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Jared Taylor - White Racial Consciousness is Key to the Future

May 24, 2023



(Jared Taylor)
Why are Jews and their agents the only people allowed to be racist? 
The Protocols of Zion (16-4) state "We will destroy every collective force except our own." 
The four collective forces are religion (God), family (gender), nation (patriotism) and
race. These four legs of human identity have been under attack by Organized Jewry (Rothschilds) for over two hundred years as they try to re-engineeer us as their servants.  
Recently white nationalist Jared Taylor was denied entry into the EU because Organized Jewry fears the development of a white racial consciousness more than anything.
Even though I am an ethnic Jew, I have exposed Cabalist Judaism as Satanism.  I identify as white and believe the development of a white racial consciousness is long overdue and essential to our survival and the survival of all we hold dear. 
Why are there no "Japanese supremacists" in Japan or "Chinese supremacists" in China? Because Organized Jewry regards Whites as a threat because of their residue of Christianity and democracy. Being a "White Supremacist" in the West means maintaining your national heritage and character, something Organized Jewry wishes to destroy.  It's Whites, not Jews who need a "national homeland." 
"Why I cannot be with you today"
by Jared Taylor
The key to the future is white racial consciousness. Without it, there may be no “West” in 25 or 50 years. But with racial consciousness, everything is possible. It is our job to build that consciousness.
Without it, white people cannot say to others, “This land was built by our ancestors for us, not for you. We wish you well, but you must seek your destiny where you were born. Bloom where you were planted.” If Europeans cannot say this, your future is, in the short term, the United States; in the long-term, South Africa.
Racial consciousness will also completely reorient our values. Today, especially in the United States, moral worth comes from victimhood. No person is a failure. Instead, he is a victim of white society. Victims can accumulate “intersectional” layers of victimhood, and this makes them moral heroes. I am only half-joking when I say that the person with the greatest accumulated victimhood — and therefore the greatest moral worth — would be a one-legged, illiterate, lesbian, Somali-immigrant sex worker with a learning disability.

mugabe1.jpg(Bloom where you are planted. Myreaders and I raised $6000 so James Mugabe and family could start a grocery in Uganda.Migrants are motivated by economic goals. They have no other reason to uproot and move to the West.)

Today, the greatest virtue in the West is so-called “compassion” for such people, even if it is an empty virtue. It is empty because it requires no sacrifice; only endless calls for ways to take the wealth from normal, productive people and give it to abnormal, unproductive people.
A racially conscious West would not honor this phony “compassion.” It would honor courage, honesty, achievement, duty to family and nation. Its goal would not be just for us to be white people. It would be for us to be the best white people we can possibly be.
A racially conscious West would also understand that our future can lie only in children. Only healthy family-building and healthy birth rates — in lands that are our own — will ensure our future. This new understanding will end confusion about homosexuality, sex roles, even the purpose of life. A rediscovery that the number-one purpose of society is to build healthy, happy families will reverse our rush towards degeneracy.
Finally, my vision of the West is spiritual. All of us, whatever our faith, find deep meaning as part of the magnificent biological-cultural heritage of our people. We are all part of a colossal organism that stretches back into the prehistoric past and just as far into the future. Each of us is a link in this everlasting adventure of Western Man, and what we contribute to it makes us immortal. This is my vision.
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