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Patriotic Jew Sounded Commie Alarm 70 Years Ago

May 22, 2023

Why America is Going Down the Drain

Myron Fagan (1887-1972) was a distinguished and successful Broadway producer, writer and director.

Communism is synonymous with Cabalist Judaism and Satanism. But Myron Fagan, the most courageous and eloquent Crusader against Communism was a Jew. Fagan warned his fellow Americans of the danger they faced. Look at the list of his publications (1948-1969). 


Even 70 years ago, the Communist subversion of America was so complete that his warnings fell on deaf ears. Today he has been flushed down the memory hole. This disdain is a measure of our subversion (satanic possession) and his prescience. In 1967, he said of US politicians, "we have absolutely nothing of loyal Americanism today."



Between 1967 and 1968, Fagan recorded a set of three spoken-word LP records titled The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations.   Here are 12 trenchant points that resonate today more than ever. 

"The ADL is the mastermind behind the plot to destroy the sovereignty of the United States and to enslave the American people in a Communist One-World government."

Myron Fagan - 1956 

Speech made in 1967


This summary from June 15, 2018

1) "The masterminds behind this great conspiracy have absolute control of all of our mass communications media, especially television, the radio, the press, and Hollywood."

2) "Our so-called leaders in Washington, who we elected to safeguard our nation and our constitution, are the betrayers and that behind them are a comparatively small group of men whose sole objective is to enslave the whole world of humanity in their satanic plot of one-world government.

fagan4.jpg(Myron Fagan left.)

3) "The CFR [Council on Foreign Relations] is actually the Illuminati in the United States and its hierarchy. The masterminds in control of the original Illuminati conspirators, but to conceal that fact, most of them changed their original family names to American sounding names. For example, the true name of the Dillons, Clarence and Douglas Dillon (one Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Department), is Laposky.

4) "When and if their blueprint for world control, the Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion, is discovered and exposed, [the Illuminati] would wipe all the Jews off the face of the earth in order to divert suspicions from themselves. If you think this is far fetched, bear in mind that they permitted Hitler, a liberal socialist himself, who was financed by corrupt Kennedy, the Warburgs, and the Rothschilds, to incinerate 600,000 Jews.  [sic- don't know if he means 6 million.]

5) "They use monetary and sex bribery to obtain control of men already in high places in the various of levels of all governments and other fields of endeavor. Once influential persons had fallen for the lies, deceits, and temptations of the Illuminati they were to be held in bondage by application of political and other forms of blackmail, threats of financial ruin, public exposure, and fiscal harm, even death to themselves and loved members of their families.

Do you realize how many present top officials in our present government in Washington are controlled in just that way by the CFR? Do you realize how many homosexuals in our State Department, the Pentagon, all federal agencies, even in the White House are controlled that way?

chambers-usa-communist.jpg6) "Do you know who owns and controls our mass communications media? I'll tell you. Practically all the movie lots in Hollywood is owned by the Lehmans; Kuhn, Loeb, and Company; Goldman-Sachs; and other internationalist bankers. All the national radio and TV channels in the nation are owned and controlled by those same internationalists bankers. The same is true of every chain of metropolitan newspapers and magazines, also of the press wire services, such as Associated Press, United Press, International, etc.. The supposed heads of all those media are merely the fronts for the internationalist bankers, who in turn compose the hierarchy of the CFR, today's Illuminati in America.







7) In short; Jefferson, founder of the Democratic Party, was a member of the Illuminati which at least partly accounts for the condition of the party at this time and through infiltration of the Republican Party; we have exactly nothing of loyal Americanism today.

8) Earlier; by a ruse the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo had been falsified, Rothschild had spread a story that Napoleon had one bad battle which precipitated a terrific panic on the stock market in England. All stocks had plummeted down to practically zero and Nathan Rothschild bought all the stocks for virtually a penny on its dollar values. That gave him complete control of the economy of Britain and virtually of all Europe.

divide-and-conquer-large-picture.jpg9) Communism is not a so-called ideology, but a secret weapon; a bogey man word to serve the purpose of the Illuminati.

10) Hitler was financed by Krupp, the Warburgs, the Rothschilds, and other internationalist bankers and that the slaughter of the supposed 600,000 Jews by Hitler didn't bother the Jewish internationalist bankers at all. That slaughter was necessary in order to create worldwide hatred of the German people and thus bring about war against them. In short; this second world war was to be fought to destroy Nazism and increase the power of political zionism so that the state of Israel could be established in Palestine.

