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May 18 - Joe Biden's Dysfunctional Family With Unspeakable Secret

May 18, 2023



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Imagine a family where dad is sexually abusing the chilldren. It's a dirty secret that no one can mention. This is a dysfunctional family.
Expand that to the crumbling civilization of the West which is run by Satanist Jewish bankers and Freemasons- pedophiles, ritual murderers, traitors, criminals and trannies--who are figuratively sodomizing us and our children. Again, a dirty secret that cannot be mentioned in the mainstream.
We are all part of Joe Biden's dysfunctional family. And he is a fitting symbol of our degradation. I wonder if he was chosen for this reason.
Non-Profit Hospitals Made Huge Profits During Pandemic While Receiving $23 Billion In Federal COVID-19 Aid
Mark Trozzi MD-
The covid agenda, fake science, fear mongering and human rights violations from muzzles to social isolation damaged us all, but the children were especially vulnerable. They have been severely damaged. 
We need to find the path to their healing, and undo the globalists' plan to destroy the young generation, end our culture, and submit humanity to their tyrannical rule.  
Hugh McCathy is a retired teacher and a principal of distinction. When covid was launched, Hugh kept his mind and heart intact. He joined forces with others, asked important questions, studied the science, and applied his wisdom and passion as an educator to help the children.
Here is Hugh McCarthy's recent presentation to the WCH General Assembly. He is a pleasure to listen to, and a wealth of knowledge.
New virus planned?
it will take place in 2025, beginning with an outbreak in Brazil. This new "virus" will be called SEERS, which stands for Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome.
Bill Gates sponsored a simulation of the coming event in October of 2022 in Belgium called Catastrophic Contagion.
This time around they are planning for a billion deaths, targeting children. Apparently, they figured out the last fake pandemic didn't kill enough kids so people weren't as carried away with it as they should have been. Now everyone who resists will be labeled a child killer.


The Hospital Protocol Killed Their Loved Ones and They Want Justice
hen the federal government sent $9,000 to Patty Myers to pay for her husband’s funeral, she got angry. “I didn’t want to take a penny. It felt like hush money, like they were paying me to keep quiet about how my husband died in the hospital.” 
In a burst of inspiration, Patty decided to take the government’s money and use it to make a documentary. She found a director through a church friend on Facebook and created Making A Killing, which exposes the covid hospital protocol that she believes killed her husband and thousands of other Americans.
Bud Light Sales Crash "Getting Much Worse" In Latest Week Since Dylan Mulvaney Fiasco
Sales volumes of Bud Light fell by 23.6 percent in the week ended on May 6, according to retail scanner numbers cited by Beer Business Daily that are based on Nielsen IQ data.
That’s a drop from the 23.3 percent slide Bud Light suffered in the final week of April.
A trans row has erupted at one of Britain’s most prestigious universities over an attempt by students to block a gender-critical speaker.
More than 40 academics have signed an open letter to the Oxford University Students Union warning them that freedom of speech is at risk after moves to deplatform Professor Kathleen Stock.
The leading feminist, who was invited to speak by members of the Oxford Union, has been accused by some students of being transphobic over her view that it is fiction to claim “trans women are women.”
Scholars, including evolutionary biologist Professor Richard Dawkins, have now joined forces to publicly oppose the student backlash.
The ARMY IS A CULT / Hugo Talks
Commenters all agree.

sports-ill.jpeg(Chick with dick. Communist controlled corporate America a a Death Wish)

Sports Illustrated 2023 Swimsuit Issue to Feature Transgender Biological Man on Cover
Starbucks teams up with Amazon to launch BIOMETRIC palm payment system in certain locations
The system will utilize the Amazon One system that allows payments through palm scanning.
According to Reclaim the Net, the program will be launched in selected Starbucks stores in the city of Edmonds in Washington state. The pilot of the Amazon One system will serve as a bellwether to determine whether older people will embrace the new technology.
Just 4% and 5% of Pfizer and Moderna’s covid jab lots, respectively, account for all associated death reports
The people unfortunate enough to have gotten jabbed from one of the really toxic batches are now either dead or seriously injured, with little, if any, chance at recovering.
William Makis MD- Excess Deaths in the UK - 10,000s more Brits are dying - experts not sure why ?! I have an idea. This trend of excess deaths is accelerating in 2023 and that is very bad news.
"Anecdotally, I am seeing this acceleration in the “died suddenly” incidents in young people, whether it’s sudden deaths in doctors, nurses, police officers, school bus drivers or pilots. These are the excess deaths, young healthy people who were COVID-19 vaccinated and are now coming down with cardiac arrests, strokes, pulmonary embolism, brain bleeds, aneurysms, seizures, sepsis, turbo cancers, and other conditions that predispose them to a sudden or unexpected death.
CDC STOPS Administration of J&J Covid Vaccines in United States – Orders Remaining Doses to Be Destroyed... Probably because they are safe and effective?
Insanity---NYC Mayor Eric Adams Complains That 50% of City’s Hotel Rooms Now Occupied by Illegal Migrants – Hurting the Economy

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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