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May 16 - Default Jitters

May 16, 2023



(Organized Jewry's biggest fear: the development of a White racial consciousness)
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This past Friday, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated that the U.S. has "to default on something" if a new debt ceiling is not reached by Congress, and that includes U.S. Treasuries.
$14 Billion in Foreign Deposits at Silicon Valley Bank were NOT Bailed Out - More than $1 Trillion Foreign Deposits at Chase and Citibank as U.S. Debt Crisis Looms
The Wall Street Journal sent shock waves through the financial world Saturday night when they reported that the FDIC seized nearly $14 billion in foreign deposits at Silicon Valley Bank in the Cayman Islands last March, mostly from Chinese investment firms, which had been waiting to gain access to their funds. It's not happening. As Pam Martens reported this morning, this will most certainly cause a bank run on all unsecured foreign deposits, which is over $1 trillion in just two banks: JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup’s Citibank.
As Mike Shedlock of reported, the FDIC has now sent a clear message to foreign depositors: You can't trust U.S. Banks. If this news wasn't bad enough, we also have the alleged political posturing over whether or not Congress is going to raise the U.S. debt limit, or default on some government obligations, like U.S. Treasuries. Asia (Japan and China) holds a vast majority of foreign held U.S. Treasuries, and probably a lot of the same investment firms that just lost all their deposits at Silicon Valley Bank. 
At Least 5 Whistleblowers Come Forward Against Biden Family
The whistleblowers range from an IRS agent to an Obama administration stenographer, encompassing alleged corruption in Ukraine and Mexico, along with the FBI and DOJ.
Michael Cowan - US will Default June 1

Soros_1.jpegSoros making the same Masonic hand sign Musk and Trump make

Elon Musk: George Soros “Hates Humanity”


The COVID Blueprint: The Next 'Crisis' Globalists Will Use to Control YOU Glenn TV Ep 249
PJW- They really have to ake everything good and wholesome about childhood and defile it
Transformers are non-bionery, and it's a wonderful experience not knowing what sex you are
BREAKING: NHS Director confirms Doctors lied about Cause of Death to create the Illusion of a COVID-19 Pandemic
Iran and Egypt to restore diplomatic ties
Iran and Egypt are on track to restore diplomatic relations and reopen their respective embassies, a member of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission has said.

GLOBALISMWHO Pushes “Early Childhood Masturbation” For Toddlers, Encourages Questions About Gender Identity For Kids Aged 4
“sexuality education starts from birth”
Rudy Giuliani said he and Trump were selling pardons for $2m apiece, ex-aide claims
Mr Giuliani reportedly claimed he would split the $2 million fee with then-president Donald Trump
Benjamin Freedman's 1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel Complete
How Orgnized Jewry runs the US Government 
Reader--"Probably one of THEE most important messages in the world TODAY and is more relevant now than it was when he gave it. Wake up, people!!!


Died Suddenly - Police Officers who died suddenly recently, possibly due to injuries caused by COVID-19 vaccine mandates (Part 1/3 - 13 deaths in Apr-May 2023)
Inver Grove Heights, MN - 35 year old Officer Ben Bidon, a US Army Veteran, died April 30, 2023 after collapsing in his garage off-duty on friday night, he died two days later
William Makis MD- "Look at these police officer deaths: suffered medical emergency or collapsed while on duty, medical emergency off duty (usually at home), turbo cancer or cause of death not released.
I believe we are in a wave of sudden deaths that are the result of 2021 and 2022 COVID-19 mRNA vaccine mandates, which were universal across police forces in the United States and Canada.
These are longer term adverse effects of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. Without proper autopsies being done, we are blind as to the mechanisms of sudden deaths at this time, given that most people have stopped taking COVID-19 mRNA booster shots.
Trust the Science
A Third Of Scientific Papers May Be Fraudulent
Russ Winter--Terror Calling Card: Death by Doorknob and Other Hanging ‘Suicides’
The Oberlin Lady---Pronouns: why we should not play along.
No one ever addresses why a person with gender confusion's right to coerce speech from other people trumps my right to live in reality. I find it traumatic to be forced into saying things I know are not true. This is significant stress. So why is it not considered cruel and and unfair to FORCE me to go along with the pronoun game? 
Most people will instantly justify this by talking talking about the self death rate of trans people, but how the hell do they know I'm not self-death fixated myself? It's so hypocritical it makes me sick.
The pronoun thing is the thin wedge of speech control under the disguise of "politeness." And politeness is a choice, not socially enforced. It's a huge, narcissistic burden to place upon other people, and I will never do it for anyone

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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