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May 21 - The Charade of Normality

May 21, 2023




(These "Deep State" elements are puppets of the Masonic-Jewish Communist Money Power)


Westerners are encouraged to think the "pandemic" is over and we're back to normal. 

They want us to forget their staged pandemic hoax cost millions of people their livelihoods, their health or their lives. Western society is controlled by criminals who have eschewed civilized norms and will lie, cheat, steal and murder to get unlimited power and money for their patrons, the Rothschilds. These satanists control government and business and are eradicating gender in hopes of depopulating and making the planet their private preserve. They are using another hoax, climate change, to destroy the economy and food supply. 

Western society is run by imposters!


Paul Craig Roberts: The United States Has Been Destroyed By Its Ruling Elites

"However, the Democrat Party and the presstitutes that service them have no respect whatsoever for truth. Facts simply do not matter to them. This is true also of American Universities, law associations, medical associations, the CIA, FBI, NSA, the State Department, the regulatory agencies such as NIH, CDC, FDA, the large corporations, and many establishment Republican members of the House and Senate who serve the economic interests that pay them, not truth. It is also the case with a high percentage of Democrat voters who have been conditioned by propaganda to hate Trump. To Democrats what matters is not facts, but getting Trump. Truth is not permitted to prevent the destruction of Trump.
Consequently, the US is moving toward a fatal split in the society from which recovery is impossible.
As the Democrats control the major cities in most states and thereby the election rules and vote counting, It doesn’t matter how people vote. As Stalin said, the only thing that matters is who counts the vote. Only a total fool would expect Democrats to count votes that gave victory to Republicans.


KNOW YOUR ENEMIES! These are the most powerful Bilderberg 2023 attendees
Abrams, Stacey (USA), CEO, Sage Works Production Member of the Steering Committee. It should be noted that not all attendees are publicly acknowledged. She is a black lesbian who ran for and lost the race for Governor of Georgia. She is needed to help control Black, radical opposition.
‘Radioactive cloud’ threatening western Europe – Russian security chief
The destruction of depleted uranium shells in Ukraine has produced a radioactive cloud which has been blown toward Western Europe, the secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolay Patrushev, has claimed. The UK has supplied this type of munition to Ukraine to be fired from British-made Challenger tanks.
Countdown to Death Ceiling 
There is a remote chance they won't raise the debt ceiling to avert default. Everything the Demonrats do is designed to destroy the USA.
On the other hand why would they kill the goose that keeps laying golden eggs?  
Don’t let them rewrite history: Ventilators KILLED people…and it was no accident
A new study from Northwestern University has concluded that the majority of “Covid19” patients put on ventilators were actually killed by bacterial pneumonia, not the alleged virus.
Why Bakhmut took so long to overcome.
Reader--AFU military:  57,000 killed, 85,000 wounded.  (6,500 of them mercenaries.)
So Zelensky/Washington/the real "generals," the Rothschild cabal in its city of London, all wasted more than 142,000 lives over that one, not so big, city to keep the political lies of "weak" Russia and "strong" Ukraine going.
Oh well, most of them were goy so it doesn't matter, right?"


In Loving Memory of Dr. Rashid Buttar, a Champion and Warrior for Humanity
‘I think you’re crazy’: CNN reporter confronts doctor spreading Covid-19 lies - YouTube
Dr.Buttar confronts the bioweapon deep state and the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex on the Communist News Network.
Ex-CBC journalist told NCI network pushed pandemic propaganda
“I had witnessed in a very short time the collapse of journalism, news gathering, investigative reporting…we were in fact pushing propaganda,” Marianne Klowak
CAF- US Treasury Has Been Looted
Fitts said $6.5 trillion went missing from the Department of Defence in 2015 alone. Dr. Mark Skidmore, a professor at Michigan State University, was skeptical, but confirmed Fitts’ findings. He got his students to investigate, and, by 2015, found $21 trillion was missing.
“The official number of outstanding Treasury securities on the federal balance sheet at that time was $21 trillion, same amount, which we thought was remarkable,” Fitts said $31 trillion more has gone missing from federal coffers since then.



Andrei Tsiganov: Russia Is Regaining Its Sovereignty Thanks to the Sanctions Imposed by the West (Interview)
Tsiganov: First and foremost, it is important to understand that there is a stark difference between the “deep nation” and the traitor class — the usurpers of Russia’s financial system, its media, and its culture-creators
Russia's neoliberal elites are thriving
A conversation with Karine Bechet-Golovko
No major intellectual “break” from the West has been made so far: The research themes of Russian public grants follow the globalist line (sustainable development, personal data management, gender, immigration, climate change, digital transformation).
But on the whole, we can see a slight inflection of the discourse, and the reintroduction of key concepts in the middle of this globalist swamp, as with the concept of sovereignty, which was suddenly put forward at the Saint Petersburg Legal Forum.
Martin Armstrong: Why Ukraine Must Lose To Save The World
"Indeed. Zelensky prays for the destruction of more Ukrainian property so he will get his cut from Blackrock for rebuilding Ukraine which our computer says WILL NOT HAPPEN! I stress once again – do NOT invest in this Blackrock venture which rubs its hands in blood and at least Pilot tried to wash his hands after sentencing Christ – not Blackrock or Zelensky. It will become a classic short. Sorry – I do not believe Aladdin has the database needed to make such a speculative investment."
Reader--Something crossed my path and been thinking about it a lot
This is indeed very interesting. The ex-wife of Putin said the old Putin is long dead moreover. One time Putin remember went missing for 3 weeks
Germany To Ban Sale of Wood to the Public as Part of WEF ‘Save the Planet’ Initiative
One third of Canadians fine with prescribing assisted suicide for homelessness and poverty
Why all Canadians should read ‘Hold The Line,’ by Taara Lich -the true story behind the Freedom Convoy
'Hold The Line' recounts what civil courage can accomplish. It's not the politics of the right or the left that will shape a better future for Canada. Instead, it's a citizenry working for virtue, truth, and love of God. It is people who reject the politics of division, power, and blame.
The Hate Industry---The “anti-hate” hate industry creates the tribalism it claims to fight, and the only beneficiary of all the hate it creates is the hate industry itself.
By Edward Ring
The hate industry is a vast agglomeration of lucrative hustles, now institutionalized and expanded into multiple and overlapping sectors. There is the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) sector; the equity, social, and governance (ESG) sector; the activist sector comprising countless groups, including Black Lives Matter and Antifa; the corporate, academic, and government sectors; the media sector; the politicians; and the pundits. All of these sectors have spawned scores of thousands of well-paying jobs.
Russ Winter- The ‘Cisnormative’ Gender Scam
The gender-neutrality movement has advanced to such a degree that Canada actually implemented a disturbing law that requires those employed by government-funded institutions to use newly manufactured gender-neutral words, such as “ze.”
Michigan officers ask for ammo. Ammo company makes a great response

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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