11) We are supposed to believe that the international bankers of today, like the money changers of Christ's day, are only the tools or agents of the great conspiracy, but actually they are the masterminds behind all the mass communications media leading us into believing that communism is a movement of the so-called workers; the actual fact is that both British and American intelligence officers have authentic documentary evidence that international liberals, operating through their international banking houses; particularly the House of Rothschilds, have financed both sides of every war and revolution since 1776.

12) All those pogroms were fomented by Rothschild agents. As a result; the Jewish terrified refugees from all of those nations swarmed into the United States and that continued throughout the next two or three decades because the pogroms were continuous through all those years. All those refugees were aided by self-styled humanitarian committees set up by Schiff, the Rothschilds, and all the Rothschild affiliates.

"In the main; the refugees streamed into New York, but the Schiff-Rothschild humanitarian committees found ways to shuffle many of them into other large cities such as Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Los Angeles, etc.. All of them were quickly transformed into "naturalized citizens" and educated to register as Democrats. Thus all of that so-called minority group became solid Democratic voter blocks in their communities all controlled and maneuvered by their so-called benefactors. And shortly after the turn of the century; they became vital factors in the political life of our nation. That was one of the methods Schiff employed to plant men like Nelson Aldrich in our Senate and Woodrow Wilson in the White House.

Thanks to Larry Silverstein!


Tony Blizzard remembers-  One hot summer Southern California day, around 1962, Pequita de Shismareff (Leslie Fry of Waters Flowing Eastward, the most solid version of The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion), asked me to drive her to Myron Fagan's residence in North Hollywood.  We were at the time the producers of California League of Christian Parents, a poor man's sometimes bulletin of things somewhat similar to Fagan's work, but not with his depth.  She was in hopes that he could get a book of hers published.

We arrived at his address in the heat of the day.  His home was a very small trailer situated on a hot, blacktop parking lot surface.  When invited inside Myron was seated at his desk, the center of his trailer with a very small counter top fan thereon for even smaller comfort, working on his next bulletin.  It was instantly obvious that he was living in poverty and could not be of financial help even to himself.  He stopped work while he and "Mady" had a very interesting conversation concerning the ongoing satanic assault on the world which was largely over my head at that time as I was fairly new to what was known then as the patriot movement, which centered largely on American politics.  Like his writing, they discussed the forces behind the front men, worldwide forces which had been at work since before Christ walked the earth.  Myron's little trailer's furniture was buried in papers and books; his life was obviously a never ending effort to get the truth of those real forces out to as many as who would take the time to read his words.  To this day I have no idea of how he obtained the funds to even mail his regular works. 
This was the living picture of a man deeply dedicated to truth, truths that, sadly, too few seemed to care to learn.  His health was obviously failing but he noticeably labored without concern for anything but his work. 
Although that was my only contact with Myron Fagan I have no doubt that his dedication did not stop until he was himself finished.


First Comment from Richard:

Listen to what Fagan said in 1967 after minute 14 on this recording.  

"Illuminati and the faculties of colleges and universities were to cultivate students possessing exceptional mental ability belonging to well-bred families with international leanings and recommend them for special training in internationalism. Such training was to be provided by granting scholarships to those selected by these Illuminists. That gives you an idea what a "Rhodes scholarship" means. It means indoctrination into accepting the idea that only a one-world government can put an end to recurring wars and strife. That's how the United Nations was sold to the American people.  One of the most notable Rhodes scholars we have in our country is Senator William J. Fulbright, sometimes referred to as half-bright. His entire voting record spells Illuminati. All such scholars were to be first persuaded and then convinced that men of special talent and brains have the right to rule those less gifted on the ground that the masses don't know what is best for them"

Fulbright was one of the most powerful Senators in Washington for 30 years but his state was the backward state of Arkansas.  I lived there from the time Bill and Hillary were at Oxford on Rhodes scholarships through Clinton's second term as governor.  It was common knowledge that William Fulbright sponsored Clinton's Rhodes scholarship.  Hillary's sponsor was Republican Senator Barry Goldwater.



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Comments for "Patriotic Jew Sounded Commie Alarm 70 Years Ago "

John said (September 22, 2014):

Thank you Richard for the " info" on Bill and Hillary. I often wondered if the Rhode Scholarship was really awarded to the brightest of the bulbs or the most "workable" of the bulbs. I believe the ladder to be the case here. Bill Clinton was quite a unique Illuminati invention, a Southern World Order Marxist with the aspirations and ideology of a JFK at the same time, interesting.

Hillary, like Obama, a product of the now transparent underground Chicago Marxist Political Mafia aka Lester Crown,Rom Emmanuel, and David Axelrod was easy pickins for their brainwashed ideological Marxist recruits. In the end, Bill Clinton like his Marxist hero, Nelson Mandella, was "duped" by the very "powers that be" that put him in that office

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