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May 1 - Tucker Carlson is Swanson's Foods Heir

May 1, 2023


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In a radio interview in 2008, one year before joining Fox News, Tucker Carlson described himself as a “trust fund baby” and “extraordinarily loaded just from money I inherited”.


Will Swanson heir, CIA applicant and “out-of-the-closet elitist” Tucker Carlson, freed from the shackles of Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, become a fearless independent journalist?


Fox News, Tucker Carlson, and the American Empire

In 1979, when Tucker was 10, his father remarried Patricia Swanson, heiress to the Swanson Frozen Food company fortune and niece of Senator William Fulbright.

On the same radio show, Carlson described himself as an “out-of-the-closet elitist”: “I don’t run around pretending to be a man of the people; I’m absolutely not a man of the people, at all.”

In a 2010 radio interview, Tucker, now at Fox, responded affirmatively to a question by the interviewer: “I’m 100 percent [Rupert Murdoch’s] bitch. Whatever Mr. Murdoch says, I do.”

In 2021, leaked emails revealed that back in 2014, Carlson asked his (then) friend, Hunter Biden, for a letter of recommendation to Georgetown University for his son; in 2015, Carlson intervened on behalf of Hunter Biden to influence a British news story about one of Hunter Biden’s first sex scandals.

Dr. John Coleman: The Club Of Rome & The Satanic Trans-Delusional Agenda (Video)

The Club of Rome (“COR”) is the chief “think tank” for the New World Order that was unknown in America until exposed by Dr. Coleman in 1969


Mark Trozzi MD--Here is a three minute message from Police on Guard directed to the RCMP, urging them to do their duty and help restore our country. I urge anyone in the RCMP, to realize that you were also deceived, coerced, and criminally injected with a toxic experiment. Stand up and help us take back our country. Here is the video:

DNA in the RNA Vaccines


Rolo Slavskiy --- Wagner Chief's brutal assessment of Russian war effort

The SMO proved that the Russian army is totally demoralized, unorganized, untrained, undisciplined and unprepared
The MoD routinely lies about realities on the battlefield even about Wagner’s operations
The Russian Army in the north likes to get drunk and the Ukrainians make good money selling them cognac


The goyim do not go quietly into the night...



Democrat Minnesota Just Gave State Power To Take Kids Away If Parents Don’t Approve Gender Mutilation Surgery

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz on Thursday signed into law a bill making the state a “sanctuary” for children, including those from out of state, seeking gender-altering surgery without the consent of their parents.

Hank Berrien- You try to take a child from their parents to brainwash and mutilate them, you are braying for bloodshed. And that’s what they’ll get."




Paraguay’s Conservatives Score Big Election Win, Defusing Fears Paraguay will Support China Over Taiwan

Martin Armstrong: The Growing Threat of Digital Currencies & Conflict


THE BIG CATCH-UP, Toronto  from KJ, widow of courageous MD


Public Health is promoting the HPV vaccine for girls along with the huge swath of other vaccines for the poor little kids.
In 2010, a young woman was brought to our clinic who was becoming paralized from her second Gardasil injection for HPV. The mother spent a lot of money for protocols from Functional Medicine to get her daughter better - Meyer's Cocktail drips, Vitamin C drips, chelation. The girl recovered.
The mother became vocal about her child's recovery. The magazine, Toronto Life, carried a story about the recovery. The Toronto Star had a huge splash on their front page about it. Public Health ordered the Toronto Star to immediately recant the story.
For curing the young lady, my husband was attacked by a Public Health doctor. That doctor filed a complaint against Paul with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Paul had to hire a lawyer from the CMPA (Canadian Medical Protective Association), the College seized the child's medical file and the attack went on for one year. My husband was fearful. A year later they dropped it.
The attack on my husband by the College of Physicians took the form of elder abuse as he was 72 years old, going blind and trying desperately to hand over his practice. The College of Physicians blocked every effort he made to find a doctor to replace him.
One night, he told me he had a terrible stomach ache. He was dead 6 months later from cancer. He worked for over 30 years to cure people and died broken hearted. He committed the crime of refusing to vaccinate children and the College went for him for that.


Dave Gahary (White) and Ayo Kimathi (Black) Expose Jewish Power as 'The' Problem

Ken Adachi--The introductory commentaries from each of these men reveal a lot about their perceptions and understandings of what has taken place in this country in the past 65 years vis a vis "race relations" between black and white people who were born in America to American-born parents.

The overwhelming majority of white people in this country are not raised in a family environment that causes them to acquire an animosity, nor a negative bias towards black people. Traditionally, white Christian people are more fair-minded, kindly and sincere towards black people, especially those of a lower socio-economic background, than the other way around. "Militancy" against white people, largely from lower class, inner city blacks, began to take root in the 60s and intensified greatly in the 70s with the rise of anti-white black militant gurus who were easily sucked in by the lure of fame and fortune (provided by the hidden Jewish manipulators in the background) to focus on blaming white people for their lack of achievement and abundance in life, rather than look inward for that understanding.


klaus_schwab-classroom-WEF.jpgThis is how the Klaus Schwab's WEF controls EVERYTHING | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Who was in the World Economic Forum kids' club? Is that why the WEF agenda is so prevalent right now? It turns out your favorite dictators are graduates of the WEF junior program such as Jacinda Ardern, Justin Trudeau and more. Is it any wonder than that we are seeing similar agenda items across the globe such as transhumanism, 15 minute cities, the end of combustion engines, climate lockdowns, digital currency and the elimination of cash? We connect the dots. Let us know what you think.

DC Bureaucrat payroll $576 million a day

In 109 of the 125 federal agencies in Washington, the average employee salary is more than $100,000.




Shanghai: 216,000 Enterprises Disappeared, no longer the number 1 manufacturing city in China









Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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