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British Imperialists Used Commie Tactics They Use Against Us

May 21, 2023

British-monarch-H.R.H.-Queen-Elizabeth.jpgLeft. Elizabeth with King Saud, descended from Jewish merchants.

The "Masonic Jewish Conspiracy" is the British Empire which has
 now morphed into the New World Order. Hempher's Confession of
a British Spy
(c. 1825) reveals that turmoil in the Middle East has deep
imperialist roots.

As early as the 1700's, the "British" were using cultural
subversion to colonize Muslims. Similar social engineering tactics,
 characteristic of Communism, are used to colonize Western society today.


Communism is Masonic, i.e. Cabalist, Jewish Satanism.) Read Hempher's
list and see how many tactics you recognize. 

Anti Semitism is a red herring and a diversion. The head of the octopus is the "Crown" i.e. the shareholders of the Bank of England and the world's other central banks.

Hempher says the British exploited a society's vulnerabilities. They sponsored the Shiite and the Wahhabi sects to divide and destabilize Islam. They planted Freemasons as phony religious teachers and traitorous statesmen: "We were designing long term plans to wage discord, ignorance poverty and even diseases in these countries. We were imitating the customs and traditions of these countries, thus easily concealing our intentions."  The goal was and remains to, in Cecil Rhodes' words, "absorb all the riches of the world."   

from March 26, 2015
Remember this was written around 1825!

1- Very important! Alienate children from their fathers, thus depriving them of their elders' education. We shall educate them. Consequently, the moment children have parted from their fathers' education, there no longer will be any possibility for them to maintain contact with their belief, faith, or religious scholars.

2- Provoke the womenfolk to get rid of their traditional covers. Fabricate such falsifications as "Covering is not a genuine Islamic commandment. It is a tradition established in the time of the Abbasids. Formerly, other people would see the Prophet's wives and women would join all sorts of social activities."

Confessions of a British Spy - Front.JPG3- After stripping the woman of her traditional cover, tempt the youth towards her and cause indecencies between them! This is a very effective method for annihilating Islam. First use non-Muslim women for this purpose. In the course of time the Muslim woman will automatically degenerate and will begin to follow their example.

4 - The following vices must be encouraged secretly or publicly: Alcoholic spirits, gambling, fornication, pork, [and fights among sports clubs.] In doing this, Christians, Jews, Magians, and other non-Muslims living in Muslim countries should be utilized to a maximum, and those who work for this purpose should be awarded high salaries by the treasury department of the Ministry of the Commonwealth.

Promote racism and nationalism among Muslims so as to make them rebel against the Ottomans.

6 --Sow suspicion among them concerning Jihaad; convince them that Jihaad was a temporary commandment and that it has been outdated.

7- Remove the notion that "disbelievers are foul" from the hearts of Shiites. Quote the Koranic verse, "As the food of those given a (heavenly) Book is halaal for you, so is your food halaal for them," and tell them that the Prophet had a Jewish wife named Safiyya and a Christian wife named Maariya and that the Prophet's wives were not foul at all.

8 - Imbue Muslims with the belief that "what the Prophet meant by Islam' was 'a perfect religion' and therefore this religion could be Judaism or Christianity as well as Islam." Substantiate this with the following reasoning: The Qur'aan gives the name 'Muslim' to members of all religions. For instance, it quotes the Prophet Joseph (Yoosuf 'alaihis-salaam') as having invoked, "Kill me as a Muslim," and the Prophets Ibraaheem and Ismaa'eel as having prayed, "O our Rab (Allah)! Make us Muslims for Yourself and make a Muslim people for Yourself from among our offspring,"and the Prophet Ya'qoob as having said to his sons, "Die only and only as Muslims."

wahhabi.jpg(left. How Islam views the Saudis. Insert British Mason between Jew & American)

9 - Confuse Muslims about the hadeeths, "Deport the Jews from the Arabic Peninsula," and, "Two religions cannot coexist on the Arabic peninsula." Say that "If these two hadeeths were true, the Prophet would not have had a Jew wife and a Christian one. Nor would he have made an agreement with the Najran Christians."

10- Exploit every opportunity to put an end to performing namaaz in jamaa'at by casting aspersions on the imaams in mosques, by revealing their mistakes, and by sowing discord and adversity between them and the jamaa'ats (groups of Muslims) who perform their daily prayers of namaaz behind them.

11- Under the pretext of love of freedom, convince all Muslims that "Everyone is free to do whatever he likes. It is not fard to perform Amr-i-bi-l-ma'roof and Nahy-i-anil-munkar or to teach the Islamic principles."

12- In order to impede Muslims from increasing in number, births must be limited and polygamy must be prohibited. Marriage must be subjected to restrictions. For instance, it must be said that an Arab cannot marry an Iranian, an Iranian cannot marry an Arab, a Turk cannot marry an Arab.

