appreciate” those relationships, he said.
“We value historically strong, friendly, truly trusting ties with the states of Asia, Africa and Latin America, and we will strengthen them in every possible way,” Putin added.
Biden took bribes - Influence Peddling
COVID Vaccine-Injured Sue Biden Administration Over Censorship
A woman who suffered severe nerve damage after receiving a COVID-19 vaccination and four others with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 vaccine injuries launched a lawsuit against President Joe Biden and his administration on May 22.
Top government officials violated the plaintiffs’ rights to free speech and peaceful assembly when they pressured Big Tech companies to crack down on people sharing their experience after receiving the COVID-19 vaccines, Brianne Dressen, the woman, and the other plaintiffs say.
Best Countries to Escape Woke Culture
"Living in Malaysia has removed so many headaches from my life since I came from California with my wife four years ago. Kids here are getting educated normally instead of being indoctrinated, and also, the people are very polite. When it comes to safety, I don't believe any part of California comes close, and obviously it got worse in the last 2 years in places like San Francisco. I don't even consider myself left or right, but California is pretty much slowly becoming unlivable for normal humans.
Somehow the new Butt Lite commercial was perceived as an invitation to be sodomized
This is hilarious.
Former Deputy Nat'l Security Adviser: FBI, CIA & DOJ Will Rig 2024 Election
There is now hard evidence that there was election interference by the U.S. intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice. Those individuals must be terrified that a Republican president comes in with a Republican Attorney General, investigates them, and charges them with all of the crimes they have committed over the last eight years. Take it to the bank.
They will absolutely interfere in 2024...
These people are selling us out. Not only to foreign leaders, but they are interfering in our elections.
They are tearing up the Constitution... This is just a gut punch to the American people."


Dunham Report Exposes FBI and DOJ as Politicized
The best US reporter is in Australia
Lula Lashes Out and Sends Warning to Central Bankers Everywhere
There are few, if any, leaders in the world who are publicly lashing out at central bankers more than Brazil’s Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.
The reasons are increasingly evident as Brazilians feel the pinch of a weakening economy. Nine months after policymakers pinned benchmark interest rates at 13.75%, capping off a dozen rapid-fire hikes, household debt is lingering at a record, banks are gutting lending and corporate bankruptcies are rising.
Much of this pain is being inflicted by the design of central bank governor Roberto Campos Neto. Without it, he and his colleagues figure, demand in the economy won’t cool enough to get inflation fully back to the country’s target.
Poll finds 7% of Canadians view pedophilia as OK
“There is a sizeable gender gap when Canadians are asked about same-sex relations,” said Research Co. President Mario Canseco in a press release.
“While 65% of women find them morally acceptable, the proportion drops to 50% among men.”
Buttwiper caught in battle between Conservatives and gender deviants

roz-makis.pngWilliam Makis MD


"Severe Post COVID-19 Vaccine Syndrome" - Diagnosis only available in UK and EUROPE (not in Canada or USA) - UK Triathlete Roz McGinty injured post 2nd jab, 11 year old boy diagnosed in Germany
Makis- Roz McGinty is one of the most athletic people in the world. She truly believed in the COVID-19 vaccine and after her 2nd dose, she was severely injured and has been injured for 2 years and 2 months.
It is extremely rare to see a top athlete diagnosed with “severe post COVID-19 vaccine syndrome” as Roz McGinty was.
The vast majority of people never get a diagnosis of any kind that they can work with.
Such a diagnosis would never be made in Canada, where the very existence of COVID-19 vaccine injuries is denied. I have seen this kind of diagnosis made in several countries in Europe.
Ivor Cummins- Truly EPIC! The best COVID Liars Compilation EVER. Watch and See!
Viewer- On the 15 Nov 2021, I was sacked from my 18 year teaching career and passion because I refused to comply with the Order to inject the c-jab. Yes I was treated like a sewer rat by some of my colleagues, friends and family, but I do NOT want an apology. Why? Because I honestly feel like I've dodged a bullet. It's the jabbed who need an apology - from the 'authorities'. Those who complied or were coerced into injecting the toxin are now living with a compromised immune system and sometimes worse. It must be a living hell for these people. And yes, they're my friends and family. It's heartbreaking.
JPMorgan Is Abruptly Freezing Customers’ Bank Accounts and Discriminating Against Clients Without Warning: Law Enforcement Officials in 19 States
The letter, which has now been published by the Wall Street Journal, states that JPMorgan has repeatedly discriminated against customers based on their religious or political beliefs.


EU approves 1.5 billion euro climate scheme to forcibly close up to 3,000 Dutch farms
Despite the success of the Dutch Farmer Citizen (BBB) party in the March elections, their majority is in the Senate, leaving Parliament still under the control of World Economic Forum favorite Mark Rutte.
The current Politico poll has them at a record 32 percent, however – 12 points clear of Rutte’s party. It is a strong sign that in the Netherlands, the government is pursuing policies contrary to the will of the people.
Canadian cop who gave $50 to Freedom Convoy ordered to work 80 unpaid hours as punishment
Constable Michael Brisco will be forced to serve the extra hours on rest days and vacations.
‘Making A Killing’ film highlights the deadly results of hospital COVID protocols
'When I started making this film, I didn’t know about the federal money driving the protocol. I do now,' said Patty Myers, whose husband died after being treated with a hospital COVID protocol.
- Want a purpose in life?
Adopt an abandoned puppy
Dogs have deep feelings- Teach us to be human again
--Young woman says Don't Go to College"
U Kentucky students show Communist agenda brainwashing
Whites were slaves of Muslims
Vaccinating pregnant women against RSV helps prevent 'severe' illness in newborns, study shows
An advisory panel to the Food and Drug Administration voted last week in favor of a vaccine for pregnant women designed to prevent respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, in infants. If the vaccine is approved by the FDA, it will become the first RSV vaccine to protect infants in the country. A vaccine for older adults received FDA approval in early May.
Reader--"Henry, Is the medical industry going to guilt trip our Mothers-to-be to be jabbed one more time. 
When do we say enough already?  My impression of medical doctors is not too high right now.  They are quick at removing parts off people to "cure" them. Its incredible to call lopping off body parts as a cure."

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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