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May 15 - It's Back to Normal Folks!

May 15, 2023





With feminism, women replaced men. With trannyism, men are replacing women
The mainstream media is the mirror-reverse-image of this website. There is practically no mention of 
1. How they blew trillions on a fake pandemic.
2. How they ruined countless lives and livelihoods with a toxic "vaccine" that they coerced and tricked people into getting. No mention of deaths/adverse reactions.
3. No mention of the Ukraine War and the danger of a worldwide nuclear conflageration.
4. Little to no mention of males in women's sports and changing rooms.
5. Little to no mention of the banking crisis. 
6. No mention of the WEF and Agend 2030
The masses are mushrooms, grown in the dark and fed shit. It's back to normal.
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It’s Mother’s Day. So of Course These 7 Corporate Brands Are Promoting Dudes in Dresses.
Calvin Klein, Estée Lauder, and Anthropologie are just a few companies that appreciate a great deal of business from women, but recently have gone woke by replacing women with men in their company advertisements for women’s clothing and products. Some companies, like Woke Washed Levi’s have gone so far as to attempt to erase women by making “genderless” clothing lines.
Pfizer's Secrets have been hacked and released
Target Target - WATCH: Major retailer's sex grooming for kids goes so far, even gays sickened

MN-christian-nationalism.jpegNo religion = Satanism, i.e. anti religion

Minnesota humanists take out billboards to spread the secular word
The state's largest group of nonbelievers aims to fight what they see as a push to impose Christian beliefs in government.
Daniel Penny Raises $1.5 Million After Being Charged in Death of Jordan Neely
Ferrari Says No to EVs: Will Stick to Traditional Combustion Engines
Russian forces launched an air and missile raid in west Ukraine over the weekend, striking an ammunition depot that caused a giant explosion in the site. The depot reportedly contained a stockpile of recently delivered British depleted uranium tank shells, which were also destroyed in the explosion; there is evidence of a spike in gamma radiation indicating that radioactive particles were dispersed into the atmosphere of the Khmelnytsky region of Ukraine.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr wrote on Instagram: “In another reckless escalation, Britain has confirmed delivery of depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine. DU munitions should be banned. They partially vaporize on impact, poisoning the environment with uranium dust that causes cancer and horrific birth defects.”
Distinguished microbiologist Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D. joins Meryl Nass, M.D. alongside colleague Michael Palmer, M.D. to sound the alarm on genetic manipulation and the alteration of man through gene-based COVID vaccines. Bhakdi is currently facing two charges in Germany — one count of “incitement of the masses” and one count of “trivialization of the Holocaust.” His court hearing is scheduled for May 23, 2023. If convicted, Prof. Bhakdi could be sentenced to two years in prison plus fines — but that does not mean he’ll stop boldly telling the truth. Tune in to hear Dr. Bhakdi’s fraught warning.
Rolo Slavsiy  - Russia is Cucked 
The main problem of the army is not that there are no shells, tanks, communications, fire control systems or UAVs, but that there is no skill in pre-emptive decisions and actions
Question: why are so many non-Russians in positions of economic and political power in Russia?
Official answer: because Russia is committed to multiculturalism and the specter of nationalism that the heroes of WWII fought to defeat is antithetical to the ideas held dear by the Russian state.
Real answer: because hostile, anti-Russian ethnic mafias are busy sucking the blood of the Russian people, and fear a populist uprising that would dislodge them. This is also why Russia is importing tens of thousands of Muslims and dirt worlders. Sure, people with Liberal leanings might be convinced that this is out of some ideological, moral commitment to tolerance and Antifa ideals or whatever, but that is simply propaganda slop served up to the peasants dumb enough to believe in it and who want to posture and preen in front of their intellectual and spiritual betters.

original_Cleopatra.jpegEgypt protested the Black cultural appropriation. Whites stayed away.

The Netflix show Queen Cleopatra was released on Wednesday to abysmal ratings. As of publication, the show has over 2,500 audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes for an aggregate score of 1 percent, the lowest score possible on the website. 
The show also has an average critic score of 11 percent with only one out of nine critics giving it a favorable rating. With over 35 thousand reviews on IMDB, Queen Cleopatra has a rating of 1.1 out of 10 making it among the lowest rated shows listed on the website.
Larry Romanoff: The Power Behind the Throne
An in-depth, indispensable compendium of how the Jews control reality and the entire world. Understanding this study guide will take weeks, if not months, but your survival may depend on it.
Excerpt:  It is crucially important for the world to identify Jews as Jews, not in a general widespread sense, but with those individuals active in government, finance, education, social policy, the media, and in foreign affairs. As in the above example, we are generally aware of the flood of media attention suddenly being paid to LGBTQ+ and trans-sexuality as well as renewed attention to free abortion policies. But our perceptions are altered and our understanding of the forces shaping our social society is greatly improved when we can see that virtually all those individuals proselytising these social changes are Jews. It is almost entirely Jewish academics, activists and others who create the public pressure for this sexual social upheaval, and it is entirely Jews who exert pressure on governments to adhere to this agenda, all heavily supported by the Jewish-controlled media. It now becomes obvious that what appeared to be a “natural” social change or evolution is in fact the result of a tightly-coordinated plan being executed by one race of people. It seems that the “sexologists” are all Jewish."


Glyphosate, a pesticide and herbicide best known as the primary effective ingredient in Roundup, is a probable human carcinogen. This pesticide is in food. Strawberries, spinach and kale have the most residue, a new report finds.
There are other associated health risks, but at this juncture it looks like the cancer judgement could take this behemoth down. More than 11,200 Roundup lawsuits are set to go to trial in the United States.
This toxin is hard to escape. It’s found in 75% of air and rain water samples. It’s a global issue. Children in Argentina, where Roundup is used in high concentrations, struggle with health problems. Eighty percent show signs of the toxins in their bloodstream.
Globalism in a nutshell
15 homeless veterans are getting kicked out of hotels in New York to make room for Illegals, homeless Veterans gets nothing for sacrificing everything to protect our country, while Illegals get everything.
Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer confronted Border Patrol and DPS troopers for not allowing the crew to film a secret human smuggling operation going on at Gate 40 just outside of El Paso
Reader---"The best article about money that I've ever read........
What Has Government Done to Our Money?

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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