13- Pious institutions must be restricted and confined to the State monopoly, to the extent that individuals must be unable to establish madrasas or other similar pious institutions.

14- Arouse doubts as to the authenticity of the Qur'aan in Muslims' minds; publish Koranic translations containing excisions, additions, and interpolations, and then say, "The Qur'aan has been defiled. Its copies are incongruous. A verse one of them contains does not exist in another." Excise the verses insulting Jews, Christians and all other non-Muslims and those commanding Jihaad, Amr-i-bi-l-ma'roof and Nahy-i-anil munkar. Translate the Qur'aan into other languages such as Turkish, Persian, Indian, thus to prevent Arabic from being learned and read outside Arabic countries, and again, prevent the (Ad-haan), (Namaaz), and (Duaa) from being done in Arabic outside Arabic countries.


Globalists Created Wahhabism to Destroy Islam and Create a Global State

Wahhabis Brainchild of British Intelligence

Livingstone- Wahhabis of Jewish Origin

Confessions of a British Spy  (at Amazon)

First Comment from Dan:

Even though the likes of Daniel Pipes has attacked this book as "utter nonsense", I must say that even if the book were fiction and the date was rolled back, it's been in public circulation since 1868.   Yet it reads exactly like the literature from Pipe's many neocon thinktanks .  

If these subversion tips reflect the current policies of the US and Britain then it's hardly 'nonsense' then is it?

"Provoke the womenfolk to get rid of their traditional covers. tempt the youth towards her and cause indecencies between them! This is a very effective method for annihilating Islam."  That this was written during the Victorian Era when the face was the only part uncovered by English women in the name of feminine respectability.

Shed's light on  Stephen Harper's assault on Muslim women's modesty, in the name of "women's rights".  Since when is forcing women to strip in the interest of women's rights?

Tasha Kheiriddin: This isn't about the right to choose a burka over a bikini. It's about a country's values


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "British Imperialists Used Commie Tactics They Use Against Us "

RC said (April 2, 2015):

The question we have to ask. Are we seeing the fruits of their labour today? How easy it is to designate barbarity or backwardness to middle eastern countries when it is the result of imperial social poisoning that subtly took place over two centuries. Indeed…is this the work of a righteous, truthful and just society. How nice is it now for us westerners who today enjoy the fruits of their labour. How easily we now cast stones to the middle east not knowing that our grandfathers and their grandfathers had much to do with the so-called backwardness of the western-labeled “developing” world.

Indeed to work of righteous people, I say. But by their fruits ye shall know them!

CG said (March 27, 2015):

"Do the reverse of what your foe wishes." (Napoleon) .

Very simple: every plan the enemy has, gives us an opportunity to strike back.

1- Very important! BOND children to their fathers, thus EDUCATING them with their elders' skills, wisdom & knowledge. REJECT all satanic
education & brainwashing. Consequently, since the children ALWAYS have their fathers' education, they will maintain contact with their
belief, faith, and religious scholars.

2- ENCOURAGE the womenfolk to KEEP their traditional covers. Inform about the social scientists at the Tavistock Institute that undermine society by debasing women and by fabricating such falsifications as
"Covering is not a genuine Islamic commandment.."

By MAINTAINING the woman in her traditional cover, MORALITY of the youth will be sustained! This is a very effective method for
maintaining Islam. First remove subversive non-Muslim women from Muslim men for this purpose. In the course of time the Muslim woman

4 - The following vices must be ADVERTISED AS SATANIC VICES: Alcoholic spirits, gambling, fornication, pork, [and fights among sports clubs.]


Magda said (March 26, 2015):

The British have had their devious plans and now think tanks such as Rand have attempted to change, infiltrate and lie about Islam. Thankfully, due to the presence of hardworking believers the revival continues and many obstacles overcome. Also, thanks to the presence of the Qur'an that they cannot corrupt since it is a memorized recitation that cannot be altered and the religious sciences that uphold it. Good tidings, the end as it stipulates is for the believers and we await Prophet Jesus/Isa Peace be upon Him, to lead us in our opposition to the the followers of the Anti-Christ.

'They might be able to place obstacles in the way of revival, but as long as there exists a group that reminds the Ummah of its forgotten Deen/religion, exposes the hidden conspiracies against the Ummah, and works tirelessly to resume the Islamic way of life, surely the unbelievers can never prevent revival: "They desire to put out the Light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah rejects and He insists that His Light prevails even if the disbelievers detest it. It is He Who has sent His Messenger with the Guidance and the Deen of Truth to make it prevail over all other ways, even if the idolaters detest it." [Qur'an As-Saff:8-9]'

Here is an excellent explanation of the miracle that the Quran.
The Amazing Quran by Gary Miller

Tony B said (March 26, 2015):

Britain, home of perfidy. Totally evil at the top ever since Cromwell was sent over from Amsterdam as conqueror.

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