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May 14 - King Charles III, Satanist and Unhinged Fanatic

May 14, 2023


Newspapers don't carry a picture of the full statue. Charles crushing humanity with his feet.

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King Charles III, Satanist and unhinged fanatic
1. The Coronation occurred 6 weeks, 6 months and 6 days after the "death" of Queen Elizabeth. (There are stories that she died a few months before it was declared.)
2. Charles changed the oath of the Coronation from First Corinthians 15 - the oath to uphold the gospel - to Luke 4:15 proclaiming himself to be the Messiah.
3. On the Heraldic Shield for the Royal Family, there is a grey-green unicorn. The new coin to be the Central Bank Digital Currency is the word UNICORN with the R turned into an I. It is the Unicoin.
4. Charles has knights - Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of England (disgraced) who is aggressively pushing multiple vaccines and vaccine passports. Obama as well and others (Trudeau?)
5. King Charles III has declared himself "Environmental Saviour of the World".
6. Since 1987, Charles has been brokering peace between Israel and Palestine. Israel and Palestine are on a 7 year plan to bring in surveillance technology and artificial meat and milk to the world. That means 2030 will be significant.
7. The former British Empire has been reestablished.
...and much, much more.
Is Chuck the AntiChrist?
It gets WORSE for Bud Light, Anheuser-Busch EXPOSED in new documents | Redacted w Clayton Morris - YouTube.   
Bud Light is not just riding out this transgender storm. The company’s stock has now been downgraded by HSBC because the company says that they have “deeper problems than ABI admits.” 
Sales are down across every region of the U.S., red states and blue states alike. But can Bud Light issue a legitimate apology? They can't really because their internal reports show that they are down with gender ideology. It is in the company's fabric. They pay for ""gender-affirming medical"" care, including sex reassignment surgeries and cross-hormone pharmaceuticals for their employees and they have joined an ad industry group called  the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) that aims to keep ad revenue away from any group that they consider guilty of wrong-think. Other companies in the group include Adidas, BP, CVS, Goldman Sachs, Mastercard, McDonalds, Merck, Nike, P&G, Hershey, Disney, Unilever and Walmart.
If you think that sounds like an antitrust violation, you are in good company. Representative Jim Jordan asked GARM and The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) to produce documents about this and they have ignored it so now they issued a subpoena. He has now issued a subpoena for that information.  
So what can Bud Light do? If they apologize for the Mulvaney campaign, it would be a ""sorry, not sorry"" based on the company's stated culture. This is like a masterclass in why stakeholder capitalism is a disaster.
Fidelito's policy statement is Orwellian
And I mean that. Justin Trudeau's 2023 platform is so tyrannical it's insane.
Reese Report- Government Workers Betray Constitutional Oath and Submit to United Nations Agenda


 The reason they are letting off the accelerator is enough people have been injected that are going to die. That was the intention. It as population control or depopulation. . . . This was never meant to do good for people. . . . There were no long term studies and we pushed it on every age group all the way down to the fetus. . . . . I mean this is a murder campaign.”
How bad is this going to get with the official number of CV19 bioweapon/vax injections at well over 600 million in the USA alone? Dr. Tenpenny predicts, “The data is clear and the published studies show that even if you have had only one injection, you have some level of myocarditis. It is present six months after the injection, and that means your heart muscle is not healing. We also know that are all these cancers popping up, even in kids. . . . I don’t know if you can say 70% of the population is going to be gone, but I believe 70% of the population is going to be chronically sick, and of those, they will die eventually (from the bioweapon/vax) even if you have only had one injection.”
Dr. Tenpenny says as the numbers grow with death and disabilities coming from the CV19 kill shot, less and less people are in denial about the reality of what is happening. Dr. Tenpenny says, “They are really going to try to stay in denial, but there will come a tipping point when they can’t deny it any more. I think the powers that be know that. That’s the part of the narrative that they are losing control over. There will be a tipping point in the world, and people will realize that this was a murderous campaign to depopulate the world...
J. B. Pritzker--Satanist Jews are behind the trans agenda and world-wide child grooming
One of the most powerful yet unremarked-upon drivers of our current wars over definitions of gender is a concerted push by members of one of the richest families in the United States to transition Americans from a dimorphic definition of sex to the broad acceptance and propagation of synthetic sex identities (SSI). 
Over the past decade, the Pritzkers of Illinois, who helped put Barack Obama in the White House and include among their number former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, current Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, and philanthropist Jennifer Pritzker, appear to have used a family philanthropic apparatus to drive an ideology and practice of disembodiment into our medical, legal, cultural, and educational institutions.


Christine Anderson MEP FULL: 15-Min Cities, Climate Lockdowns & Digital Tyranny
“The Digital Green Certificate, the COVID pass, that was a test balloon to get people to [have] to produce some kind of a QR code, just getting people used to that. Now, what they’re slamming us with is these 15-minute cities. Make no mistake. It’s not about your convenience,” argues Christine Anderson. She’s a member of the European Parliament, representing the Alternative for Germany Party.
Pilot incapacitation - HiSKy Flight H4474 (DUB-KIV) to Chisinau, 20 min after liftoff pilot became "unable to act", plane diverted to Manchester on May 11, 2023 - 10th recent pilot incapacitation!
(((Natalie Portman))) Ignores Her Part in Time’s Up’s Collapse
#MeToo group protected Democrat predators
DeSantis Bans Central Bank Digital Currency In Florida, Citing Privacy Concerns
How will they institute CBDC's if States Opt Out?


Colossal explosion heard at NATO supplied ammunition facility in Khmelnytskyi
Michael Cowan- US Business confidence and investment are collapsing 
A vast foreign-funded climate cabal with a death grip on policy is currently fighting hard to crash the Federal Republic of Germany
 Europe’s dominant industrial power has entered a deeply destructive political and administrative spiral from which it may never recover. The fault lies with the self-defeating and unworkable energy policies that have a death grip not merely on the Scholz government, but on the entire administrative state.
 Sacked teacher could face lifelong ban after refusing to use eight-year-old’s pronoun
 “Teachers are being bullied not to question trans-affirming policies when evidence shows that the actual result of the approach is to put the welfare of children at serious risk,” the teacher said.
Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, which is supporting the teacher’s case, said: “This story exposes the confusion and untruths being embedded in primary schools which are developing into a public health crisis.

fbi-supremacists.jpeg(Left, FBI impersonating patriots) 

71% of men suffered 'adverse changes' to mental health after losing child to abortion
Musk's Twitter is nothing more than the continuation of today's Hundred Flowers Campaign 
Twitter/X slots perfectly into the technocratic Great Reset dystopia. What you Tweet, like and ReTweet is already being amassed in a kind of psychological profile that will be integrated in the more advanced social credit score X everything app.
Taiwan Excess Death Way Up After Vaxxx
Since Q2/2022 excess deaths in Taiwan are through the roof!
 Total Vindication: Full Reinstatement and Back Pay For Three Barrington (RI) Teachers Fired For Refusing Covid Vax
Teachers’ lawyer Greg Piccirilli: “The teachers have been made whole. It is as if they were never fired.”

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Tony B said (May 14, 2023):

When will there be any notations that, obviously, airline pilots were forced to take the shots or lose their high pay jobs IN THE HOPE THAT MANY AIRPLANES FULL OF PEOPLE, VAXED OR NOT, WOULD CRASH DUE TO SUDDENLY DEAD PILOTS?

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